Wednesday, January 7, 2015

[私のホビー生活] 玩具スターズ、なぜ?: [My Hobby Life] GanguStars, Why?

It's been almost exactly four years since I stopped adding new content to my last web based project. I spent the last three years prepping material for what has become the GanguStars blog and website. You've probably noticed that the website doesn't really exist just yet. I tend to blame lack of funds, and lack of interest as the reasons there's no broader website up yet, but there's another even more important underlying reason I haven't committed to launching a new site.

At the time I was walking away from my then current web project I was talking to a friend who runs a fairly large action figure and toy site. I knew I wasn't going to go any further, and interest and response from what I was doing was pretty low. We had talked about the state of internet sites, how so many have the exact same content, swipe each others photos and stories, or are outright full of errors. Another point we debated was the rise of mega sites with large forums, wikis absorbing smaller "mom and pop" sites, and social media. A Facebook post or tweet of a websites exclusive photos can dwarf any traffic that the original site may see. And if enough pics are taken and shuffled about, you can in effect make the original site near obsolete. I had been doing some sort of web based info sharing for 15 years by that time, I was seeing my photos and contributions in many places. What I wasn't seeing was any sort of proper credit, or worse, a complete misinterpretation of the info. I wasn't really looking to continue web sharing, and walking away from my project seemed like the best idea.

As my friend and I talked he keep telling me I shouldn't let it get to me. He mentioned that there's others out there who are sharing similar things that I would be, although without proper background info. He made a point that to some, it's all about celebrity, and getting info out fastest is considered being the best. He's made fun of me for holding onto info for years and years, but it's always done because I wasn't 100% sure as to it being accurate or being the right time. I'd been burned before when sharing things and didn't want to do it again. On a serious note, he agreed that the way I was doing it was right.  He said "it didn't matter who did it first, it matters who does it best" or as I would take away from it, not exactly best, but correct. I wanted to make sure any story had some source, and an visual had a story. I continued to pour time and money into researching and collecting the past.

In early 2014 I thought I should at least start up a net presence to get an idea of where a project that I'd like to do would fit, if at all. It was no surprise to see that the friends who have helped and supported other projects of mine came out in force and made me pretty damn happy to have them around. However, early signs pointed to very little movement and momentum outside of those friends. I had to go so far as offer bribes to grow aspects of what I was doing. In about 10 months I've moved only as far as some similar start-ups have in 2 months. In trying to figure out why, I can see several things, one of the biggest being I'm just too stubborn, and steadfast in my ideas of the direction of this project.

Rolling into 2015 I'm going to let go of some of my perfectionist issues over content here. While some may see this as a win because you'll be seeing some neat stuff, it's actually where I fail you. In order to get stuff out there I will be sacrificing the very heart of it all, any meaning, any real story and historical reference. I hope that if and when I can get a proper site going I'll be able to re-visit all that you see in this blog and share it in the way I had originally hoped I could.

Here's to 2015...

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