Thursday, February 26, 2015

Contemplations & Discoveries: Cold Heart Or Warm Gesture.

I'll be starting a new ongoing series here with this posting. I threw a few ideas out on FB, but will go into more depth here. These posts will be about and relate to thoughts I have about collecting, collectors, and just the overall concept of buying (or selling) toys.

I wasn't sure I was even going to follow up on this until today. I was walking home from work this morning again in the freezing cold and began to think about stuff to take my mind of the chilly temps. One thing I was thinking was that it could be worse. I could be a lot colder if I did not have a scarf to cover my face. Then my thoughts wandered onto the scarf. I've had this particular scarf for 17 years now, it's been extremely reliable for me.  There's nothing super extraordinary about the look of the scarf, or even its make. I didn't pick out this scarf, I didn't even buy it, it was a gift. This gift actually comes from a former Takara Transformers designer.

Years back on a trip to Japan I was meeting my Japanese friend for dinner and while out he thought me an a travel buddy were crazy for being out in winter with so little clothing. I think I had a flannel shirt, and my friend a t-shirt and a vest. To be honest neither of us were really all that cold, me being from Michigan and him Edmonton, we see our fair share of pretty cold weather. Tokyo winters were not too menacing to us. I later met up with my Japanese friend again later on in the trip and this time after telling his wife about us, presented us with a few gifts. I got the scarf I've been talking about, and my Canadian buddy got a hat if I recall. That gesture really kind of shook us, it's was really sincere and heartfelt.

Through the years I have never asked my friend in Japan for prototypes, or production art, or promo materials. Never asked for any real "inside" product at all. I never wanted to take this friendship in that direction. I know people who collect protos and production bits, and they can be real assholes. They often will take what could be a good friendship and suck all the warmth, emotion and goodness out of it. I wouldn't say I despise them for this, but I definitely pity them. Every time I wear my scarf I think about that gesture my friend made to me and it reassures me that I would never trade it for anything. This scarf, this small bit of fabric and yarn means more than any Transformers prototype I could have ever asked for.

Transformers prototypes Takara

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