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新しいおもちゃの日 1-4 (タカラとトミーと...): New Toy Day 1-4 (Takara & Tomy &...)

This last New Toy Day post for the month kinda wraps up the stuff I got from Japan, and adds in a bunch of other things from all over that I've gotten in the last 2 weeks. So we have a Japanese Takara Jeeg, a Tomy R.A.T.S. base from Europe, Hasbro Kre-O figures and the Octonauts! An eclectic mix to say the least.

Tomy RATS R.A.T.S. European Starriors

I'll start with the most exciting toy of this post, the 1985-86 Tomy R.A.T.S. Combat Command Centre. Among collectors there's really only speculation on where this was offered, but in broad terms I can say Europe. How much of Europe seems to be debatable. The Combat Command Centre was released in a second wave of R.A.T.S. toys which included a few more re-colored Starriors figures, the Starriors Cosmittor set, and then this brand new original to R.A.T.S. base mold. The Combat Command Centre is the only toy in the R.A.T.S. toy line that is unique and exclusive to it. It's pretty tough to find, and the last few I've seen offered for sale have been pricey. Whether they sold at those extremely high prices I don't know, but they are not on the market any longer.

I did open this. I know upon reading that some MISP collectors may shriek. But I'm not a big advocate of collecting sealed toys. The toy is kinda small, much smaller than the Starriors Armored Battle Station. It does however feature a similar trait with the Starriors base, an animal design theme. The Starriors base is a cobra snake design, the Combat Command Centre  features an eagle/bird head motif. As a fun little outpost for R.A.T.S. figures it will do. It features a small vehicle sled and launcher, and a disk firing cannon, pretty cool gimmicks for kids to play with.

Takara Kotestu Jeeg Mech Warriors Mini Spies

Next up is a few items I either already own, or owned in the past. The picture above left is also off-shoot of Starriors, I'll go on about these at another time. I am sorry to say that I took the picture without adding it's weapons and projectile disks, so it looks a little weak there.

On the right we have a few Takara vintage and re-issue toys. In the late 90's Takara re-issued their old Magnemo Kotetsu Jeeg toy. I like Jeeg's old anime designs, I liked the Takara Magnemo toy design, I just didn't feel a strong enough need to buy anything Jeeg related. Until of course Takara issued it in clear plastic. Just before my first trip to Japan the Clear Jeeg had hit store shelves so I made it a must buy item. A few years later it was sold along with my Microman toys. A tingle of regret lingered on through the years and when I saw one priced really cheap, I snapped it up. Opening it up I am in awe all over again.

Pictured along with Jeeg is Takara's old Mech Warrior toys. I love the TF Mini-Spies, and when I found they were a small line of their own in Japan I started to pick them up when I could. Surprisingly, I don't have a full set yet, one last toy eludes me. One other thing of note, like the TF Mini-Spies, the blue Mech Warriors succumb to yellowing, so watch out.

Hasbro G.I.Joe Kre-O Transformers Kreons

Kre-O! It's a sleazy LEGO rip-off, but it features characters I like. I feel a little guilty buying into such a lame brick market cash grab but some of these are so cute. After buying the G.I.Joe Scrap Iron Kreon I needed to pick up the Firefly Kreon, which came with the Check Point set. A cheap set made cheaper with a 20% coupon. I also bought the single pack wave 2 Flash Kreon. That same day at Kohls I bought the Transformers Kre-O Ultimate Kreon Collection. This is a set of 5 Kreons with Optimus Prime, Sounwave and Megatron. A bonus Starscream Kreon is also included. For $5.99 (and on sale for about $5 at the time) the 5 pack collections are a great deal if you can find them.

Octonauts Kwazii's On the Go Pod Fisher-Price www.gangustars.comOctonauts Peso's On the Go Pod Fisher-Price

I think I have a lost post somewhere here about my new found love of the Octonauts Fisher-Price toy line. I had caught these on t.v. two years back and found that my nephew liked them. I saw them on sale this past Christmas and thought maybe I should grab some, for my future kids. Any collector who buys things for kids they may or may not have later on is really trying to fool themselves. I loved these characters myself, and the t.v. show they were on was great. The two sets above are just the most recent buys. I'm still telling myself these are for the future, which is why they are not opened yet. The anti-MISB voice in my head is screaming "OPEN THEM UP!!", and it's getting louder daily.

Octonauts Kwazii's On the Go Pod Fisher-Price

I don't like cats. At all. But a cat pirate, with a patch, in a workout dojo of sorts? Even I can enjoy that. One of the best things about the Kwazii set is the exclusive figure.

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