Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More March Toy Madness! Final Round? Imaginext Steals.

I seriously feel like I can go to a store without coming home with something I've gotten on some crazy sale this week. Not that I want to sound like I'm complaining. :)

On a trip to Walmart with my wife to get her some gardening supplies I figured Id check to see if the new DC Imaginext 4packwith Professor Zoom was stocked. It wasn't, but it's okay it'll be there soon. As I'm walking out of the aisle my wife comes along holding onto the giant Imaginext Lion's Den Castle. She comes and and whispers "this is only coming up $5 when I price check it", wow, I'm now standing there speechless. I ask if she's gonna pick it up for her nephew and she doesn't think he'd like it. So she says that maybe I'd want it. Uhm, yeah. Yeah I would.

Imaginext Lions Den Castle knights figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃImaginext Lions Den Castle knights figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

I then scour about the clearance aisle in search of other deals. As I price check items I discover that as the items get smaller, the price looks to be higher. My guess is that in order to make space, they are trying their best to get rid of the bulkier items as fast as they can. Most of the other cool things are only 10-15% off, and I can actually get them later on at about any other stores. As we were walking away from the toy section I noticed Walmart had a clearance section in their drive aisle as well, and sitting there was another cool item I've wanted, the Imaginext Space Aliens Alpha Explorer playset.

Imaginext Alpha Explorer aliens space men figures Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

After the mess of other Imaginext toys I price check to be only marginal sales I wasn't expecting much here. But to my surprise the toy checked out at $7! So the Castle had an MSRP of $50, and the Alpha Explorer originally was $32, so the combined $12 I paid today a real steal.

Fisher-Price imaginext mattel toys イマジネックスト おもちゃ

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