Monday, March 30, 2015

GanguStars Printed Testbooks: The Good, The Bad and The Pricey.

PLEASE! Check these pics out, and read the review if you want, but let me know your thoughts about the prints. Any input from other who buy books and magazines about collectibles will help.

Just over a week after initially getting these in, I'm still looking them all over and critiquing them. Now these are just as the title states, tests, not anything final. I had a few dollars, and had wanted to test out a few formats of a printed book concept, and actually having the money I figured I'd better pull the trigger and get something going on these long overdue and continuously postponed projects. I threw together a 48 page book and had 2 color prints made, and 2 black & white. I choose an economy grade and standard grade for each. Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. It was a good investment to see print tests in hand. But I still have some doubts.

I wouldn't plan and having a shipper for these. Not after seeing how the printer ships these out themselves. The 4 books were shipped in 3 boxes. The two grades must print from different locations. standard books shipped together, in a box and wrapped quite well. These came relatively protected. The economy books shipped separately, and in a simple fold up cardboard mailer. The sides of the mailer leave the contents exposed. There's no wrap protecting the books, and any rain or snowy weather could damage the books. All 4 book arrived okay, but I still think I'd have all books ship to me first for further shipping out to any buyer.

Black & White Testbook:
This is purely being done for a cost issue reason. The B&W print are about a third of the cost of color print runs. I now that B&W collector guides are really a thing of the past, likes early 90's and 80's, so about the same era most of the toys shown in these are from. It's a dated format, and in the age of the internet anything B&W is seriously outdated. But it's cheap, and for some things like manga fanslations and lineart galleries, it's really the best option. I made sure to include quite a range of content in the 48 pages, including comics and art. The comics print out great in standard format, but show some bleed issues in the economy print due to the lower quality paper used. You can see some of the same image degradation in the other pages that have toy pics and media scans. Even with a 50-100% increase in costs, the standard format for B&W seems to be the only viable option if I go the colorless print route.

Color Testbook:
Printing in color is twice as much as B&W.  And printing in standard color starts at about 130% higher than printing the same book at economy grade. That can make 2 books with very similar final outputs at very different costs. The print quality of the standard books is great, I have never had any issues with that format. Seeing this new economy grade print does kinda make me re-think whether I need to pay the extra costs of a standard print run. It's not exact, there is some image issues with the economy, but it's just not that drastic to me. Now like the B&W economy print, there is some washing out of the colors due to the lower paper grade, but it's less noticeable. Compared to the standard release it's quite evident, but on it's own it holds up. Funny note, the cover print on the economy grade is actually better than the standard book.

B&W vs. Color:
Here's a look at all 4 books for a better comparison. When you see these, it really shows that the economy B&W is just not a good option here. If anything, I feel these comparison pics only help me feel that the economy color print may be the best option based on output and costs.

Other Options:
The color, or lack there of is not my only options for this project. The size of the books is a major factor as well. The books I had test printed were all in 5x8 inch size. I can have books printed at 6x9 inches as well as 8x10. Of the 3 options, the 6x9 is actually closest to the size format I have wanted to use, which was a traditional comic book size.

The size of a comic being brought up, I actually would prefer to print as a comic book instead of a book. There's a print shop near me that specializes in doing low run comic book printing for various indie publishers. I want to make one of these testbooks in and see if there's a way they can produce a similar product in comic book format. Due to the extremely low print run I would be looking at, it may not be a cost effective format to use.

I also have to think about paper quality, and the use of matte vs. glossy coated papers. I know it's hard to make out here, but there's a bit more sharpness to the glossy page prints than the matter. I actually prefer the mate prints myself, but in some cases like toy photos, the glossy look works a little magic.

I'm sure there's a few other thoughts that have slipped away during the past week, but that's the gist of it there. Still have some things to look into, and some options to finalize before I can really get into building these books. This is the hard part, this is the real grunt work of the projects, creating the book's content is where the fun is.

GanguStars Collectors Guides toys Transformers Takara Blockman Machine Robo

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More March Toy Madness! Final Round? Imaginext Steals.

