Monday, April 13, 2015

A Few Notes: About This Blog And My Book Projects.

If you read this blog, even just casually now and then, you'll notice there's not a heck of a lot of substance. I don't do long archeological posts, my reviews are pretty brief, and I don't go into depth on some aspects of toys like some other bloggers do. The reason for this is that the blog is supposed to be a counter-point to the site. The ying to the site's yang. The blog was designed to be a place to post fluff pieces, little bits that didn't require (or deserve) space on the formal site. The problem is, there is no formal site yet. At this time, I have to concrete ideas of when or f that site will materialize. In the meantime I have continued on with the blog, and posted in the manner that I had originally intended. There's lots of toy haul posts, release info, short notes to accompany random pictures. It's fun, and for now an easily digestible little look into what I hope to expand upon with an actual proper site. Or other projects.

Last week I got a bit more info and a look at more options for my Books Project. The local comic printing option is out for now. The print quality just isn't high enough for what I need. Think mid-90's comic printing, great for comics but not so much for toy photos. I had actually decided on an option as well as the first project to work on. And then I got contacted by Philip Reed of I had actually found a few of his books while looking around online for others doing DIY toy books. Philip sent me a few links to a couple publishers he knows. While one of them doesn't offer printing int eh page count I need for the first project, it did offer an amazing amount of other products that really set off some creative fireworks. So thanks goes out to Philip Reed for bringing that to my attention and for also promoting my efforts over on his blog.

As I said, I have finalized my decision, and I've already started to work on my first project idea. I won't be giving out nay info on what it is yet, but hope to be done and have a test print made by late May. At that time I will set up some type of pre-order and see if I can make the minimum goal to get this thing published. I have several projects in mind already if this first one works out. Or I guess if it doesn't, others to move onto.

And just because a post without any pics is boring...

 おもちゃ Ultraman tokusatsu Bandai ウルトラマン ソフビ バンダイ

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  1. Good luck with the books! I'm happy to hear you found my links/suggestions useful and inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.