Saturday, April 19, 2014

ミクロマン「ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン」: Microman Micro Devilman MD-601 Dagon

ミクロマン ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン Microman Micro Devilman

First things first, I didn't want this toy.

I got the Micro Devilman in a lot with some other Microman toys,I would never have bought this on it's own. While I am a fan of Go Nagai's robot creations and some of his other characters, Devilman never really appealed to me. I remember when this figure was being promoted in toy magazines by Takara and just being completely unaffected. I was also really waning off of Microman buying at the time, and releases like this assured me at the time I was doing the right thing.

The other day I grabbed the Micro Devilman to take a few pics in order to sell him. I looked at the package for a bit, really studied the toy from through the package window. Now, 12 years after I thought this was something I never needed to own, I felt compelled to open this up and take a closer look. I am so glad I did, this figure is fantastic.

ミクロマン ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン Microman Micro Devilmanミクロマン ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン Microman Micro Devilman

 The Micro Devilman series is what I had always hoped would come from the re-issue series started by Romando, and then taken over by Takara, a series of new sculpt vintage homage figures. While some parts are re-used, the body and attachments are new. The torso and head are enough to really differentiate the Micro Devilman from the M-10X series figures they share limbs with. The styling really captures the old vintage Takara look, feel and design of the old "O" ring figures, right down to the 5mm socket on the back. There are a few missing details, like a 5mm foot socket, but all in all, these are very much in the spirit of the 70's Microman line.

The Microman story with the Micro Devilman line as best as I can understand is kinda cool. These are normal Microman beings that have been transformed into the powerful Micro Devilman group with the assistance of the Microman friend Dr. Katagai.

ミクロマン ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン Microman Micro Devilmanミクロマン ミクロデビルマンMD-601ダゴン Microman Micro Devilman MD-601 Dagon

The head sculpt is also really awesome. The detail is so spot on for the old manga/anime look. Although chrome sometimes hides details,with just the right light you can really bring them out.

I am super happy to have this toy in my collection now, and I can't believe I didn't give it a chance years ago.

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