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April Showers Bring More Toys, and Fun! (Imaginext JoeCon Sylvanian Families & Projects)

So basically another weekend report. I should maybe just make a series of this. It's not my intention to only write blog posts on the weekends, it's just sort of been happening that way lately due to other things outside of toy collecting going on. Got a bit of new toys to talk about, some old toys, more info on the book project I am looking to get going on, then just a small note on JoeCon.

First off,a bit of an update on my Book Project. I will be heading to the local printer on Tuesday to see if they can do a comic format print for me, and get a general idea of costs. I posted links to my lost post about the testbooks around the net, but got little feedback. But what I got back in notes form folks was very good, and useful. Thanks to Bryan, Weeter, Tim, Adam and Jeff.

I also took a look at other fan created indie produced collectors books. There's a huge range in the not only the prices, but the production and sales methods. Some use indie self publishing companies to accept orders, others use Kickstarter, some can be found at Amazon, and a few do as I want and just sell themselves. Pricing can be a reasonable $20 for a small 20-60 page book, upwards to $120 for an 8x10 book around  200 pages. What I've discovered while looking is that high prices don't really make for high sales. And a lot of excitement surrounding a self published book doesn't equal generous support. Generous may not be the word, but support for some of these projects are seriously lacking. And they are good projects in most cases.

For me,  have a few points I want to follow in doing this:
  • Provide A Quality Product.
  • Keep Price As Low As Possible.
  • Try To Be As Original As I Can.
If I can follow those 3 principles, I think I can get something out there that will please anybody who buys it. But that is the real goal. I won't have difficulty creating the content. I shouldn't have trouble getting the books printed. I have access to enough places online to get word out on any print. The one big question mark is, will anybody actually buy it? This is where my choice to self publish and sell could become an issue. Using a 3rd party vendor, or doing a Kickstarter campaign would settle that issue, but it could also backfire, and I'd really just rather have full control over my own projects. It may fall onto a pre-order system being put into place and if enough orders are placed to cover costs, publish, if not, shelve the book until a later date. Not something I want to worry about until I actually have the project done.

So onto the toys, I've started April in about the same way I left March, some decent toy deals. Thanks to my friend Jeff for tipping me off to Toys R Us having a sale on Imaginext this week. A great sale really, buy 1 toy get 1 toy free!

DC comics Super Friends Toys R Us Imaginext Joker Plane Bane Van Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックストImaginext Space Aliens Alpha Walker Explorer Action Tech Fisher-Price アメコミ イマジネックスト

 After getting the note from Jeff I checked my nearest TRU, and they were wiped out. All they had were some Imaginext SpongeBob toys, a few Rescue City items, and a couple larger DC Super Friends items. One of the DC items was the Mr. Freeze HQ which I just bought, and the other the motorized BatBot which I would like to get, but just wasn't the right time last Sunday. On to another TRU in the next city and nothing again! Okay, not totally, they had a single pack Bane figure as well as the Freeze HQ and BatBot. But I have that Bane, and even if I wanted to grab it for my nephew there wasn't a second figure to get free in the sale. The third TRU and the last I was gong to visit for the day did come through. I was able to get the Imaginext DC Gotham City TRU exclusive Joker Plane, and as a freebie the Gotham City SWAT Van with Bane. So I saved $25, which is pretty awesome.

A trip to Walmart again, and really I have never shopped at this place as much as I have these past 2 weeks, and I picked up a few more cheap items. I got another $7 Imaginext Alpha Explorer, this one will be gifted over to my nephew. I also got the Imaginext space Alpha Walker, which is a very cool motorized walking toy. A mix of a robotic elephant and Star Wars AT-AT. This thing set me back a whole $10. Yeah, pretty cheap.

DC comics Fisher-Price Imaginext すすめ!オクトノーツ アメコミ イマジネックスト Octonauts Barnacles Peso

Meijer had a bit of a sale going this past week as well. They not only had Octonauts single figures on sale for $3.99, but being part of their shoppers club got us another $1 off coupon. They also had a coupon for Imaginext DC figures. So I picked up the K.Croc DC figure, and two Octonauts guys I hadn't gotten last year when they came out.

Tomy Sylvanian Families Epoch Calico Critters Japanese シルバニアファミリー

This past week brought on another bit of cleaning up and sorting out. This time I had to organize my other storage closet that my wife and I share. This closet holds a lot of my extra art supplies, and my Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters collection. This collection is very modest in terms of actual collectors collections go. I have a lot of the toys we had as kids, and then a bunch that I have picked up in the last 18 years. But really, in no way is this a large collection. I wish it was, but this stuff isn't cheap. I think though, that this is the one thing I collect that my wife actually gets excited about when I have to organize and tidy it up. Not gonna lie, she's actually started to pick some of these up herself.

Tomy Sylvanian Families Epoch Calico Critters Japanese シルバニアファミリーTomy Sylvanian Families Epoch Calico Critters Japanese シルバニアファミリー

 I would love to be able to better display these, but unlike plastic toys like G.I.Joe and Transformers, cleaning Sylvanians can cause a lot of damage to their flocked fur. These are not dust friendly toys. For now, these will have to stay boxed up.

G.I.joe Tiger Force convention exclusives rare G.I.ジョー JoeCon

This year's G.I.Joe Collectors Con is being held next week. When word got buzzing that this year's exclusives were going to feature Tiger Force, I thought maybe this would be the year I finally go to JoeCon. The reason I have never gone before was the company that puts it on. In the past I have been a member of the Joe Club they run, and after some nonsense pulled by organizer I call it quits. In the few years since I have really tried to not give any money to them, directly or indirectly. I faltered a bit this past year when I picked up 2 Tiger Force characters offered in their G.I.Joe subscription service. I got them off a re-seller on ebay for about $18 less then they cost from the Club. To say these figures were not popular with Joe fans would be an understatement. I was willing to completely fall off the boycott wagon if the 2015 JoeCon was going to be Tiger Force themed.

As time went on, confirmation of Tiger Force being the theme came out, and instead of things going as they should, things just went South fast. In the end, the insanely high costs, one mistake in planning the Con after another, and then not to forget the actual look of the exclusives, I just gave up the notion of going at all. I had a place to stay while in Chicago, and maybe even a dealer space to share, but I just can't stand out of control messes.

Anyhow, to any of the Joe fans going, I wish you the best of luck next week. And here's a Tiger Citrus Punch to you!

G.I.joe Tiger Force convention exclusives rare G.I.ジョー JoeCon

DC comics Fisher-Price G.I.joe G.I.ジョー GanguStars Books, GanguStars Projects Imaginext すすめ!オクトノーツ アメコミ イマジネックスト Octonauts Sylvanian Families

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