Thursday, October 16, 2014

トランスフォーマー「クレオマイクロチェンジャー」:Transformers Kre-O Micro Changers

I think I need to start by saying I'm not too heavily invested into the Hasbro Kre-O brand. To be frank, it's a LEGO knock off, I think we can all just label it as it is. But like many knock offs, this one is still great fun, and we get what we'd likely never get from LEGO, Transformers and G.I.Joe mini figures. The Kre-O minis named Kreons, are definitely the best part of this whole line to me. I've only dabbled with buying Kre-O items, and what I bought recently may bemy biggest purchase of the toys yet. And it's not much.

While on a mini vacation last week I stumbled into a Walgreens looking for Stars Wars figures when I found a small end cap of clearance toys. Sitting there almost untouched was a case of wave 4 Transformers Micro Changers Kre-O blind packs. There's two reasons I even picked one pack up to examine them further, the Hot Rod figure on the package front looked cute, and they were 74¢. Not knowing the codes, I passed, but my wife grabbed a few for gifts. Upon reaching an internet connection I found that she had in fact bought two of the ones I wanted most, Rodimus and Brawn. I went back with a codes cheat sheet written out to find others I wanted, notably, Alpha Trion.

Having found Alpha Trion, and then also Slipstrike (who looked kinda cool), I was pretty content with the set I had. The only issue was that as a collector, and as a bargain shopper, that damn 74¢ price tag just gnawed at me. I had to get more. In total, I ended up with 9 of the 12figures. My wife had a bunch for her nephew including 1 I didn't pick up. The only two figures neither of us bought were Rhinox and Barrage. When I returned home after my vacation I opened up my initial 3 figures. I of course took a few photos as well.


Alpha Trion


Since taking these pics, I've also opened up Slipstrike, and really want to rip open Kup and Demolishor. I was supposed to save a few for later use as gifts or what not, but these stupid little things are addictive.

Kre-O Transformers hasbro トランスフォーマー クレオ

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