Thursday, February 26, 2015

Japanese Bid Services, This Is Where You Fail Me!

I got the very last package of mine out from Japan today. I now have nothing left in Japan that is waiting for me. It's sad in a sense, the anticipation of getting stuff sent over from Japan is always so much fun. I just haven't had the cash to spend on stuff as of late, and to be honest I needed to take a little break.

Now this last piece was pretty small. I had it waiting in case I could grab a few more things and bundle them together to spread out shipping costs. Sadly the time came that I had to have it shipped. Again, this toy is small, it's light, and really at most should have cost about $15 to ship airmail. I wasn't in a hurry, and cost was my only concern. When I got the $30 for shipping I was a little taken back, but they assured me this was the cheapest rate. So the postal worker knocks at the toy and I open to see a pretty large box in her hands. Not at all the size box I was expecting. I opened it up and sure enough, just crazy packed with excessive amounts of newspaper.

サイバーコップ CyberCop Takara super heroes tokusatsu タカラ おもちゃ

As you can see, when the toy is placed on top of the box there's so much more space than there needed to be. I understand that maybe while I don't care about the extra padding there are some out there who would be super pissed if it wasn't. I will need to make a note of this for later, because the added weight of so much paper and the weight of the heavy duty box really inflates the shipping costs. So you want to know what I got?

タカラ サイバーコップ Takara CyberCop Stealth JupiterBit

I picked up a limited mail-in Takara CyberCop Stealth JupiterBit toy. This is a re-issue of the 80's CyberCop JupiterBit figure done in almost all clear plastic. Aside from his arm gauntlets and antennae he is entirely clear. I would have loved for some chrome highlights, but can't ask for everything. 

サイバーコップ CyberCop Takara super heroes tokusatsu タカラ おもちゃサイバーコップ CyberCop Takara super heroes tokusatsu タカラ おもちゃ

While this was a pretty uneventful tokustasu series, with neat toys, this version really harkens back to Takara's Henshin Cyborg toys. While it was a pretty limited release, it isn't an impossible find. The only real downside to the toy is that for whatever reason, a different plastic must have used for the hands and it discolors to a brown-yellow tint. Very minor nit-pick for such a cool toy.

サイバーコップ CyberCop Takara super heroes tokusatsu タカラ おもちゃ

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