I seriously feel like I can go to a store without coming home with something I've gotten on some crazy sale this week. Not that I want to sound like I'm complaining. :)

On a trip to Walmart with my wife to get her some gardening supplies I figured Id check to see if the new DC Imaginext 4packwith Professor Zoom was stocked. It wasn't, but it's okay it'll be there soon. As I'm walking out of the aisle my wife comes along holding onto the giant Imaginext Lion's Den Castle. She comes and and whispers "this is only coming up $5 when I price check it", wow, I'm now standing there speechless. I ask if she's gonna pick it up for her nephew and she doesn't think he'd like it. So she says that maybe I'd want it. Uhm, yeah. Yeah I would.

Imaginext Lions Den Castle knights figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃImaginext Lions Den Castle knights figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

I then scour about the clearance aisle in search of other deals. As I price check items I discover that as the items get smaller, the price looks to be higher. My guess is that in order to make space, they are trying their best to get rid of the bulkier items as fast as they can. Most of the other cool things are only 10-15% off, and I can actually get them later on at about any other stores. As we were walking away from the toy section I noticed Walmart had a clearance section in their drive aisle as well, and sitting there was another cool item I've wanted, the Imaginext Space Aliens Alpha Explorer playset.

Imaginext Alpha Explorer aliens space men figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

After the mess of other Imaginext toys I price check to be only marginal sales I wasn't expecting much here. But to my surprise the toy checked out at $7! So the Castle had an MSRP of $50, and the Alpha Explorer originally was $32, so the combined $12 I paid today a real steal.

Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

Monday, March 23, 2015

March Toy Madness! Round Two: Star Wars Black, More Imaginext & Many More Transformers!

While I already had most of the content of yesterday's March Toy Madness haul report done, I was still in the process of finishing it up when I took a break from it and went out for a few hours. I wasn't expecting to be buying a whole mess of toys in that time. I came home with Star Wars, Imaginext and Transformers. Turns out Meijer stores (at least in my area)were having a clearance sale over the weekend, and anything on clearance was getting an extra 25% off the lowest price. I love these kind of sales. And lucky for me, a few things I've wanted have gotten clearance reductions at Meijer in the last 2 weeks.

So like how last posts was generally about toys I purchased at Toys R Us, almost all of these finds where from Meijer. With all my toy buying funds exhausted for the time being, I think this is the last toy haul report until at least late April.

Star Wars Black Series Speeder Bike With Biker Scout

スターウォーズ スカウト・トルーパー Star Wars Black Biker Scout Speeder Bike スピーダー・バイク ストーム・トルーパースターウォーズ スカウト・トルーパー Star Wars Black Biker Scout Speeder Bike スピーダー・バイク ストーム・トルーパー

I don't think these have been good sellers. The Jabba the Hutt in the same class size has equally been a dud. At first, with a MSRP of $40 I didn't think I'd get one of these Biker Scouts. I was really hoping for a normal $20 release of the figure, because aside from Darth Vadar, it's the only other Black Series figure I thought I'd be interested in buying. The Biker Scout design is my absolute favorite Star Wars character design.

Around Christmas, Amazon had the set listed at a low $25.00 plus shipping. So for about $30-$33 I could have it at 25% off the normal retail price. Pretty good, but I didn't bite. Then some time around the second week of February Target price dropped their DX Black Series toys down to $25 matching the Amazon sale. But with a store item there's no added shipping! I quickly grabbed one of the Biker Scouts and was super happy to have one at about the $20 price I originally hoped it would be. Funny enough, the $25 price didn't move these out too fast. Last week Meijer also dropped the price on these, and clearanced them to $19.99. So with this weekend's 25% off sale I was able to grab 2 more Biker Scouts at $15 a piece.

I don't care much for the Speeder Bike part of the set, and yes the figure has serious design flaws, but I'm pretty happy all around with the toys.

Transformers Hero Mashers

トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave Springer スタースクリーム Starscream バンブル Hasbro トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Jetfire Bulkhead Springer スタースクリーム Starscream バンブル Hasbro

I'm sure I just totally let some of you down when you realized I was talking about Hero Mashers Transformers and not something cooler like Masterpiece Exhaust or Combiner Wars. No, this is all about Mashers. Back in January I posted a review of the Marvel Hero Masher Iceman, and I had still hoped to pick up a few others. Money was better spent elsewhere other the last 2 months and the idea of getting more Mashers just didn't seem to get much attention. Until a sale came up, of course! While my brothers and I were out for our dad's birthday, I mentioned to my one brother that I had thought about getting my nephew some Mashers. They seem like good fun for kids, and maybe somewhat sturdy, and with enough of them could be worth a few hours of toy play. He seemed to think my nephew could go for them, but maybe just the Transformers ones, which are not the ones sold for $5 at Five Below. Damn.

