Monday, August 25, 2014

新イマジネックストDCコミックヒロー: New Imaginext DC Super Friends

A batch of new DC Comics Super Friends Imaginext toys from Fisher-Price are hitting stores now. With at least one very long awaited addition and a few re-makes of past DC Imaginext figures.

K. Croc & Swamp Ski
This is a new updated version of Killer Croc. I wouldn't have thought that after the Joker getting a new sculpt that Killer Croc would be next, but here he is. A bit more menacing than the 1st version.

Imaginext DC Super Friends K. Croc & Swamp Ski

Mountain Batman & Ace the BatHound
I've been a fan of specialized BatOutfits since getting and Arctic Batman in the old Kenner Batman Returns toy line. Many collectors may hate these types of things, but I think that kid's get a kick out of them. But let's not pretend we're buying this for the Batman, it's Ace the BatHound that is the real star here. Also it great to be able to pair him up with Kyrpto who was available with the 1st Superman release.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Mountain Batman & Ace the BatHound

Slade & Nightwing (Target Justice League exclusive)
Of the 3 figure packs here,this is the one most desired (by me at least). I really love the Deathstroke the Terminator character. I was planning and doing a custom on, cause I wasn't sure he'd make the cut into the Imaginext line. Fittingly paired here with Nightwing, the Teen Titans nod is evident. It's great to get Nightwing of course, but Deathstroke, branded with the less terrifying Slade moniker currently has me making daily trips to the stores in hopes to find him.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Slade & Nightwing

Bane Battle Sled
Another somewhat unexpected villain update, Bane. Now sporting a futuristic Battle Sled and a beefed up body, it does kinda show great improvement over the original figure. I still like the older figure, but I don't think it was a "wasted slot" so to speak by doing a new Bane.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Bane Battle Sled

Cyborg Mech (Target Justice League exclusive)
I believe this mark's Cyborg's 4th release, 2nd vehicle set, and third in a  Target pack. Cyborg is getting around. This figure goes back to the original Toys R Us figure which features two hands instead of a right arm blaster. The Mech vehicle is pretty cool. I was checking it out at Target the other day, and while I was at first going to pass on this to, it's starting to sway me to change my mind.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Cyborg Mech

The Joker Laff Factory
If a Killer Croc and Bane re-make caught me off guard them this kinda just left me completely confused. The Joker gets a second unique playset. I don't know the actual figures and numbers, but everywhere I turned a year after the original Joker playset came out, it was getting clearanced. I think I paid $7 for one off Amazon. To my eyes, that set didn't do well. But this IS the Joker. If any DC villain is gonna get special treatment, it's him.
Imaginext DC Super Friends The Joker Laff Factory

RC Transforming Batbot
This is the big ticket item of the Imaginext DC line this year. This thing does a lot. Using the RC remote you can have the toy transform the toy from robot to tank and back. It launches flying dicks, has electronic sounds and phrases, and lights! It's one of the pricier toys in the Imaginext line, but you're getting a pretty massive toy that offers a some fun gimmicks for kids.
Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Batbot

Now Toys R Us had added a few new items to their exclusive bran the Gotham City Collection this year. These 3 are basically repaints this time, but with some unique surprises.

Gotham City Collection Bane Suit ( Toys R Us exclusive)
I really like this figure. It's just the same original Bane figure I've gotten several time before, and with the pod piece that's been recycled. I think it's the colors, and definitely the clear red window, but it's really striking to me, and I need to get it. I just need my Toys R Us to stock it first.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Bane Suit

Gotham City Collection Joker Suit ( Toys R Us exclusive)
This is another one of those old standby recolors that pop up every now and then. This is the 2nd time for DC's Imaginext line, the first being a Batman suit. This new Joker-ized suit is pretty awesome. It's definitely got the typical Joker flair, with green, purples, and orange.
Imaginext DC Super Friends  Joker Suit

Gotham City Collection Joker Plane ( Toys R Us exclusive)
When this one was announced, it didn't fly at all with collectors. Biggest problem mentioned was the colors. I don't have any issues with this plane. Yes it could use less blue and more orange, or even some laughing smile stickers, but I think they still have a Joker vibe going here. The Imaginext Riddler got a plane, Two Face has a plane, Mr. Freeze ran away with a jet, and now finally the Joker can also join the Batman Rouges Flying Circus.
Imaginext DC Super Friends  Joker Plane

Gotham City Collection Mr. Freeze Gift Set ( Toys R Us exclusive)
This playset was originally very hard to get. I as well as many others only found it at Walmart stores. But as far  as I can tell there was no mention of it being a Walmart exclusive. This set is slightly amped up for it's Toys R Us release. The original gave us abase, a Mr. Freeze figure, and an Arctic Batman. This new package includes a ski mobile for Batman, and an Ice Monster in the form of a translucent blue plastic Clayface. And he is awesome!! I am going to gladly blow the $40 on this new set even after spending $30 on the original just for the Ice Monster. The addition of a repainted Freeze is a bonus, more so when his outfit now resembles the 90's Batman Animated Series look.

As for release times, the Mountain Batman, K. Croc, and Bane vehicle set are now available on Fisher-Price's online store. I've seen the Target exclusive Cyborg Mech in stores, and folks are finding the Slade/Nightwing sets as well. Target also has the BatBot and Laff Factory on shelves with their fall reset. The Toys R Us exclusives have been filtering into stores for sometime, but finding them depends on how and when they stock.

Good hunting!

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