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すすめ!オクトノーツ! パート2: the Octonauts, part 2!

This is the post in which I dream about all the cool stuff I want to buy on my next visit to the toy store. It's like being 6 years old all over again. In the roughly 1 year I have been picking up the Octonauts toys I have maybe 13-15 items. It's not much, and I'm seriously lacking some of the main stars of the t.v.series because they have gone out of production here before I started collecting. Thanks to Fisher-Price's forethought that kids continue to get into toys through finding them in stores or exposure from other kids, they continue to release items in different ways and recycle older products.Fisher-Price does an amazing job of this with their Imaginext brand,and are doing it with the Octonauts as well.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Octo-Crew Pack 8 pack Fisher-Price toys ダシー クワジー キャプテン・バーナクルズ トゥイークthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Octo-Crew Pack 8 pack Fisher-Price toys ダシー クワジー キャプテン・バーナクルズ トゥイーク

The first few items I picked up of the Octonauts were the small basic figure sets of Barnacles, Shellington, Kwazii, and Peso. The store I got them from didn't have Tweak, Dashi, Tunip or Inkling, and what I didn't know at the time was no store was stocking them, they were not n any current U.S. assortments. I could of course have check online shops, or bought from overseas where they were still available, but I wasn't that invested in the brand just yet. But thanks to a special Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack 8 pack gift set (that as far as I can tell is a shared store exclusive with one of the stores being Toys R Us), I can grab the whole Octonauts crew for about $20. This is great for me, even owning the first 4 figures I already purchased it keeps my costs for getting the 4 I don't have down.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Octo-Crew Pack Fisher-Price toys ダシー シェリントン ペソ トゥイーク

The U.S. may not be the only place the Octonauts have seen some assortment changes, this gift set is an exclusive to Target stores in Australia. It does make me wonder if the girl figures were just not as popular in the basic single packs and sell better in bundles. Here you get Shellington, Peso, Dashi and Tweak. This set would be even more perfect for me since I really only want Dashi and Tweak for my collection, but I can mange taking in Tunip and Inkling too.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Octo-Crane with Tweak Fisher-Price toys トゥイーク Gup-O with Dashi Fisher-Price toys ダシー

Speaking of Dashi and Tweak, both are being released in vehicle set assortments for this year. These sets include new versions of the figures. Dashi is coming withe the Octonauts Gup-O basic vehicle and Tweak can be found in stores with the Octonauts Octo-Crane. The Tweak set is the cooler of the two because it has 2 companion pieces. Along with the Octonauts Octo-Crane with Tweak, is the Octo-Claw with Tunip and Octo-Saw with Peso. The 3 vehicles connect to form the Ultimate Octo-Repair Vehicle, pretty nifty.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Tweak’s Octo Max Suit Fisher-Price toys トゥイークthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Tweak’s Octo Max Suit Fisher-Price toys トゥイーク

Tweak is also getting some added attention with a second release in the Octonauts Tweak’s Octo Max Suit set. This set is a Octonauts Kwazii's Octo Max Suit recolor, but the more cool robotic suits the better. Both these sets include exclusive figures.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Shellington’s Arctic Adventure Pack Fisher-Price toys シェリントンthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Shellington’s Ice Saw Fisher-Price toys シェリントン

Now the girls don't get to have all the fun, Shellington is being released with a new arctic themed pack, Shellington’s Arctic Adventure features a special arctic Shellington, a snow rover and some accessories. The Shellington here is really cute, and if you only want the figure than Fisher-Price has done you a favor, they are releasing the Shellington on his own as the Octonauts Shellington’s Ice Saw basic figure pack.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Deep Sea Octo-Buggy Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズ

Good ol' Captain Barnacles is also getting a few releases of his own. They will finally be releasing the Octonauts Barnacles Octopod Steering Deck, which is awesome. I think that's a super cute feature in the show, so glad to add that to my growing Octo-Pod playset. Barnacles will also be found in the Octonauts Barnacles’ Deep Sea Octo-Buggy. It looks like a recolor/remold of an older vehicle, but doesn't matter it's still a new way to grab Barnacles, who is the face of the brand.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Deep Sea Octo-Buggy Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Octopod Steering Deck Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズ

The Octonauts Barnacles’ Deep Sea Octo-Buggy features a deep dive suit Banacles, and fish companion. The Octonauts Barnacles Octopod Steering Deck can be seen above mounted to the top of the Octo-Pod for those few times when the Octonauts team are in a jam and only the skills of the Captain can steer them clear.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Shellington Deep Sea Octo Lab Fisher-Price toys シェリントン Midnight Zone

One of the newest play sets that has come out this year is the Deep Sea Octo Lab. This set falls under the Midnight Zone series and comes with a special Shellington figure. I love the Midnight Zone stuff cause it's brighter and more eye-poping, and I dare say very close to being neon colored. Yes, neon, that awesomely awful range of colors that makes me cringe when I saw people wearing it in the 80's and now again 30 years later but looks awesome on toys. The Deep Sea Octo Lab looks to be another fun play set for the Octonauts figures, my wife will probably not be happy if I get this one already have the larger Octo-Pod, but who knows.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Kwazii’s Shipwreck Fisher-Price toys クワジー

The other really cool play set out this year is the Octonauts Kwazii’s Shipwreck. Kwazii is without doubt my favorite character on the show, he's just a nut ball, and it's cute. Another fun looking set, with what I think is an exclusive Kawazii figure and some extra ocean buddies for him to mingle. This one I may have to sneak into my collection when my wife isn't looking. :P

Octonauts Octo-Crane Tweak Gup-O Dashi Octopod Steering Deck Shellington Octo Max Suit Kwazii Barnacles Deep Sea Octo-Buggy オクトノーツ キャプテン・バーナクルズ クワジー ペソ シェリントン ダシー トゥイーク インクリング ターニップ ディズニー Fisher-Price mattel the Octonauts

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