Monday, September 15, 2014

新しいおもちゃの日 2-1(ミクロマン、マシンロボ、様々なタカラ物): New Toy Day 2-1 (Microman, Machine Robo, Takara stuff)

This week brings about another new toy day posting. I didn't get much this time around, so no stringing this out over 3 days. Money has been tight the past few months so the toy buying budget has been at a bare minimum. Luckily I am an expert bargain shopper.

Bandai Diaclone Gobots Microman Takara マシンロボ ミクロマン タカラ

Picked up a batch of Microman reissue figures, half of which I already have, but it was a bundle buy so not much I could do. The thing is, this is the second time around picking these up having bought them on their initial release 12-13 years ago. Another reminder to not sell my stuff off cause I'll regret it later. Reissues don't bother me, and I'll get into that at a later time, I'm just glad to have some Microman M11X and M12X figures back in my collection. Also picked up the last Takara Mech Warrior I need to finish off a complete set. I could have done it much sooner as I have been working on these for years, but I was not going to pay $250 for 1 robot off ebay. That price range is insane, and just a symbol of the pure greed involved with sellers on ebay who offer Microman, Diaclone and other early Takara (as well as Bandai/Takatoku) items and stupidity and ignorance for those buyers who pay it. Sorry dumb buyers, but fact is you only hurt other collectors with your ignorance.

Moving away from Takara and onto Bandai, I got  set of Machine Robo test shot/first shot prototypes. One of the toys, the Jet Robo is strikingly different than the normal retail release, and the Super Car Robo just a slight bit different. The Battle Robo was why I really bought the lot, but so far the only real difference between it and the normal store release seems to be plastic quality. That's a bummer as it's my favoite Machine Robo and Gobots, so was hoping for something a bit more special. Word is still out on the Devil Invader as I don't have the original 80's one to compare it to.

Rounding out this lot of new items is a few Japanese books including a crazy rare Takara 1983 marketing guide. LOTS of awesome info in here and a bunch of prototype pics, very cool stuff.

Bandai Diaclone Gobots Microman Takara マシンロボ ミクロマン タカラ

"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts"- Han Solo

Yeah, it's a pretty beat up box, but the contents all mint and unused. This is one of the last Takara Blockman toys I needed from the 1984 series. It was priced right, and the outer package damage doesn't affect the look too bad. There's no heavy ripping, or sun damage so it could have been much worse. All that's left for me in the 1984 range is a few of the small A-Series toys, oh and one what shouldn't be expensive but it is expensive gift set. But as with all Blockman stuff, I'll get it in good time. And when the price is right.

マシンロボ ミクロマン タカラ Bandai Diaclone Gobots Microman Takara

Now to finish, a note on how to NOT ship packages internationally. Please don't use crappy boxes folks (and bidding service companies!!), it only raises the chances for damaged items that are already present with careless postal workers being involved. The package here contained the items in the pic at the top of this post. I could have easily lost a few of those items through this giant hole in the side of the box, luckily I didn't. Because I didn't lose anything doesn't excuse the poor packaging here however.

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