Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kre-O: Ugh, ketchup.

When Hasbro first debuted their plans for another attempt into the building block market I was skeptical. Their last effort was pretty poor, with only one aspect of the brand being of any value to me. When I first checked out Kre-O I figured it was going to just be a LEGO knock-off, and as I write this I still believe it is. It's a really lazy and unoriginal LEGO copy. However, because of the Hasbro twist of using it's own properties to fill the Kre-O assortments I've completely fallen for them.Okay, a little confession, I sorta flirted with Kre-O before committing to a long term thing. The problem with only tipping my toes in the water is that now that I'm hooked I'm left playing catch up and trying to locate what I've missed out on. I hate catching u, it's typically always costly, and nerve racking. Every now and then you do catch a small break.

Hasbro Kre-O LEGO g.i.joe Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー
One assortment of Transformers Kre-O toys I had wanted more than most others were the Custom Kreon sets. You get 1 character Kreon, and an assortment of extra parts to create your own styled figure. The initial offering had some of the most well known G1 Transformers characters, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. I wanted 5 of these, I ended up getting not when they first hit shelves. I actually couldn't find them, that was my first problem. The next issue is that when I did finally see a few in stores, they were $6 each. A bit of a ridiculous price for 1 Kreon figure. I remember carrying around the Soundwave Custom Kreon for about 15 minutes before ultimately placing it back on the shelve. That was the only time I'd see Soundwave in stores. I would end up seeing Prime, Megatrona and Bumblebee now and then, but never Ironhide or Starscream. Thanks to continuous sales on Kre-O products at Toys R Us since just before Black Friday, I finally picked up a series 1 Custom Kreon.

Diaclone Starscream Hasbro Kre-O LEGO g.i.joe Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマーTransformers clear Starscream seekers Hasbro Kre-O LEGO g.i.joe Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー

The Kre-O Custom Kreon meet two very big toy fetishes of mine, chrome features, and translucent body parts. The Starscream features very bold clear red parts, and a great addition of deep blue limbs and wing attachments. Of the 6 series 1 Kreons, Starscream and Prime strike me as being the best of them. Finding this lone Kreon hanging about in a Toys R Us on a snowy night while I was actually out searching for G.I.Joe Kre-O stuff was a surprise. As was the price of only $2.09. A very happy find.

What was as happy in my buying excursion was the complete lack of certain waves of G.I.Joe blind bag Kreons. Due to the sales I mentioned, Joe Kre-O stuff was quickly disappearing from shelves. The last and maybe/arguably least distributed wave of single Kreons, collection 5,  had been completely bought up. Two stores had them as of 2 weeks ago, now both stores had been bought out of  30-50 packs each. No doubt with demand for "army builders" high, many have been hitting ebay. I think I hit 5 toys R Us stores before giving up. The weather was horrible, and further driving around seemed like it could cost more than just buying the last remaining collection 5 figures I needed. And even if I did find those few figures, I need the whole of collection 1 still, which is going to be a problem. Almost all of us late comers need collection 1.

hasbro Kre-O LEGO g.i.joe Transformers クレオ トランスフォーマー

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