Monday, April 7, 2014

特撮ヒーロー「電人ザボーガー」まんが: Tokusatsu Hero Denjin Zaborger manga.

This is the first in I hope a run of Japan manga being fanslated here. This is the last part of a short run manga for young kids featuring DenJin Zaborger. DenJin Zaborger was a tokusatsu t.v. series broadcast from 1974 to 1975. The reason this comic adaptation series caught my eye was that it was drawn by Yoshihiro Moritou. Moritou would go on to do the long running Microman manga a year later.

I have admired his Microman art for some time, so it's always cool to see him render other characters. This is a short and very simple manga aimed at about 3-5 year olds. If you like this, and want to see more manga presented here in English let me know.

電人ザボーガー まんが Tokusatsu Hero Denjin Zaborger gangustars.com電人ザボーガー まんが Tokusatsu Hero Denjin Zaborger gangustars.com電人ザボーガー まんが Tokusatsu Hero Denjin Zaborger


  1. Hi there, I love your blog quite a bit! I have a you know about any manga's off of some obscure toku characters like Giant Robo (Aside from the original manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama) or any kaiju film manga adaptations or some of the showa Kamen Rider manga's? Just wanna know

    also about your one comment on how Sentai fans only care about modern stuff...really almost every Toei fan only likes the modern stuff and go as far as to bash the older stuff for being goofy and unwatchable (kinda like the modern anime community), which I find annoying as I'm not a fan of modern toku at all with a few exceptions (too many a-holes as "heroes" And too much CGI and formschanging for me) and I personally think old toku-like old anime-did things WAY better in terms of writing and imagination.

  2. Thanks!

    I do have a small collection of older Kamen Rider bits. I just have never had enough of any one series to do anything with. I'm almost certain I have no Giant Robo since I tend to collect books from about 1974 forwards. I can keep an eye out though.

    I do try and watch the newer Sentai shows, but I feel a little something is lost. I do agree completely with your take on the current trends. And while I know it's not going away, a little less CGI would be a welcome sight. :)

  3. You're welcome! Oh good so I am not the only one who feels that way :)

    thanks for letting me know on the manga question of mine!

  4. I loved to see Denjin Zaborger as manga. Never knew about it o.O