Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transformers the Movie SDTK vinyl re-issue, and my story about the original.

So you may have heard this already, a company in Europe will be pressing a new re-issue of the 1986 Transformers the Movie soundtrack on vinyl. The only cool thing about this news for me was that a limited (if 1000 is really that limited) will be in clear blue. I love clear and colored vinyl records, but I don't love the TF:TM soundtrack. I'm not one to really allow rosy eyed sentiment blind me (too much), and that album is bad. I do however love the cover jacket illustration, which is taken form the original movie poster.

It's great to see this news of release though, because I am sure there's a lot of folks who do want it, and I'm happy they get a chance at it. Last I checked, there's horribly greedy people on ebay and Amazon asking obscene amounts for the originals. This isn't a post about how I won't be buying this new release though. This post is really about how I used to own a copy of the original vinyl SDTK, and what I did with it.

I first got the TF:TM sdtk on record back in 1994. I was living away from home and at a shop that sold a lot of punk/ska/indie stuff, and just happened to have a junk bin of sorts filled with old crap. One day while wasting time searching for what I'd guess was likely old Elvis or 80's synth-pop records I flipped to a copy of the TF:TM sdtk, I was ecstatic! It was marked at only $1, and was my buy of the day. Now I knew full well the songs were pretty horrible, but having that record,and the art on it was pretty cool. My brother had the CD for some time before this, s it wasn't even an issue of ever having to play the record. Which was in really nice condition. So after the purchase, it sat in my record boxes for a few years.

When I moved back home, and had a place to display my collection, I pulled out the TF:TM album and at first had it prominently displayed. Over the span of a few years, it got shifted and then buried behind what I felt were move important and interesting items.

Fast forward to about 2001 and I'm already getting burned out on collecting. I've just been buying too much, and a lot of it was collectors impulse. Just buying things I didn't want just for the sake of buying things. At this point I started my first really big collector's purge. I was going to a toy show in Japan in a few months and gathered up a bunch of things to take and sell. 

The toy show I was at was small, fan run, and really, pretty damn awesome. I was sharing space with my friend Himawari, and next to us was Maeda from the now closed CyberKozo. Setting up on my other side was a guy who looked to just be a fan as well, with a mish-mash of stuff. Most of what this guy was setting up was just washing away in front of me as it was nothing I collected, until...

The guy whips out a vintage Diaclone/Microman split store display piece and just rests it at the top of all his goods. I quickly run from out behind my table and ask how much it is, and I get the dreadful horrible answer "sorry, not for sale, display", which is a shitty trick that is played out a lot in Japan. Lots of stuff on tables that isn't for sale, but left there as eye catchers to generate interest in the table itself. Himawari tried later to get a price, and was shot down, I can't remember if he had his wife try too, doesn't matter, none of us got anywhere. I went back to just setting up my table, bummed that the coolest thing I'd seen so far at the show wasn't even for sale.

As we got close to the opening of the show I was just putting out the last bit of randomness I had brought to sell. I had some 1984 Transformers party supplies, some Marvel comics, and the TF:TM vinyl record which I just felt I no longer needed in my collection. The second I set the record up, and before I can even get a price on it,t eh seller next to me dashes over and is freaking out, he desperately wants the record. Apparently he was a big TF:TM fan and collected memorabilia associated with the film. The roles are now reversed, and he's pleading with me for a price and wants to buy. I genuinely didn't have a price in mind, and I kinda paused to think it over and in that time he just grabs the Diaclone/Microman display and says "trade!"

Uhm, hell yeah!

So among a few other little things I walked out of that show selling most of the items I had, and in possession of a pretty awesome piece. Which if I think about, only cost me $1.

1984 Diaclone Japanese Robots Microman Transformers ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン

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