Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Toy Madness! New Toys For Me From Octonauts, Imaginext, LEGO & Transformers!

Let me start by saying, Toys R Us got a lot of my money these past 2 weeks. Due to a mix of selling a few items, and having a bit of money sitting in PayPal and some leftover birthday money I was able to splurge just a tiny bit on toys this month. We're not talking Diaclone Car Robots money here, like night out to dinner money. But it's what I had, and I think I made the most of it.

Gonna go in reverse order of how these things where purchased, so this past weeks buys first, then the week prior.

Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack

すすめ!オクトノーツ おもちゃ Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack Kwazii Barnacles Tweak

Finally have a pretty complete crew of Octonauts figures now. For a time the girl characters were taken out of assortments and this set was the only way to get them. Now, and I'm glad to see it, the girls are being filtered back in, and in new sculpts. To get the originals here in the U.S. at least, you still have to buy the gift pack. Toys R Us had all Octonauts toys on sale for 25%, so this buy was a no brainer. I had 3 other toys in my hands as well, but kinda came to my sense and just bought this for now. I was getting ahead of my spending ability trying to purchase the whole run of vehicles from the Midnight Zone subset. Maybe in a few months when they run the sale again.

Playskool Star Wars Jedi Force AT-AT Imaginext

I also sadly had to skip out on Playsckool's Jedi Force AT-AT and Darth Vadar's Tie Fighter sets. They were also on sale at 25% off, but didn't think I'd have the cash on hand at the store. I had hoped to find them online last night, but sadly only the AT-AT was available, so I skipped it all together. Again, they will have the sale again in the future, so maybe then.

LEGO MiniFigures Series 12

LEGO MiniFigures Series 12LEGO MiniFigures Pig Pizza Delivery Guy Series 12

Next up on my list, and also bought at Toys R Us the same day as the Octonauts, a few LEGO mini figures. I had tried to grab these when they first came out, but after 20 minutes of feeling up bags I got tired and quit. Some time past and I kept saying I needed to try again, then series 13 hit, and I was feeling pressured, but not enough apparently to try a second time. What finally got me to spend a few more minutes trying to locate the few figures I wanted was now these were on clearance. The Target stores near me have been sold out of the series for months, and this Toys R Us that I was at was the only one I'd seen them at, and there wasn't many left. I guess my cheap ways serve me well here, I got the 2 figures I wanted, and saved a $1 on each.

Imaginext Toys R Us Exclusives

The bulk of my allotted toy money went into Imaginext stuff, and mostly TRU exclusive bits. All of these were bought online due to Toys R Us accepting Paypal as a payment, and because with the amount I ordered I got free shipping. TRU was also having a sale the 2nd week of March with all Imaginext toys 25% off.

DC Super Friends Batcave, Gotham City Mr. Freeze Giftset & Single Pack Figures

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Batcave Gotham City Mr. Freeze Giftset

This Batcave is on it's way out. Each season or so a new Batcave has been introduced, and so far I have passed on them each time. Not because of price or availability, but due to the size and space it would take up. This could be the smallest of the 3 they've made. Or at least to my eye it looks that way. It may work out in my favor as being the cheapest too. My nephew got this one for this past Christmas and it looked like fun, so for $30 it was an easy pick up.

The Mr. Freeze gift set is a repackage deal that many stores get. Most times it's a few re-releases with some minor add in that has a variant exclusive coloring. This set is no different. The Mr. Freeze Headquarters was sold mainly in Walmart stores about 2 years back. It was rather difficult for many folks to find, so nice to see a re-release here. I actually did find it before though, so this make for a duplicate item for me. You may ask "then why did you buy it?" and it's a valid question. The reason I bought this normally $40 set was for the clear blue version of the $7 Clayface figure now simply dubbed Ice Monster. The 2 other figures included, Mr. Freeze and Batman also feature new and exclusive colors, but it really was just for the Ice Monster that I bought this set. I love my clear plastic toys. Plus, with the sale, double sale really, the toy being on sale for $35, then with the extra 25% off it was only like $27. And I can actually give my old Mr. Freeze HQ to my nephew if I need to make room.

Next up is some single pack figures from Super Friends and the Fisher-Price original Rescue Heroes line. The new Heat Blast Batman is a figure I've really wanted, and just for the hell of it, I grabbed the BatPod/BatCycle Batman figure as well. I missed out on the previous BatCycle Batman single packs, so why not buy this one and see if I can track the older ones done later. The Rescue Heroes figure I got features the same equipment as a Batman Scuba Diver, and the Toys R Us exclusive Bane figure. I love the little drill-diver pack, and the colors were cool on this Rescue figure, at just over $5 I threw it in my online cart.

Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Super Friends

Not done with new Imaginext just yet. Last year Toys R Us had a different Gotham City playset that was pretty cool. It even came with a Bruce Wayne that could change into Batman. Little did I know that at this time it would be near impossible to find in stores. No store within 50 miles of me has one, and it's sold out online. I am pretty sure this new Gotham City Center is it's replacement. And that's ok, this is a pretty cool toy. This toy was sold originally as a Imaginext Rescue City Action Tech series Rescue City Center. My wife bought the original toy last Summer for her nephew, and it was clearanced out at a crazy low $21. That's not bad for a toy that had a MSRP of $55. Now the new Gotham City Center retails for $59, but is sadly lacking any of the electronics of the original, but does come with 3 extra figures.

イマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Batman Gordonイマジネック Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Toys R Us Gotham City Collection Gotham City Center Mr Freeze Catwoman Riddler

The set is done up in new colors, and feature a police station of sorts where the fire station was before. The original toy came with a small fire truck vehicle, the new Gotham one a BatCycle. You also get a Batman figure to ride it, as well as another Toys R Us exclusive Commissioner Gordon figure. That makes 2 Gordons for TRU and 0 for another other retailer, they love their Jim Gordon at Toys R Us. And they should both figures are pretty cool, this new one even featuring a riot gear attachment for the figure. You also get 3 Bat villains here, 2 of which feature exclusive colors. As far as I can tell from briefly looking, the Riddler is near exactly the same as previous releases and the Catwoman features newly colored goggles and added lipstick. I wish they had gone with a purple outfit on the figure and really made it different, but these changes are cool. Mr. Freeze is a slightly tweaked Mr. Freeze Giftset figure, this one a bit nicer. The turquoise details are a richer shade, and the skin color on this figure is more blue than previous ones. I paid $46 for this, so I feel good.

And lastly....

Transformers Combiner Wars Huffer

トランスフォーマー Takara Transformers Huffer Combiner Wars

I had talked about this figure a while back, and was going to wait and see on it's purchase. Well, before I even had a chance to scope one out in stores my brother picked it up as a birthday gift for me. I still don't like that they just re-colored a Prime to make this Huffer, but I'm glad I have him. Huffer's a good guy. He's a bit of a whiner and complainer, but so am I.

BTW, I just bought a bunch of other things only 4 hours ago, so there's gonna be a part 2 coming up.

すすめ!オクトノーツ おもちゃ トランスフォーマー イマジネック Fisher-Price hasbro imaginext LEGO Octonauts Takara Transformers toys


  1. Where did you get the bat cave.? We have looked everywhere for that one

    1. This one was ordered from Toys R Us. I don't know who may still have it. A lot of store cut the price deeply to get rid of them and shortly after they were gone.