Monday, February 9, 2015

Future Of The GanguStars Website And Collection.

The last bit of 2014 brought on a period of reflection for me. Thinking things over the last few weeks, if I knew I could get it done quickly, and without collectors bitching about, trying to low ball and overall balking on asking prices, I'd start selling my collectibles this week. At no other point in the last 8 years I have felt less interested in in. I know though that even partial collections going unsold creep into ginormous rebounded collections in a few years. It's happened to me several times. It is always hard committing to just selling it all.

I should point out something that has kinda taken me in again, vintage/retro manga. There's a hardcore market for some of it, but it doesn't seem as cutthroat or monetarily/celebrity motivated as vintage toy collecting has become. There's nobody ignorantly throwing $5000-$6000 for what is perceived to be rare copies. It's just fun and I need more of than in a hobby.

comics Japanese Robots manga tokusatsu toys vintage toys おもちゃ  まんが ローボット 電人ザボーガー

comics Japanese Robots manga tokusatsu toys vintage toys おもちゃ  まんが ローボット 電人ザボーガーcomics Japanese Robots manga tokusatsu toys vintage toys おもちゃ  まんが ローボット 電人ザボーガー

I do regret not having been able to get a collectibles site up and running, but nothing is totally off the table yet. I still have the desire, and the actual site structure planned out. I'm just missing the funding for the site. This blog was never meant to cover a great deal of in depth researching and analysis. The blog side of my GanguStars plan was just for quick reviews or to sound of on new toy buys.  need a bigger canvas for what I want to create with my toy knowledge.

The other stumbling block I have it lack of actual toys. I'd love to do a nice Air Raiders online checklist, but I'm missing a good chunk of of the toy line. I'd also love to do some figure galleries, but my choice in action figures that I buy are rather tame and could come off a little boring.

Star Wars Kenner Hasbro action figure toys galleries www.gangustars.comAir Raiders 1987 Hasbro action figure toys galleries

I also haven't figured out where I'd put random rare page scans yet. I could draw them out into actual articles, but I feel that being so lacking in content, maybe a handful of scans are better suited for a blog. And what about chapters of manga? Not best for reading on a blog. Then there's of course the idea of doing the same thing that's already out there. Sure I could cover some of the same material that other sites get wrong, but what atmosphere will that create? And should I continue to post info that has been sort of posted online before but with missing details? I feel maybe it takes time away from other projects.

Macross マクロス アニメ Robotech vintage art toys media action figure toys galleries www.gangustars.comDragonball Z keshii gomu Bandai action figure toys galleries

As it stands I have a lot of things underway, I just need to commit to them. Like I said, I have the basic structure and design of a website planned and ready, I just need to find a way to pay for it. I have a few collectors guides planned and being worked out. I have been working on content for a bi-monthly/quarterly fanzine, I just don't know if there's enough interest to cover the costs of it. All things that require a little more though.

Transformers Machine Robo Gobots Diacloen Microman G.I.Joe action figure toys galleries
Octonauts Imaginext DC Super Friends Fisher-Price Hasbro action figure toys galleries
Gobots Micronauts Diakron Kronoform Transformers decoys Daiclone Car Robots Hasbro action figure toys galleries

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