To my surprise, along with the reduced Star Wars Black Biker Scout, all basic Transformers Hero Mashers were now down to just $4.99 at Meijer. On top of that, the DX sized $15 guys were on "Price Drop" to $11.24. I didn't buy any last week because I wasn't sure this was a safe buy. But when I found the 25% clearance sale in effect yesterday, I just went ahead with the purchase. The DX sized guys were still $11.24, but the basics were now an even lower $3.74 each. AT these sale prices I was able to get 3 DX sized figures and 7 basic figures for $59.90. Which would have been a deal on any other day, but I also had coupons. After adding those in, I ended up paying just about $30 & tax for all 10 figures. That the normal price of just 2 of the DX sized guys. And that there is my type of deal.

トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave スタースクリーム Starscream Hasbro

All but a Starscream and Soundwave are going to my nephew for Easter and birthday gifts. My brother had him out at Target yesterday and they looked at these toys. He was excited most for Bulkhead, Soundwave and Rodimus Prime, so I think it'll all work out. For me, I'll be opening my Soundwave and Sreamer shortly.

Imaginext Rescue City Center

イマジネックスト Imaginext Rescue City Center Gotham City Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

So if you read yesterdays post about me getting the Toys R Us Gotham City Center and how my wife had bought the original on sale last year, you should know that I also wanted one of them last year. I really liked the toy, it had cool interactive sounds and motion elements, a fire engine vehicle, and big sets are always fun to have figures to play in. However I wasn't actually buying any Imaginext stuff that wasn't DC Comics based at the time. And even at just about $21, I passed on a great deal. I had no idea when I was writing the draft for yesterday's post that I would have a chance at the Rescue City Center again before I posted it live.

This play set still shows up for sale on Walmart's site for $42 plus shipping, and at Amazon for $30 plus shipping. Meijer had 1 left yesterday clearance marked at $25. With the extra 25% off it was $18.75. I was ecstatic. Even more so than finding the cheap Biker Scouts. Best buy of the day for me.

イマジネックスト Imaginext Rescue City Center Gotham City Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

Looking at the two sets, I think the colors differ enough that I can set both up and have the Rescue City Center just be a Gotham City Fire Department. I also grabbed another Imaginext Space Aliens set I was hunting for (cheaply). A stop to Target last night for some hand soap found me picking up another Slade/Nightwing 2pack.

イマジネックスト Imaginext Slade Nightwing Deathstroke Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

The Alpha Blade toy ended up being about $2.80 with the sale, so a great buy. The Slade & Nigthwing set was $8. No sale there, no coupons, no discount, no nothing. But it's a damn hard toy to find, or at least has been, so no qualms about paying that price. I bought a 2nd set just in case of future breakages. I did the same for the Red Tornado/Cyborg set. The Slade/Deathstroke and Red Tornado figures being two of my favorite in the Imaginext line, I thought it safe to have back ups.

So that's it for yesterday's buys. I really didn't expect to be buying any of this, but the circumstances of the sale just kinda pulled me in. But who am I kidding I love a good sale, and I just flat out love to buy things cheap.

イマジネックスト アメコミ スターウォーズ トランスフォーマー Transformers Star Wars imaginext Fisher-Price

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Toy Madness! New Toys For Me From Octonauts, Imaginext, LEGO & Transformers!

Let me start by saying, Toys R Us got a lot of my money these past 2 weeks. Due to a mix of selling a few items, and having a bit of money sitting in PayPal and some leftover birthday money I was able to splurge just a tiny bit on toys this month. We're not talking Diaclone Car Robots money here, like night out to dinner money. But it's what I had, and I think I made the most of it.

Gonna go in reverse order of how these things where purchased, so this past weeks buys first, then the week prior.

Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack

すすめ!オクトノーツ おもちゃ Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack Kwazii Barnacles Tweak

Finally have a pretty complete crew of Octonauts figures now. For a time the girl characters were taken out of assortments and this set was the only way to get them. Now, and I'm glad to see it, the girls are being filtered back in, and in new sculpts. To get the originals here in the U.S. at least, you still have to buy the gift pack. Toys R Us had all Octonauts toys on sale for 25%, so this buy was a no brainer. I had 3 other toys in my hands as well, but kinda came to my sense and just bought this for now. I was getting ahead of my spending ability trying to purchase the whole run of vehicles from the Midnight Zone subset. Maybe in a few months when they run the sale again.

Playskool Star Wars Jedi Force AT-AT Imaginext

I also sadly had to skip out on Playsckool's Jedi Force AT-AT and Darth Vadar's Tie Fighter sets. They were also on sale at 25% off, but didn't think I'd have the cash on hand at the store. I had hoped to find them online last night, but sadly only the AT-AT was available, so I skipped it all together. Again, they will have the sale again in the future, so maybe then.

LEGO MiniFigures Series 12

LEGO MiniFigures Series 12LEGO MiniFigures Pig Pizza Delivery Guy Series 12

Next up on my list, and also bought at Toys R Us the same day as the Octonauts, a few LEGO mini figures. I had tried to grab these when they first came out, but after 20 minutes of feeling up bags I got tired and quit. Some time past and I kept saying I needed to try again, then series 13 hit, and I was feeling pressured, but not enough apparently to try a second time. What finally got me to spend a few more minutes trying to locate the few figures I wanted was now these were on clearance. The Target stores near me have been sold out of the series for months, and this Toys R Us that I was at was the only one I'd seen them at, and there wasn't many left. I guess my cheap ways serve me well here, I got the 2 figures I wanted, and saved a $1 on each.

Imaginext Toys R Us Exclusives

The bulk of my allotted toy money went into Imaginext stuff, and mostly TRU exclusive bits. All of these were bought online due to Toys R Us accepting Paypal as a payment, and because with the amount I ordered I got free shipping. TRU was also having a sale the 2nd week of March with all Imaginext toys 25% off.

DC Super Friends Batcave, Gotham City Mr. Freeze Giftset & Single Pack Figures

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Batcave Gotham City Mr. Freeze Giftset

This Batcave is on it's way out. Each season or so a new Batcave has been introduced, and so far I have passed on them each time. Not because of price or availability, but due to the size and space it would take up. This could be the smallest of the 3 they've made. Or at least to my eye it looks that way. It may work out in my favor as being the cheapest too. My nephew got this one for this past Christmas and it looked like fun, so for $30 it was an easy pick up.

The Mr. Freeze gift set is a repackage deal that many stores get. Most times it's a few re-releases with some minor add in that has a variant exclusive coloring. This set is no different. The Mr. Freeze Headquarters was sold mainly in Walmart stores about 2 years back. It was rather difficult for many folks to find, so nice to see a re-release here. I actually did find it before though, so this make for a duplicate item for me. You may ask "then why did you buy it?" and it's a valid question. The reason I bought this normally $40 set was for the clear blue version of the $7 Clayface figure now simply dubbed Ice Monster. The 2 other figures included, Mr. Freeze and Batman also feature new and exclusive colors, but it really was just for the Ice Monster that I bought this set. I love my clear plastic toys. Plus, with the sale, double sale really, the toy being on sale for $35, then with the extra 25% off it was only like $27. And I can actually give my old Mr. Freeze HQ to my nephew if I need to make room.

Next up is some single pack figures from Super Friends and the Fisher-Price original Rescue Heroes line. The new Heat Blast Batman is a figure I've really wanted, and just for the hell of it, I grabbed the BatPod/BatCycle Batman figure as well. I missed out on the previous BatCycle Batman single packs, so why not buy this one and see if I can track the older ones done later. The Rescue Heroes figure I got features the same equipment as a Batman Scuba Diver, and the Toys R Us exclusive Bane figure. I love the little drill-diver pack, and the colors were cool on this Rescue figure, at just over $5 I threw it in my online cart.

Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Super Friends

Not done with new Imaginext just yet. Last year Toys R Us had a different Gotham City playset that was pretty cool. It even came with a Bruce Wayne that could change into Batman. Little did I know that at this time it would be near impossible to find in stores. No store within 50 miles of me has one, and it's sold out online. I am pretty sure this new Gotham City Center is it's replacement. And that's ok, this is a pretty cool toy. This toy was sold originally as a Imaginext Rescue City Action Tech series Rescue City Center. My wife bought the original toy last Summer for her nephew, and it was clearanced out at a crazy low $21. That's not bad for a toy that had a MSRP of $55. Now the new Gotham City Center retails for $59, but is sadly lacking any of the electronics of the original, but does come with 3 extra figures.

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Batman Gordonイマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Mr Freeze Catwoman Riddler

The set is done up in new colors, and feature a police station of sorts where the fire station was before. The original toy came with a small fire truck vehicle, the new Gotham one a BatCycle. You also get a Batman figure to ride it, as well as another Toys R Us exclusive Commissioner Gordon figure. That makes 2 Gordons for TRU and 0 for another other retailer, they love their Jim Gordon at Toys R Us. And they should both figures are pretty cool, this new one even featuring a riot gear attachment for the figure. You also get 3 Bat villains here, 2 of which feature exclusive colors. As far as I can tell from briefly looking, the Riddler is near exactly the same as previous releases and the Catwoman features newly colored goggles and added lipstick. I wish they had gone with a purple outfit on the figure and really made it different, but these changes are cool. Mr. Freeze is a slightly tweaked Mr. Freeze Giftset figure, this one a bit nicer. The turquoise details are a richer shade, and the skin color on this figure is more blue than previous ones. I paid $46 for this, so I feel good.

And lastly....

Transformers Combiner Wars Huffer

トランスフォーマー Takara Transformers Huffer Combiner Wars

I had talked about this figure a while back, and was going to wait and see on it's purchase. Well, before I even had a chance to scope one out in stores my brother picked it up as a birthday gift for me. I still don't like that they just re-colored a Prime to make this Huffer, but I'm glad I have him. Huffer's a good guy. He's a bit of a whiner and complainer, but so am I.

BTW, I just bought a bunch of other things only 4 hours ago, so there's gonna be a part 2 coming up.

すすめ!オクトノーツ おもちゃ トランスフォーマー イマジネック Fisher-Price hasbro imaginext LEGO Octonauts Takara Transformers toys

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Taste Of Machine Robo & Gobots Comics.

I had a hope of doing a Machine Robo & Gobots fan guide many years ago. From about 2000 to 2004 I worked on it. When Machine Robo Wedge came out, I kinda figured there was no point in continuing. But here we are 10 years later and knowledge about Machine Robo and it's heritage hasn't progressed very much as far as English speaking resources go. I haven't even really did anything on this blog about Machine Robo. So I figured I'd throw a little something out there. One thing that gets little to no coverage is the comics that Machine Robo had, while there's bits here and there about it's off-shoots (easier to obtain being in English to begin with). So here is a very small, and in no means comprehensive look at some regional releases.

Machine Robo Comics (Japan)
マシンロボ バンダイ まんが おもちゃ 1984 1985 1986 Bandai Gobots Machine Robo comics
There's no official canon manga in Japan for Machine Robo. In a sense. Sure they are all official, but there's different formats being kids comics, or toy pack ins, story books or magazine promos. Some of the comics are no more than 2 pages. So quite a variety, and more than I can post here. Originally the comics featured the Machine Robos battling the Devil Invaders, helping Earthlings or just fighting common criminals. Of course when Revenge of Chronos hit in 1986, all media tie-ins were ten related to that show and its successors.

Robo Machines Comics (United Kingdom)
マシンロボ バンダイ まんが おもちゃ 1984 Robo Machnes Europe U.K. 1985 1986 Bandai Gobots Machine Robo comics
Somewhere in around and between or after the time America was getting Machine Men and Gobots, Europe saw the release of Robo Machines. Like many properties they had a comic promotion. The British Robo Machines comic was printed for a time in Eagle comics. I love the strong traditional comics art. The story has it's own life outside of the Tonka Gobots, but for what it is, I really like it.

Gobots Comics (North America)
マシンロボ バンダイ まんが おもちゃ 1984 1985 1986 Bandai Gobots Machine Robo comics
 I apologize, but this comic was originally printed in color, but I only had black & white scans on my computer at this time. Printed inside the Gobots Magazine, this comic mimicked the Hanna Barbara cartoon style of the Gobots. It's not great, it's not exactly bad, but perfect for a tie-in to the cartoon. It also featured a few Gobots that did not get much screen time (or any) in the t.v. show. The real prize of the Gobots Magazine issues for me however will always be the fold out posters.

