Saturday, March 8, 2014

トイフェーア2014: Toy Fair '14

This year's Toy Fair is just about a month past, and I'm still kinda looking at what we were shown. Overall nothing mind blowing, but some pretty good nods to toy fans. I'd have to give it to Mattel for at least giving DC Universe Classics one last send off before it's gone. As much grief as they got (including some from me), they still went on and gave fans one last chance at more figures. I don't know why these were shown at Toy Fair however, they won't be in retail stores at all. Hasbro also unveiled news of a new special line, a 50th anniversary assortment of G.I.Joe toys. These toys were not shown at the show, probably cause they weren't looking for retail support. This 50th line has been picked up as a Toys R Us exclusive, most likely due to G.I.Joe poor sales performance in many other stores.

Some other random bits caught my eye, like an Imaginext Deathstroke the Terminator figure coming out, the Star Wars Black Biker Scout and Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship SPACESHIP! set from the Lego Movie. Overall, 2014 looks like it could be an easy year on my wallet.

Mattel's (last minute) DCUC Kenner Super Power's 30th Anniversary:

dcuc mattel super powers batman superman kenner

Not gonna lie, the prices are steep on these. For what they are, I can see and understand why a lot of folks have already said they will not buy these at $30 each plus shipping. The problem for me is that these are the versions of these figures I've wanted from the very beginning. Given that there's not going to be any DCUC stuff after this, $60 for those two isn't bad.

dcuc mattel super powers Wonder Woman Super Amigos green lantern kenner

As for the rest, it depends on if I ever got a completed Kalibak when he was offered in DCUC wave 6. Given wave 6 was such a great wave, I'm sure I did. The light blue Superman is great, but the gold suit is much less so. I would have rather seen Captain Ray. The Green Lantern based Riddle Super Amigos homage is great. Mxyzptlk is kinda meh at this point. If he turns out to be better than this simple prototype, then awesome, if not I can't see keeping him.

I prefer this red Kalibak, but I am perfectly content with the original green suited version. Is the red one worth paying $120 for? That's gonna take some thinking over.

 Hasbro's G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Toys R Us line:

At first I was worried, seeing as Hasbro can't seem to generate real interest with Joes among kids, and the pricing we've seen in the Retaliation line, these had the potential to real expensive. So to many collectors surprise (also given that this is a TRU exclusive), the prices are not too bad. Sure, we've been programmed to think that when figures at $10+a piece anything less is a blessing. That's actually really sad now that I write it out. But truth be told with Joe being pretty much a collector based line now, seeing such a large offering (and likely the only 2014 offering) is good.

Cobra Wolf & Skyhawk (with Ice Viper and Snake Eyes) $39.99:

Hasbro GIJoe 50th anniversary Cobra Wolf Snake Eyes

Great toy the Wolf, always liked the Ice Viper as well. That Skyhawk isn't bad either. With the Ghost Hawk and Lift Ticker being $15 when it came out in stores, we can figure about $25 for the Wolf, which isn't too bad.

G.I.Joe vs. Cobra 2 pack assortment $14.99 each:

Hasbro GIJoe 50th anniversary HEAT Viper Lady Jaye Baroness Night Viper

There's potential here, some of which I will go into in a later post. Hasbro is unloading a few pretty highly demanded figures from it's showcase of designer mock ups. The Heat Viper may be the best figure of the bunch, however the Lady Jaye looks great too. Lady Jaye is a figure Hasbro just hasn't been able to get right since starting the 25th Anniversary style figures. This time, it looks like they may have finally worked all the best elements into one figure. The rest of the 2 packs shown above are filled out with straight up re-issues of previously sold toys or slight re-colors. There's also a Snow Job vs. Cobra BAT in winter camo being released and a possible 2 pack with Cobra troopers coming as well.

G.I.Joe vs. Cobra 3 pack assortment $19.99 each:

Hasbro GIJoe 50th anniversary concept case Leatherneck Destro

 The 3 packs offer probably the most for your money in terms of raw plastic. The character selection however....uhm...not great. Leatherneck easily takes the prize for best 3 pack figure, and the Destro is really nice. All in all, at about $6.75 per figure it's a great deal.

G.I.Joe Vamp MKII & Cobra Night Landing set $29.99:

While I am not showing  a pic of this set, that doesn't mean I don't think it's a cool set.  Depending of course and how the sets (yes there's two versions) are ultimately sold. Both sets contain a Vamp MKII with Flint, and a Cobra Night Landing raft with Cobra EEL and weapons locker. Ever since the Night Landing was announced for inclusion in the Retaliation movie line collectors have been stoked. It didn't make it into stores for the movie line but now it's getting a second chance at life. Twice.

And then there was also this...

I had no intentions of buying into this brand this year. Until I saw this toy. Dammit Takara and Hasbro.

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