Thursday, March 27, 2014

私のダイアクロン物語: My Diaclone story.

 Diaclone. A toy line that I feel is so much more than what it is taken for today. I hate to see it as just a history note for what it led to. So many miss some of the best parts of this brand. I know in my heart that had I been introduced to these toys in 1980, I would have loved them just as much as I did when introduced to their offspring in 1984.

I was lucky to start collecting Diaclone when there was still a normal market for them. That's not the case now, and I feel sorry for those who truly love the Diaclone brand. Everybody should be able to get these toys and enjoy them, but that's not really feasible for most. I know I couldn't get back into collecting these today, I've been priced out of it. But for a time, I really had a chance to enjoy the hell out of these toys.

The Diaclone brand was successful enough in Japan, that Takara branched out pretty much worldwide. This planting of seeds has created some of the fun about the hobby, finding what was sold and how is was sold in all these various locations. I definitely was gobbling up any foreign (to Japan) variants I could. Yeah, owning 6 different boxed Guts Blockers was a bit obscene, but I loved it. As I got to a point where I had most of what I was looking for, life changes came about, and my collecting habits had to change as well.

Today, I collect Diaclone information instead of Diaclone toys. Yes I still have a few Diaclone toys tucked away, but only a tiny fraction of what I once had. I miss those old toys a lot. Sad of course when you think about the fact they are only toys, but maybe not. There's a lot of memories attached to those toys, times with friends, trips around the country, even around the world. The good part is I never had to sell the memories, just the toys. That makes me happy to think about.

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