Thursday, March 20, 2014

クレオに抵抗しないこと: There's no resisting Kre-O

I wasn't going to get into the Kre-O line of toys. I was going to be firm about this, and just put my foot down. Hasbro was not going get me to buy yet another version of the characters I have collected for 30 years now. The first line Hasbro did should have gotten me to pick up at least a few items. I was strong enough to not give in. Next test came with the Toys R Us exclusive G.I.Joe Kre-O line, and I really felt the pressure. But I managed to not buy anything. Then my wife got me a pack of Kre-O Kreons for Christmas. I was still not actually giving my own money to Hasbro. As long as I didn't buy any more I'd be fine, even though there was a corresponding set to the one my wife had gotten me. I was sure I could resist.

Tuesday I was at Toys R Us and they had just stocked the latest G.I.Joe Kre-O toys. In the re-stock was a case of wave 3 Kreon singles blind packs. I noticed that Scrap Iron was in the mix. This is when I buckled. I felt up the bags and found the Scrap Iron, then also grabbed a wave 2 Blowtorch. I mean, I was able breaking my own rules buying the one, may as well buy others I had wanted.

These figures are fun, much like the LEGO Mini Figure packs are. I don't feel the quality of the Kre-O product is up to par with LEGO. There's little chance of getting Joe LEGO toys, so the Kre-O stuff is good enough. Pairing up the Kre-O figures I already had and the 2 G.I.Joe Kreons I bought Tuesday, I realized all my Kreons are based off toys I originally got in 1984. Gotta say, 1984 was a monster year for Hasbro.

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