Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Rambling Picture Dump #1 (Microman, Machine Robo, Transformers)

Sometimes I create pics for this blog with no idea of where they are going. I just store them in a  folder for future use, and they tend to build up. Going through the folder recently I couldn't even recall what articles or stories some of these photos were created to pair with, so I'm just gonna dump them in a new feature called, well....Random Rambling Picture Dump. Pretty much sums it up.

ミクロマン アクロイヤー X2 アクロファントムMicroman AcroPhantom Micronautsミクロマン アクロイヤー X2 アクロファントムMicroman AcroPhantom Micronauts

The Microman AcroPhantom from 2004 features one of the most striking designs from pretty much any Microman era. The actual figure though is lacking a great deal when it comes down to playing with it. No doubt this was geared towards teen/adult collectors, and likely just stood on toy shelves looking amazing. But for me to even take some dynamic photos of the toy, it was a hassle. Most of the stylish bits are burdensome to the posing of the toy, and then the thing breaking didn't help. Some of the Micro figures from the era were made with really inferior plastics for the intricate joints they made up. Seeing as hot this toy now sells (and I mean really sells at,not just some d-bag on ebay asking it) for $80, please take care with him, his leg joints are horribly fragile.

Mattel Hot Wheels ホットウィール 自動車 おもちゃ die cast carsMattel Hot Wheels ホットウィール 自動車 おもちゃ die cast cars

I've mentioned it before, I'll likely mention it in the future, and right now again, I wouldn't think I'd be collecting Hot Wheels as an adult. I loved them when I was 3-5 years old, and now my stupid translucent plastic fetish reeled me back into them. Yeah, it's true, I only buy the clear plastic bodied cars from How Wheels.Or in the case of the pics above, multi-packs that contain clear cars. These 3 packs here I got for only 80¢ a set. Not bad at about 27¢ a car.

Diaclone Fairlady Z Patrol Car Transformers Prowl ダイアクロン カーロット タカラ

I love Takara's Diaclone brand, and respect them even having being subjugated into the Hasbro credited brainchild of many*, the Transformers. As much as I love Diaclone however, it's the Transformer Prowl itself that really makes this character for me. I think it's part the toy being cool (thanks to Takara), and part the animated series character being cool (as little as he was used) that got me to like him. And I never owned him as a kid. I was in my early 20's before I had one in my collection and even then it was pretty much a junker. Once the Takara re-issue hit I grabbed one.

I'd still like to pick up the original Diaclone Fairlady Patrol car, but given that I sold off nearly all my Diaclone stuff that doesn't seem like it make much sense. The cost of that toy could fund many others, because in case you didn't know, idiocy has taken over pricing in Diaclone toys that were taken away for use in Transformers and the prices are fucked beyond belief.

*-Yes, more tongue in cheek than factual reporting, settle down.

Diaclone Cherry Vanette ダイアクロン カーロット タカラ 1971年 おもちゃ

 When I want to waste time, this is what happens. Found a pic of a 70’s era mobile toy shop that Takara operated. Of course I digi-bashed a Diaclone (or Transformers) toy version right away. I love throw backs and nostalgia based products, and something like this recolor would be just the thing I'd pick up.

1984 80's Bandai Diaclone Gobots Japanese Robots Microman Takara Transformers ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー バンダイ マシンロボ ミクロマン

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