Saturday, November 15, 2014

完全である!何が次か?: Perfection! Now what?

I've been collecting Cobra Commander figures since the time I got the Sears exclusive Cobra Missile Command HQ play set back in the early 80's. I've always really liked the Commander, in the comics, int he t.v. show, not many Joe characters have really grabbed my attention in all the various media tie-ins like he has. I think I can safely say Cobra Commander is my favorite G.I.Joe character. This is why I have come to this question in my collecting, now that Hasbro's has produced the "Ultimate" version of him in 3&3/4-4inch scale, do I need to buy another new version?

This figure is about as close to the "perfect" action figure representation of Cobra Commander as I could ask for in this scale. Aside from one quality control issue where the chrome head comes fitting too snug on some figures causing it to snap the neck peg, I can fault this figure at all. I actually bought 3 at full retail, and have been looking for more at the discounters who got some of the overflow stock.I really, really like this toy.

I've bought all the 25th, 30th, modern era Commander figures. The first original uniform version was good, I felt some aspects of the figures proportion were off, but I still bought each color version that came out. As Hasbro started to make new uniform versions, they got better. The last one to come out prior to the Ultimate CC, was the SDCC exclusive pilot Commander, and that figure was awesome. And it was essentially just a kit-bash. But now, with this Ultimate Cobra Commander representing the best version of the original CC to date, I just don't think Hasbro needs to ever do another in this scale. And this isn't the feeling I've never held for the ARAH version, or the first 25thh version, I've actually never felt that you couldn't improve on something until this figure was released. I don't hold the same feelings for some of the other Ultimate figures, even Storm Shadow who is about the closest to the next really "Ultimate" version could use some really work.

I'd likely still buy a more toy accurate color hooded CC if Hasbro made a variant Ultimate figure, but the bonus hooded head really does work. Aside from that, I hope Hasbro will focus on newer incarnations of Cobra Commander, or figures using as of yet un-updated ARAH uniforms, like the Star Brigade CC.

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