Saturday, October 18, 2014

ファイト!ファイト!抵抗する!: Fight! Fight! Resist!

I am constantly at odds with what I want to buy, and what I should buy. I'm sure many collectors are, especially if like me, you're on a  budget. So many times I go into stores and feel that rush when a new toy is sitting there only to be hit immediately after with the thought that I shouldn't even be buying it. This is a rundown of those items that have had me torn the most recently.

Transformers Whirl & Roadbuster (Generations)

I had a comics shop near me while growing up in Michigan that sold imports from the U.K. back in the 80's. So while I was buying the Marvel U.S. Transformers comics, every now and then I'd be able to grab a U.K. issue as well.I should point out that I've never owned a G1 Whirl or Roadbuster. I've never even owned the Dorvack originals either. Everything about these two that I like comes entirely from their designs first and foremost, then their appearance in the U.K. Transformers books secondly. I've been tempted at times to pick up the Dorvack toys,and have bought various other items featuring these designs, but the toys always alluded me.

These newest Transformers are not the only updated versions of Whirl and Roadbuster, but they may very well be the best yet. I have probably picked up this Whirl 5 or 6 times on as many trips to Target and always set him back down. I've only picked up Roadbuster once, being a newer release I've only seen him at one store so far. I even had a coupon to use at Target, and that couldn't break my resistance to buying Whirl. At about $48 for the pair, it's not a bad price, but they are toys I can't say for sure I will keep. I collected most of the early Transformers Classics/Generations toys only to sell off all but maybe 5 of them. My fear is that I spend $48 on these, then miss out on some toy I'd been searching for, and then later only end up selling the Whirl and Roadbuster. Resistance Level: Difficult

TMNT Leonardo (1st issue basic)

With the basic Leonardo from the newest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I've made it as far as the check out, twice! Both times I've set the toy aside and left without a purchase. It's starting yet another new line of toys. While I am not wholly taken in with the designs of the toys (Casey Jones for one), there's quite a few I like. There's definitely enough toys I like that even buying one could spur the purchase of 6-7 others. Resistance Level: Extremely Difficult

Transformers Masterpiece Prowl & Generations Jetfire

Back to Transformers, and with both toys not being available around me in stores yet, these are still pretty hard to decide on. The net is flooded with pics of the TakaraToy MP Prowl, enough to really get me pretty excited about owning one. This excitement will only increase when/if I get to see one in stores. Prowl is a favorite TF character of mine, it would be stupid to not buy this right? Seriously, help me out here, it's dumb to pass up yeah? Resistance Level: Steadily Faltering

Then there's the upcoming/recently released Generations Jetfire. It's not without faults, but it's still a beauty. Enough of a beauty to make someone who spent all of maybe $30 on Transformers this year take notice. I've been admiring these pics ever since Hasbro released them after Toy Fair. I hate the whole jet on my back design, but I've always loved Jetfire, and with my original G1 toy having turned a nice shade of yellow in the past few years, maybe a new take on the classic is needed. Resistance Level: Passable (But Not Likely)

MotU Classics Fighting Foe Men & Extendar

Although I really was looking to purchase the Fighting Foe Men set before and after release, I just didn't. Initially it was the crazy high cost of the set, then Mattel's abrupt removal of them from their online shop that stopped me. I was very tempted by the sheer mass of unwanted sets showing up on ebay, at very low prices. I was able to continue on and not buy them. I do really like them, and as I've only got 3 MotU Classics toys to date, that says something that I'd really like to pick these up. So many people really hated these figures, I fell I still have some time to think these over. Resistance Level: Comfortably Easy

As for the MotU Classics Extendar, one character I had hoped to see in all the years the toy line has been around, I completely forgot about his release. With frequent visits to Mattel's site dropping since they ditched the DC Universe line, I just haven't kept up on Masters stuff, I will admit i am not the biggest He-Man fan. Now I knew about when Extendar was coming out, but made to effort to mark the date or even set cash aside. The day of sale came and went, and then when it hit me, Extendar was already listed as sold out. This is Mattel of course, and "sold out" usually just means "artificial demand creation" in effect. He'll likely show up again, so I have some time to figure this one out. Resistance Level: So Easy I Forgot Entirely

Mattel DCU Super Powers Collection

This week the second ave and last of the 6 Super Powers themed DC Universe figures were released for sale on Mattel's collector driven MattyCollector site. Bills kept me from picking up the first wave of figures in September, which were "DC's big 3", Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Horrible reviews of Mattel's QC on the figures put me off on getting them later in the month. This months release of the GL Riddler, "Golden" Superman and Mr. Mxyzptlk was up against a lot of vintage toys I found on ebay. Vintage almost always trumps new for me, and so the money I had for toy buying this month went to buy the vintage toys.

