Saturday, February 28, 2015

Garage Sale Finds: Look Back At What I Found.

So I seriously thought I had started posting these already only to find out I had them stashed away in a random folder. What these short posts will be are looks back at items I found out garage sale hunting years ago. Not only is my ability to go out garage sale hunting severely restricted these days, the amount of great sales is too. I figure it would be fun to post these up since I didn't use them back at the time the pics were taken. I recall not feeling 100% good about posting these, it was almost too much like gloating. These days that's about half of what the net is, with social media accounts over flowing with "me-me-me" posts. This should fit right in.

 October 2004: Garage Sale #1
This sale had some great finds. Not only did I get a fantastic Ultraman CD Soundtrack, but also another CD with anime and tokusatsu themes. Better than that and the gem of the find, a Sylvanian Families Terrace Party Set in box and a few rabbit family figurines. The Super Sentai book to the far right is a cool memorial of the entire past of the series. The Go-Go Five book and the 2 Sentai toys were just impulse buys that I later got rid of. The 2 Pocket Monsters rice bowls still sit in my cupboard. They are amazingly good quality bowls, perfect for ramen/soup, chicken & rice or ice cream.

 October 2004: Garage Sale #2
Kamen Rider tokusatsu 戦隊シリーズ バンダイ ウルトラマン Sylvanian Families Super Sentai toys Super Link Convoy Transformers
Also found at an October '04 garage sale, here's a few decent items. I got a Kabaya Transformers Fatimus Convoy, a pair of Kamen Rider and Ultraman figures, and a TelebiKun magazine with Sentai figure. I also scored a Sylvanian Families candy house, and a few rag tag figurines. The house is incredibly incomplete, but it was super cheap so no rel complaints. The Rider, Convoy and Sentai toys were sold off at some point in the last 2 years. The tore the magazine apart and just kept the pages I liked.

Japan sentai tokusatsu Ultraman Sylvanian Families 戦隊シリーズ バンダイ ウルトラマン

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