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The Lost Updates Of 2014. (Imaginext, Tomy RATS, Kre-O and Cereals?)

Whether it was internet outages, work schedule or just too many proposed updates, I lost track of a few entries I had planned to make in 2014. Most of the missing posts were about (then) recent toy purchases. In order to get them out there, I figure I can just bundle them all up in a single post here.

Bane penquin dc comics Fisher price Super Friends Batman Toys R Us imaginext イマジネックスト アメコミ

Imaginext Toys R Us exclusives: 
It was another big year for Imaginext collecting in 2014. I picked up a good amount of what I was looking for. Some things are still alluding me, but hopefully not for long. A few of the items I snatched up were recolors sold under the Toys R Us exclusive Gotham City line. TRU had mostly re-colors this year, almost all the unique sculpts went to Target, but that doesn't diminish their offerings at all. A single pack of the Bane figure a brought about the cheapest way to get him. Prior to this release, you'd have to spend around $25-$35 in order to get one. I rally liked that they repainted the bubble-drill accessory in red and black, very evil looking.

Toys R Us also got a newly colored Penguin figure. The coloring came as a delightful surprise to many of us older Imaginext DC Super Friends collectors. He was released in retro comic colors which also match his 80's Kenner Super Powers figure. A very cool nod to the past, when a lot of the time Fisher-Price uses the same figures in multiple releases.

Just to note, the Transformers Kre-O Hound in the picture was a toy I was hoping to get since it had been announced. For whatever reasons, and I haven't rally looked into it, I never saw the 2nd series Custom Kreons anywhere around me. I ended up just buying it off ebay. Glad I did too, it's a neat figure.

Speaking of Kre-O....

Starscream Decepticon g.i.joe Kre-O Transformers トランスフォーマー Kre O KreonsStarscream Decepticon g.i.joe Kre-O Transformers トランスフォーマー Kre O Kreons

Transformers Kre-O:
I held off on getting into Kre-O for a good amount of time. But in 2014 with an avalanche of cool toys bearing down I just got swept away. I really jumped right into the line, and sadly, just when it seems to be fading away. I found the Custom Kreon series 1 Starscream just after Christmas, very glad to find it. The set only includes 1 head, 1 pair of hands and 1 pelvis, but by borrowing some bits from another figure you can make 2 distinct figures out of each Custom Kreon set, and then within that many different variations of them. I prefer this Starscream to the original Starscream Kreon, the color are just a lot more bold.

Decepticon Jets Skywarp Sunstorm Kre-O Transformers トランスフォーマー Kre O KreonsMiniBots Huffer Brawn Bumblebee Kre-O Transformers トランスフォーマー Kre O Kreons

While I am not into the Transformers Kre-O quite as heavily as the G.I.Joe series, I am having fun with it. I am trying to grab what Decepticons jets I can, while not doing so with any priority. If I see it fine, however I am not actively looking, if that makes sense. I know there's still a few out there. I am playing around with getting the remaining MiniBot Kreons as well. I at least want to buy the San Diego ComicCon Huffer since I missed out on buying the whole giftset last year.

g.i.joe Kre-O Cobra Eel B.A.T. Viper army builder Kre O Kreons

G.I.Joe Kre-O: 
Oh how I tried to not get trapped by your charm. Okay, I didn't try too hard since I did start buying a few early in 2014, but that's the collectors fatal mistake, buy one you might end up buying them all. And right now, I am near having them all. Except the really expensive highly sought after ones, which are not going to be coming my way any time soon I sense. I don't have the cash to blow $75 on a set of convention exclusive Kreons. Nor do I really want to spend that kind of money on them.

Slaughter Steelgrave Bolar 1984 Tomy robot 1985 RATS Starriors Tomy ゾイド トミーBolar 1984 Tomy robot 1985 RATS Starriors Tomy ゾイド トミー

Tomy R.A.T.S./Starriors:
I would say 2014was also a good year for my Starriors collecting. Actually seeing that I have only been collecting Starriors for about 3 years, 2012, and 2013 were also really good years for them. However, last year I was able to get 3 elusive European R.A.T.S. toys, Starriors re-colors sold in 1985.

1984 Tomy robot 1985 RATS Starriors Tomy ゾイド トミー1984 Tomy robot 1985 RATS Starriors Tomy ゾイド トミー

The 3 figures I wanted came in a lot with some toys I already had. The Grapplor toy was the 3rd of this style I got, this one being sealed in box. I also got 2 more series 1, or early release R.A.T.S. figures moc, but both being duplicates of toys I have in my collection already. I don't think there's even much of a market for these, so I figure they'll just sit in my closet for now.

FrankenBerry BooBerry Count Chocula monster cereals dc comics Jim LeeFrankenBerry BooBerry Count Chocula monster cereals dc comics Jim Lee

General Mills Monster Cereals:
No, not toys, but still something I collect, well the boxes more than the cereal. I eat the cereal. I eagerly await the coming of Halloween just so I can pick up a few boxes of these cereals to eat. Last year was a bit of a treat as they also released Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, but not this year. A couple package variant hit stores this year, the basic current designs, a retro style, and these boxes shown above. A very cool new looking Franken Berry box caught my eye, well they all looked cool but that one in particular really got to me. I picked up all 3 and put them in my pantry. It was till I had finished off the cereal and put the empty boxes in my bedroom to be placed in storage that I noticed a DC Comics logo. After a closer look I found that the box art was in fact done by DC. Boo Berry was done by Jim Lee, Cunt Chocula by the Dodsons, and Fraken Berry by Dave Johnson. It made all the more sense why the Franken Berry box art appealed to me, I've been a fan of Dave Johnson's art for years. So a cool, and fresh take on the monster cereal characters in 2014.

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