Monday, January 19, 2015

Imaginext year end clearance pick ups and Slade!

The gratification of a long toy hunt coming to a successful close is pretty awesome. Maybe even a little heightened if you are able to stay the course and not resort to buying online instead of buying in store. Last week I finally found an Imaginext DC Justice League Target exclusive Slade & Nightwing 2-pack. I'd been searching for months, and just missing it many times. Sadly just missing it in all likelihood to scalpers. The set was selling for a steady $36 for some time, now down to $20+. I held firm, I was not going to pay a ridiculous mark-up for something that was still shipping to stores. The problem is that it's a Target exclusive line, where it's packed 1 per case and Target hasn't been doing a great job of stocking. But in the end, I won out and now at least the Slade (aka Deathstroke) figure is among the top favorites of the DC Imaginext offerings. A really awesome little figure.

Fisher-Price Slade Deathstroke Nightwing imaginext dc comics batman おもちゃ アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマン

Just a bit less surprising to finding the Slade/Nightwing set was seeing some of the DC Imaginext on clearance. Now only 1 of my 2 nearby Target stores had DC stuff marked down, and some of it by mistake. The basic vehicle sets under the Target exclusive Justice League series were at first all reduced to $10, which they included but shouldn't have, Bane's Battle Sled. I had bought this when it first came out at just over $16, and then the next week went on sale, then after that price dropped. I ended up returning it in hopes of getting it on sale but just let it slip my mind. When I saw it for $10 I grabbed it. It did not ring up at $10, and then I realized that maybe it wasn't supposed to be marked down and maybe it was only the first series Target stuff that was getting pushed out. The cashier changed the price anyway, which was really cool of her.

I went back a week later, just after New Years and almost all the DC clearance sold out. All that remained was a few Cyborg Mechs, which wasn't something I really had planned to buy. The toys still had a price tag of $10, but just on a whim I price checked them and they came up $6! Well, at that price how could I pass one up. Thinking back I should have grabbed a second to give to me nephew later on. I also picked up one other Imaginext item I was hoping to get but let procrastination get the best of me, the Imaginext Cosmic Chaos Ion Crab. This is the toy that kind of resembles the Masters of the Universe Spydor toy. I really only wanted it due to it's likeness to the He-Man toy,so getting it for a crazy low $2.24 was amazing. Sadly the other Cosmic Chaos item I wanted was nowhere to be found at the store, the Alpha Blade. The Alpha Blade toy looks like an homage to the He-Man MotU Roton vehicle. Just a few more in a series of He-Man design nods showing up in Imaginext.

Fisher-Price Masters of the Universe Motu imaginext He Man おもちゃ アメコミ イマジネックストFisher-Price Masters of the Universe Motu imaginext He Man おもちゃ アメコミ イマジネックスト

Fisher-Price Slade Deathstroke Nightwing imaginext dc comics batman おもちゃ アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマン

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