Sunday, April 13, 2014

新しいおもちゃの日 1-3 (マシンロボ): New Toy Day 1-3 (Machine Robo)

I was all in for the 2003 Machine Robo revival line, Machine Robo Rescue. The other big name transforming robots line wasn't doing anything for me in style, toy design, or even name. In my opinion, it was a dreadful follow-up to Car Robots/Robots in Disguise. To have a line as fun as Machine Robo Rescue (MRR) come about was great. I had been collecting a bunch of toy lines up until 2003, but not really playing with any of them. They sat around on shelves, some still sealed in what became their plastic coffins. MRR really had me playing with toys again, and that's just what I needed. Not only were they enjoyable, they were well made, held a bit of a nostalgia value and were pretty well priced. For the rest of 2003, this was a great line to buy.

MRR had a t.v. series, and was also fairly well promoted. The show didn't do any worse than a TF series, but it was among the more middle ground groups of shows. That didn't really cut it, and it never got a follow up anime series. The toys did however get a second series, Mugenbine. The Muginbine toys were awesome, a great continuation of the interchangeable format that MRR had, it just lacked characters. And shortly before it was 7 months old I kinda stopped collecting Mugenbine and Machine Robo toys in general again. I had stopped before I even got to buy some of the toys I really wanted.

Machine Robo Best 5 Rescue Bandai robots

Late in 2003 Bandai released what could be the closest thing to a vintage Machine Robo Best 5 release in MRR, the MR Variation Special X Combination sets. Two sets were created, the Burning set which featured reds, yellow and warm colors, and the Blizzard set which had cool blues, white and purple. I liked both of these but only needed one, At the time of their release they were pretty expensive to import and the window to get them at retail closed pretty fast. Over the years I've seen them, but not at prices I'd like to pay. Patience paid off, because this year I finally got the set I really wanted and at a bargain price.

Machine Robo Best 5 Rescue Bandai robots

The MRV Blizzard set has a blue recolor of the MRR Jet Robo which is a updated 80's Jet Robo and Gobots fans may recognize as Fitor. I love the blue, maybe more than the original red. But as cool as he is, it was the updated MRR version of Battle Robo that I wanted in this set. While I feel he deserved a brand new mold all to himself and not to be just a reused mold, I am happy all the same. I love the original Battle Robo from Machine Robo. The Gobots version Tank is one of my favorite toys ever. And yes this new version isn't blue (he's purple here), he still resembles the tank he always was and changes modes almost the same way.

Machine Robo Best 5 Rescue Bandai robots

The other figures in the set are cool as well, just heavily overshadowed by the two I like best. The other great piece to this set is the instruction booklet.It's an actual booklet and features info on alternate modes like the "Mad Chain Gunner Robo" and "Snow Keeper Robo" which are fun. It's also got a few pages of graph paper at the back to draw in and design your own new alternate modes. Again, pretty fun stuff. I don't know how to describe what MRR was other than that one word, fun.

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