Friday, April 11, 2014

新しいおもちゃの日 1-1: New Toy Day 1-1

For a collector, there's a real rush of excitement in getting new toys. It's always fun to go out and grab an item from the store. It's great to have an item or two arrive in the mail. But when it comes to getting ginormous boxes shipped from overseas, well that's a unique bit of special. 

I had a box dropped off yesterday after work. I'd maxed out on my storage limits and had to have what was sitting around in Japan shipped. I tend to wait out my storage times to the end in order to get the best shipping costs. Waiting in some cases up to 2 months is not fun, but then again isn't that really all the fun? The anticipation in waiting to get those toys and open them just builds and builds to a bursting point. Once shipped, the constant tracking begins, checking online multiple times a day as the package travels. Then when if finally arrives you spend hours just opening and playing with, or displaying it and even photographing it all in a period of plastic intoxication.

I got a good bit of stuff this week, Microman, Machine Robo, Tomy Rats, CG Robo,and a few other Takara toys. Over the next few days I'll go through a bit of it here. New toy day, it's really such a great time for collectors.

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