Tuesday, September 9, 2014

すすめ!オクトノーツ: the Octonauts!

I've mentioned it before, either on Facebook or in a Pinterest note that I didn't ever intend to collect these toys. I knew of the show and thought it was cute, and was thinking about grabbing some for my nephew. A call to confirm it was okay was met with some hesitation by my brother, but I couldn't pass the clearance sale a grocery store was having and I liked them enough to buy them for myself. I'm the type of collector who is sometimes at odds with myself on whether I should collect what I like, or try and focus on a more practical but narrow field of items. Clearly, when it came to the Octonauts I was letting my enthusiasm for the toys make that choice.

I started small, only a few basic figure packs, and some DX figure packs. A trip to a 2nd grocery store would net me a few of the smaller vehicle & figure sets.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Kwazzi Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズ  クワジー

Having the smaller vehicles I noticed figure variants with them, that always sparks a collector's interest. I checked out the larger vehicles and yes, there were more cool and unique figures included with those. I grabbed a couple of the cooler larger toys. So far at this point of collecting the toys I amassed a good chunk of the current items, not buying a single one at full retail. Having started just before Christmas season I was getting deals of up to 60%, something that made my wife extremely happy. She wasn't at all thrilled with the space these things were eating up.

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Gup D Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles Gup D Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズ

Now I was all in, next up was the larger OctoPod play set.I got one on clearance at -Mart for $16, maybe just a bit more than half off.  I had noticed the add-on On-the-Go-Pods at Toys R Us, and when a 20% off sale was in effect grabbed 2 of them. These pods are great little room attachments for creating an even larger Octo-Pod play environment.  I had picked up Peso and Kwazzi's Pods, and still need to buy Shellington and Barnacles their own Pods. And I should stress need, cause as a collector you can't just buy 1 or 2, you have to collect them all!

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Barnacles On the Go Pod Fisher-Price toys キャプテン・バーナクルズthe Octonauts オクトノーツ Shellington On the Go Pod Fisher-Price toys シェリントン

the Octonauts オクトノーツ Shellington Barnacles OctoPod On the Go Pod Fisher-Price toys シェリントン

Naturally as you can see above, only a well stocked Octo-Pod will do! But again, at this point I have quite a few things in my modest collection, but there's so much more to buy...in part 2!

Octonauts Octopod Shellington Kwazii Barnacles オクトノーツ キャプテン・バーナクルズ クワジー ペソ シェリントン ダシー トゥイーク インクリング ターニップ ディズニー Fisher-Price mattel the Octonauts

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