The Super Powers toys seem to be sitting, with no sell outs as of yet, and mounting complaints on the quality of the initial wave, hopefully not to be a repeat in the 2nd wave. Had these been closer to the retail price of $15-$16, I would have been able to maybe squeeze enough cash out from somewhere to grab them, QC issues and all. However, at $30 plus shipping for each figure, it's just not happening. Resistance Level: Fairly Easy

1984 comics dc comics He Man Master of the Universe Classics Transformers トランスフォーマー バットマン アメコミ Super Powers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thursday, October 16, 2014

トランスフォーマー「クレオマイクロチェンジャー」:Transformers Kre-O Micro Changers

I think I need to start by saying I'm not too heavily invested into the Hasbro Kre-O brand. To be frank, it's a LEGO knock off, I think we can all just label it as it is. But like many knock offs, this one is still great fun, and we get what we'd likely never get from LEGO, Transformers and G.I.Joe mini figures. The Kre-O minis named Kreons, are definitely the best part of this whole line to me. I've only dabbled with buying Kre-O items, and what I bought recently may bemy biggest purchase of the toys yet. And it's not much.

While on a mini vacation last week I stumbled into a Walgreens looking for Stars Wars figures when I found a small end cap of clearance toys. Sitting there almost untouched was a case of wave 4 Transformers Micro Changers Kre-O blind packs. There's two reasons I even picked one pack up to examine them further, the Hot Rod figure on the package front looked cute, and they were 74¢. Not knowing the codes, I passed, but my wife grabbed a few for gifts. Upon reaching an internet connection I found that she had in fact bought two of the ones I wanted most, Rodimus and Brawn. I went back with a codes cheat sheet written out to find others I wanted, notably, Alpha Trion.

Having found Alpha Trion, and then also Slipstrike (who looked kinda cool), I was pretty content with the set I had. The only issue was that as a collector, and as a bargain shopper, that damn 74¢ price tag just gnawed at me. I had to get more. In total, I ended up with 9 of the 12figures. My wife had a bunch for her nephew including 1 I didn't pick up. The only two figures neither of us bought were Rhinox and Barrage. When I returned home after my vacation I opened up my initial 3 figures. I of course took a few photos as well.


Alpha Trion


Since taking these pics, I've also opened up Slipstrike, and really want to rip open Kup and Demolishor. I was supposed to save a few for later use as gifts or what not, but these stupid little things are addictive.

Kre-O Transformers hasbro トランスフォーマー クレオ

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

過去からの学習: Learning from the past.

I buy things over and over. I don't buy these items, and accumulate them, I buy them to replace the ones I no longer have. It's an evil circle of actions that's plagued me for 20-25 years. Many times I am stuck for cash, and as a collector I have several options, the least problematic to everybody around me is to just sell a piece from my collection. It does kill me to do it, each time, that selling off a piece of your history kinda stings and it's not something you get used to. In time I start to regret the sale (no matter what I needed the cash for at the time), and then the hunger for a replacement builds.

Earlier this year I grabbed a lot of junker Beastformers from Japan. And boy, where they junkers. Most had no rub signs, none had their weapons, and only 2 Laser Beasts among the pile of regular Beasts. The gem of the lot was the clear Crystal Killer Fish, the one toy in the lot I wanted. I went ahead and bid, won and paid for the lot. My hope was to sell off the extras and try and recoup the costs, I nearly didn't. The 2 Laser Beasts while at onetime may have sold high and paid the costs on their own sold far lower than normal. It was only with blowing out the remainder of the Beastformers guys at $2-3 each that I made it close to the cost of the lot. In the end the 4 Beasts above cost me about $25. So a really good deal.

This is the 8th time I've owned the Crystal Killer Fish. The 7 times prior I've sold him off to pay rent, a gas bill, fund a tip to Japan or BotCon, or just to get another toy. I hope, I really do, that he stays put this time.

Of all the collections I've built up and sold off, Diaclone, Microman, Transformers, Takara G.I.Joe, Transformers decoys, I feel most ill about the loss of my Machine Robo and Gobots collection. The funny thing is, it's the one collection I kept more of too, but that only eases things so much. I've slowly continued on picking up various versions of my favorite characters from Gobots & Machine Robo since I blew out my collection in 2007, but things changed this year. A few months back I started picking up random other figures from the lines, all items I've owned before. In all cases I've paid less than originally. I guess that helps.

What I take away form this is the fact that I'm spending time and money on things I've wasted time and money on before. While others are building their collections up or dismantling them in lieu of different directions, I'm treading water with my collection. Not swimming on, not drowning either, just kinda floating about.

1984 robot Bandai Diaclone Gobots Machine Robo マシンロボ バンダイ, Japanese Robots

Friday, October 3, 2014

玩具スターズTV:勇者指令ダグオン:DX火炎合体ファイヤーダグオン CM

Yuusha Shirei Daguon: Fire Daguon DX set (Takara 1996)

Brave Series Japanese Robots Takara 勇者シリーズ タカラ ローボット ダグオン