Monday, March 23, 2015

March Toy Madness! Round Two: Star Wars Black, More Imaginext & Many More Transformers!

While I already had most of the content of yesterday's March Toy Madness haul report done, I was still in the process of finishing it up when I took a break from it and went out for a few hours. I wasn't expecting to be buying a whole mess of toys in that time. I came home with Star Wars, Imaginext and Transformers. Turns out Meijer stores (at least in my area)were having a clearance sale over the weekend, and anything on clearance was getting an extra 25% off the lowest price. I love these kind of sales. And lucky for me, a few things I've wanted have gotten clearance reductions at Meijer in the last 2 weeks.

So like how last posts was generally about toys I purchased at Toys R Us, almost all of these finds where from Meijer. With all my toy buying funds exhausted for the time being, I think this is the last toy haul report until at least late April.

Star Wars Black Series Speeder Bike With Biker Scout

スターウォーズ スカウト・トルーパー Star Wars Black Biker Scout Speeder Bike スピーダー・バイク ストーム・トルーパースターウォーズ スカウト・トルーパー Star Wars Black Biker Scout Speeder Bike スピーダー・バイク ストーム・トルーパー

I don't think these have been good sellers. The Jabba the Hutt in the same class size has equally been a dud. At first, with a MSRP of $40 I didn't think I'd get one of these Biker Scouts. I was really hoping for a normal $20 release of the figure, because aside from Darth Vadar, it's the only other Black Series figure I thought I'd be interested in buying. The Biker Scout design is my absolute favorite Star Wars character design.

Around Christmas, Amazon had the set listed at a low $25.00 plus shipping. So for about $30-$33 I could have it at 25% off the normal retail price. Pretty good, but I didn't bite. Then some time around the second week of February Target price dropped their DX Black Series toys down to $25 matching the Amazon sale. But with a store item there's no added shipping! I quickly grabbed one of the Biker Scouts and was super happy to have one at about the $20 price I originally hoped it would be. Funny enough, the $25 price didn't move these out too fast. Last week Meijer also dropped the price on these, and clearanced them to $19.99. So with this weekend's 25% off sale I was able to grab 2 more Biker Scouts at $15 a piece.

I don't care much for the Speeder Bike part of the set, and yes the figure has serious design flaws, but I'm pretty happy all around with the toys.

Transformers Hero Mashers

トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave Springer スタースクリーム Starscream バンブル Hasbro トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Jetfire Bulkhead Springer スタースクリーム Starscream バンブル Hasbro

I'm sure I just totally let some of you down when you realized I was talking about Hero Mashers Transformers and not something cooler like Masterpiece Exhaust or Combiner Wars. No, this is all about Mashers. Back in January I posted a review of the Marvel Hero Masher Iceman, and I had still hoped to pick up a few others. Money was better spent elsewhere other the last 2 months and the idea of getting more Mashers just didn't seem to get much attention. Until a sale came up, of course! While my brothers and I were out for our dad's birthday, I mentioned to my one brother that I had thought about getting my nephew some Mashers. They seem like good fun for kids, and maybe somewhat sturdy, and with enough of them could be worth a few hours of toy play. He seemed to think my nephew could go for them, but maybe just the Transformers ones, which are not the ones sold for $5 at Five Below. Damn.

To my surprise, along with the reduced Star Wars Black Biker Scout, all basic Transformers Hero Mashers were now down to just $4.99 at Meijer. On top of that, the DX sized $15 guys were on "Price Drop" to $11.24. I didn't buy any last week because I wasn't sure this was a safe buy. But when I found the 25% clearance sale in effect yesterday, I just went ahead with the purchase. The DX sized guys were still $11.24, but the basics were now an even lower $3.74 each. AT these sale prices I was able to get 3 DX sized figures and 7 basic figures for $59.90. Which would have been a deal on any other day, but I also had coupons. After adding those in, I ended up paying just about $30 & tax for all 10 figures. That the normal price of just 2 of the DX sized guys. And that there is my type of deal.

トランスフォーマー ロディマス コンボイ Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave スタースクリーム Starscream Hasbro

All but a Starscream and Soundwave are going to my nephew for Easter and birthday gifts. My brother had him out at Target yesterday and they looked at these toys. He was excited most for Bulkhead, Soundwave and Rodimus Prime, so I think it'll all work out. For me, I'll be opening my Soundwave and Sreamer shortly.

Imaginext Rescue City Center

イマジネックスト Imaginext Rescue City Center Gotham City Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

So if you read yesterdays post about me getting the Toys R Us Gotham City Center and how my wife had bought the original on sale last year, you should know that I also wanted one of them last year. I really liked the toy, it had cool interactive sounds and motion elements, a fire engine vehicle, and big sets are always fun to have figures to play in. However I wasn't actually buying any Imaginext stuff that wasn't DC Comics based at the time. And even at just about $21, I passed on a great deal. I had no idea when I was writing the draft for yesterday's post that I would have a chance at the Rescue City Center again before I posted it live.

This play set still shows up for sale on Walmart's site for $42 plus shipping, and at Amazon for $30 plus shipping. Meijer had 1 left yesterday clearance marked at $25. With the extra 25% off it was $18.75. I was ecstatic. Even more so than finding the cheap Biker Scouts. Best buy of the day for me.

イマジネックスト Imaginext Rescue City Center Gotham City Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

Looking at the two sets, I think the colors differ enough that I can set both up and have the Rescue City Center just be a Gotham City Fire Department. I also grabbed another Imaginext Space Aliens set I was hunting for (cheaply). A stop to Target last night for some hand soap found me picking up another Slade/Nightwing 2pack.

イマジネックスト Imaginext Slade Nightwing Deathstroke Batman Fisher-Price アメコミ バットマン

The Alpha Blade toy ended up being about $2.80 with the sale, so a great buy. The Slade & Nigthwing set was $8. No sale there, no coupons, no discount, no nothing. But it's a damn hard toy to find, or at least has been, so no qualms about paying that price. I bought a 2nd set just in case of future breakages. I did the same for the Red Tornado/Cyborg set. The Slade/Deathstroke and Red Tornado figures being two of my favorite in the Imaginext line, I thought it safe to have back ups.

So that's it for yesterday's buys. I really didn't expect to be buying any of this, but the circumstances of the sale just kinda pulled me in. But who am I kidding I love a good sale, and I just flat out love to buy things cheap.

イマジネックスト アメコミ スターウォーズ トランスフォーマー Transformers Star Wars imaginext Fisher-Price

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