Saturday, April 12, 2014

新しいおもちゃの日 1-2 (ミクロマン): New Toy Day 1-2 (Microman)

My list of most wanted vintage Microman toys is pretty short. The top of that list got checked off when I picked up Microman Rescue Base in January. The 2nd slot just got crossed out this week when I received a Rolling Thunder toy. While my infatuation with the Rescue Base started over 20 years ago I didn't learn about the Rolling Thunder till around 1997-98. My first thought was it had a great color combination, red, white and blue. The chrome wheels really added a sci-fi feel that Microman toys are known for, and the fact that it functions with the use of magnets added a very interesting gimmick for a toy.

I'd seen them for sale a few times, and always way out of the range I was comfortable spending. I didn't think it would ake16 years to find one at a decent price. One the toy above came about, I didn't hesitate. Yes, it's missing a couple key parts, the missile for the launcher and well, the magnets. I don't care much about the missile, but the magnets being missing is killing me. I'm either going to have to hunt them down, or try to replicate them. On the bright side, the toy is in such great shape, and was such a deal that even without the magnets I am ecstatic to have it.

The third thing on my vintage Microman list should be in hand within a short time. It's nice to finally be picking these most wanted items off. I didn't think that the top 3 would be acquired in a matter of 4 months after having been looking for up to 20 years.

Now onto some re-issue series stuff. First I have to say, everything but the Hyper Hobby Hyper Microman 2-pack was just purchased for the second time. In 1996 I started to collect Microman, real Microman not just toys that became Transformers. At first it was tough, prices were pretty crazy for certain items. When the re-issues started I was really able to enjoy so many of the figures I had wanted at prices I could afford. Monetary values on toys mean very little to me, so what a vintage figure is worth in money doesn't trump the value of a re-issue to me. I love the design of toys, the marketing of toys, the idea behind the toys, are-issue still holds the same meaning as the original.

When Takara went full on into getting Microman product out in 200-2002 I was grabbing all that I could. A few years later I had to scale back on buying and even cut out large portions of my collection. Microman was part of this forced purge. And I hated to do it. I kept thinking that at some point I could go back. I didn't think it would take as long as it did.

This week I finally got my hands on a slew of Acroyear figures again. Such great figures, which I know many Micro collectors outside Japan had in their youth as Micronauts toys. I was too young for Micronuts sadly, but was very happy to have Takara re-issue them. I also got the Arden Lucifer figure again, which is an absolute favorite of mine. As for the actual Microman figures, they are mostly the more oddball ones, but ones that I very much like. The Clear Mode Spy Magicians are some of the best Clear Mode figures. The Command Complete set take one figure from each of the four Command assortments and features it in a chrome colored body. These figures look spectacular i chrome metallic finishes. The Azone Intl. exclusive Lady Command Azone was in the lot, a cool figure, but kinda dark and dull compared to the other figure in the Lady Command series. The last figure I bought for a second time was the Tokyo Toy Festival exclusive. The figure is a grey body barefoot M10X Microman that was limited to just 500 figures.

The last item in my Microman lot was the Hyper Hobby exclusive Hyper Microman set. Or rather, one of the sets. At the time of pre-order for these I just didn't see the point in them. they are so close to the originals that I felt the $100+ price wasn't worth it. Of course shortly after the mail-in promo expired I wanted them. I think the going rates kept me from ever grabbing the sets off the secondary market. To get a set now is pretty cool. I wish it was the set B with Hyper Jesse, but set A is awesome as well. I'm even more happy to have all this knowing that it cost me 1/3 the price to buy them the second time around.

Here's to hoping there won't be a third time I have to buy these.

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