Sunday, April 12, 2015

Behold...the BatBot!

I was able to slip in an online order a week ago at Toys R Us just hours before their "Buy One, Get One"sale expired. My brother told my nephew has been going around in stores and saying "Uncle Dave is gonna buy me this" when he sees the Imaginext DC Super Friends BatBot. I can kinda see where he gets this idea, since I bought several hundred dollars worth of Imaginext DC toys for him in the last 2 years. However, the BatBot is the most expensive DC item Fisher-Price has put out for their Imaginext line. At $70, it comes off as a pretty big investment for a toy (looking at it from a normal person's view). But in comes TRU to save the day. While I didn't score big in store with their BOGO sale, getting a pair of BatBots for $70 is a really good deal. Yeah, I bought one for myself.

batman BatBot dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext DC Supr Friends アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマン

You may look at this and think that $70 is a bit high, and if I wasn't a collector I would maybe agree. Maybe. I know how much a person can spend on a toy,and in many cases you may not even get much play value out of a really expensive item. That isn't the case with the BatBot. You really do get $70 worth of awesome out of this toy. It's a giant freakin' transforming talking Batman robot with lights!

batman BatBot dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext DC Supr Friends アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマンbatman BatBot dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext DC Supr Friends アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマン

You get a Batman figure of course, who else would be piloting this mech? The BatBot is also an R/C toy, with controls and operation that is scaled down for young kids. The toy has an auto transform function (take that Optimus!), and can be driven via remote in either mode. The toy features over 100 sounds and phrases. A mix of alarms and sirens to reports on what the Joker, Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy are up to. I've been driven my wife crazy because every time I pass this toy in the living room I've been hitting the buttons to see what sounds it'll make. I really like this toy.

The rest of the week's find were pretty minimal. The Kroger grocery store put their Easter items on clearance and included were a few Fisher-price things.

Octonauts Captain Barnacles すすめ!オクトノーツ batman Joker Harley Quinn dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext DC Supr Friends アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマンOctonauts Captain Barnacles すすめ!オクトノーツ Suction Suit toy Fisher-Price

I managed to snag an extra Joker/Harley Quinn 2pk set for $3.49 and an Octonauts Captain Barnacles for $2.99. I was really happy to see the Barnacles toy sitting there as this is the new Suction Suit version. I hadn't seen this anywhere before finding them displayed at Kroger. Now if only they had the other new toys like the Dashi, Tweak and Shellington.

Kroger also had another great deal going on that I didn't partake in. They had all their clearance toys on sale for an extra 50% off. They had some TMNT and Star Wars LEGO sets for as little as $3. All their Hasbro Marvel Universe figures were down to $5. I was really tempted to grab a Deathshead figure. They had basic TMNT figures for $4.50, a lot of Barbie stuff, some Hot Wheels. If you have a Kroger near you, it's probably worthwhile to stop in and check to see if your store is having the same sale.

batman action figures dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext Octonauts すすめ!オクトノーツ アメコミ イマジネックスト バットマン

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