Thursday, September 18, 2014

イマジネックストのバットマン(とロビン!): Imaginext Batman (and Robin!)

This is why I love Fisher-Price. I know I've said it before, but it needs saying again. They know how to release toys in a way that doesn't leave kids (and older collectors) behind.

batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext super heroes  バットマン  イマジネックスト

I found this toy on the shelves last week. It a new release of the now several years old Batmobile. The most affordable of the recent Batmobile toys. But the awesome thing in case you are like "so what!" is that this set has more stuff than prior releases. Originally this toy was sold with just a Batman figure, like any typical basic vehicle is. Shortly later on a special "Bonus" set was released at select stores. This bonus version included a Robin figure. In the time since then the line has moved on and expanded adding 2 more Batmobile toys at higher price points, and eliminated the single figure pack Robin from assortments.

The picture above gives away my ending but doesn't detract any of the message, and that is that Fisher-Price is awesome (of course!). With this new release we have the cheaper more budget friendly Batmobile back in rotation, but also the single pack Robin & cycle set, and what's great is that they are sold together at a lower price than buying them separately! So for anybody who missed out on these earlier releases, FP has your back.

batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext super heroes バットマン イマジネックスト

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