Friday, February 27, 2015

Some New Things Added Into The Collection This Week: More Imaginext!

The CyberCop figure I got in yesterday may have been the only cool import item I got this week, but not the only toy. After I was able to free up some cash set aside for another item, I kinda went on an Imaginext run. I picked up 7 single and double pack DC comics figure sets, the newest DC Super Friends Penguin Copter, and the Ghost Pirates Island. I was also able to snag a few of the latest blind bag figures. It was a fun buying week, and not overly expensive.

Fisher-Price Imaginext batman dc comics アメコミバットマン イマジネックスト

The Penguin figure included with the Copter is a new sculpt of the character. Like the Joker, Bane and Killer Croc, Penguin finally gets an upgrade. I do really like that Fisher-Price refreshes these figures, but I cant help but feel it takes the place of new characters being created. The Ghost Pirate Island is an awesome little play set. I haven't photographed it just yet, so here's a FP stock photo. I'll write up a bit about these in more detail later on in the week.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Penguin Copter 2015 new toy batman dc comics アメコミバットマン イマジネックストFisher-Price Imaginext Ghost Pirate Island new 2015 batman dc comics アメコミバットマン イマジネックスト

The blind pack figures have always been fun, and these 2 I picked up are no disappointment. I got the basketball player which has a few high points and one pretty big low. The high points include the fact that is always nice to see some more diversity added to this line, the figure comes with a clear stand to mimic going in for a lay up, and as usual, it's a nice new and unique sculpt. The glaring downside, the basketball is molded to his hand. Grrr. The witch figure is the better of the two I bought, or at least in my opinion it is. I love that the entire hat, cape and ugly face piece comes of to revel a less scary, almost attractive witch. Silly yes, but fun. She also comes with a broom, of course. I was surprised they didn't just issue the black cat that came with the DC Super Friends Catwoman as well.

Fisher-Price Imaginext blind pack series 4 Basketball Player batman dc comics アメコミバットマン イマジネックストFisher-Price Imaginext blind pack series 4 Witch batman dc comics アメコミバットマン イマジネックスト

I also bought an item I have kinda wanted for some time now, but the $20-$30 price tag just wasn't justified in my mind. And I know I just got done saying that I wanted to get rid of my Star Wars collectibles the other day, but this is a split brand item. So because it was 70% off, and I was able to get an additional 30% off on top of that, I finally own a Giant PEZ Darth Vadar dispenser. It's silly, fun and even has sound effects. When you open the head he starts breathing in his iconic way for about 30 seconds. And speaking of the head, when you pop it back to get candy out it doesn't dispense the single pieces of candy, it shoots you out an entire PEZ pack! Awesome!

Darth Vadar Star Wars アメコミ PEZ candy バットマン イマジネックストDarth Vadar Star Wars アメコミ PEZ candy バットマン イマジネックスト

Fisher-Price Imaginext batman dc comics Star Wars アメコミ バットマン イマジネックスト

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