The U.S. also saw a few other Gobots comics released as toy promo booklets, cereal pack-ins and the like.

Machine Men Comics (Australia)
マシンロボ バンダイ まんが おもちゃ 1984 Machine Men Australia 1985 1986 Bandai Gobots Machine Robo comics
Australia really got the short end of the stick when it came to Machine Robo based comics, these really are the worst. However comical in a "oh God these are bad" sort of way. Released inside toy promo catalogs these comic pages gave a brief story to the Machine Men and later Rock Lords toys. Only a few volumes of these catalogs were issued, but they are worth mentioning anyway. Machine Men also had some storybooks, but those I kind of don't count.

マシンロボ バンダイ まんが おもちゃ 1984 1985 1986 Bandai Gobots Machine Robo comics

Saturday, March 14, 2015

DC Signature Collection Huntress, the forgotten review.

Here's a look at the DC Signature Collection Huntress, or maybe better known as the DCUC Subscription service Huntress. I had been a collector of the retail DC Universe Classics toy line put out by Mattel since about the third wave in. At first I only grabbed the Red Tornado figure out of the first wave. I wasn't sure I wanted to really start up another collection of figures. By the time the third wave of figures hit, and the fourth announced Mattel won me over. Over the course of 20 waves of figures my DCUC collecting method would be labeled as Mattel put it, a "cherry picker" or someone who only buys a select few figures of any wave.

I don't fault Mattel for wanting every collector to buy every single figure they made, but I do think it was a real dick move to continue to use the label "cherry picker" towards us collectors who either didn't want, or couldn't afford to buy every toy. I felt eve less compelled to buy more DC figures from Mattel as this went on. In the era of the Subscription format for DCUC style figures I ended up getting just 2 figures. There were a few others I had hopes of buying but just never pulled the trigger on. Huntress here was one that I got.

DC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマンDC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマン

When I first heard that Huntress was to be included in the sub line I was pretty excited. When I saw the sculpt and costume choice for the first time my excitement took a bit of a hit, but was still rather high. Then when I found out that the Huntress was Helena Bertinelli and not Earth Two's Helena Wayne, excitement dropped again. Far from being a Huntress superfan, I remember the character from the 80's and older back issues, I had no connection to the comics of the late 90's and early 00"s at all. This uniform in fact had only a connection to the DC animated series, and would not have been my personal first choice for use on this figure. However, all things being done as they were, I do like this figure. I can just pretend this is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

DC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマンDC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマン

Now when I say I "like" this figure, it means just that, it's decent, passable, it's something I don't regret getting. I definitely don't love it, it's full of flaws. The figure has your typical DCUC articulation, which is cool for action posed photos, but this figure also has a molded plastic cape which negates a lot of those cool pose styles. The figure comes with just 1 accessory, but at least it's an important one, the Huntress's crossbow.

DC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマンDC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマン

One of the things that struck me right away when I had the figure in hand was the puffy, and not very well done head sculpt. A lot of folks even grilled Mattel that this in no way could have been a Four Horsemen sculpting job, but they assured everybody it was. I had doubts the head sculpt was going to look good from the prototype, but there is always that hope that the final production piece will be better, this one wasn't. There's just something off. DC Direct did their own version of this toy and in many areas it's superior, but even they flubbed the head sculpt so there's no winning figure in that comparison. Hard to believe it would be so hard to get a good likeness of the Huntress. Not even the paint detailing on my figure's face was good.

DC Universe Classics Signature Huntress 2012 Batman DC Comics Mattel アメコミ バットマン

This figure has what is probably the worst paint applications of any DCUC figure I have. The flesh colored paint is horribly uneven at the mask's edges, there's chips and splotches of color in the hair and on the mask. The paint on the cape and collar details are runny and messy. All that said, if it was a store release, sitting up on a  shelf and at a distance, it'd be passable. For a subscription only, "price enhanced", collectors only figure, it's unacceptable.

Overall, even with all the flaws, it's a figure I like having in my collection. There isn't a perfect version of the Huntress to date yet IMHO, but maybe soon.

action figures batman dc comics mattel アメコミ バットマン