Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Collector Frustrations Pushing Me Out.

I've been half-assing my collecting these past few years. Or I just feel like it. I've also really dropped off of collecting certain lines. No matter how much stuff I post about, I'm buying much less now than any time in the past 7 years. Part of this is loss of interest, part is finances. One big part, and maybe bigger than the other two is lack of product in my stores.

I was at a Tuesday Morning last week and stumbled upon this guy sitting on the shelve along with a couple Transformers Generations Roadbusters.

Hasbro Takara Transformers Generations Brainstorm トランスフォーマー

I've never seen Brainstorm in the store before this. Not at Target, not at Toys R Us. K Mart barely even has Generations stuff, and I don't really shop at Walmart. Had I seen this toy before, I think I would have grabbed it. I actually really liked these Generations toys they were putting out. I love the Whirl and Roadbuster I have, but the distribution and case packing was absurd. And here I find it, $10 cheaper, but sadly at a time I just had to put in car repairs for the 3rd time in 2 months. Another couple hundred dollars sunk into my car that I could have put towards hobby stuff.

If it's not weird stocking and distribution issues, it's late wave short run problems. I posted last year how much I really the Generation Jetfire toy. I actually really wanted, even after seeing updated pics that had the gaudy chrome and cheapening out/cost cutting hallowed out limbs. The one time I found the toy in a store I was out Christmas shopping and not buying for myself. I should have bought it in retrospect. I never found another in a store.

Hasbro Takara Transformers Generations Jetfire トランスフォーマー

Now I could have bought one online, I could have even imported the Takara version. I really could have, but I'm kinda sick o this situation coming up over and over again. It happened with Hasbro's G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary series and following lines as well as Mattel's DC Universe Classics series. I got tired of the BS jumping throw hoops it took to collect the G.I.Joe stuff, I just gave up. Store exclusives, national and regional, online exclusive, wave after wave of planned releases cancelled. The final nail in the coffin of 25th Joes for me was the Joe Club subscription plans. No thank you. Paying extra just for the privilege of spending my money and over priced poorly executed toys? No, I just wasn't on board for that. I wasn't even super happy about a lot of the stuff Hasbro had in stores, I wasn't going to pay 3 to 4 times as much for worse.

For Mattel, it was  a mix of poor customer service, bad case packs, and what seems to be a push by DC for current versions of figures when fans keep asking for the older ones. Disappointing all around there, but unlike G.I.Joe's 25th stuff, I'm keeping all my DCUC guys. They're just better toys.

Now you'd think I would have learned a lesson form the way toy companies work in these last few years. I haven't. I was at Meijer, which s the only place I even see new Transformers Rescue Bots toys any more and spotted the newest bunch. he Salvage toy really caught my eye. I snapped a pic and sent it to my brother asking if my nephew had it already, sure enough he did. I thought for a moment, maybe I can grab it for myself, it was on sale after all. I figured I'd come back in a day when I got paid, and of course when I went back the next day it was gone. This was a month ago, and I haven't seen it anywhere again. To be honest, I probably won't buy it if I see it again. I guess the moment has passed, and I find this happening a lot. So quite a few toy purchases going unmade due to product not being on hand when I can buy it.

Hasbro Takara TransformersRescue Bots Salvage トランスフォーマー

A few months back I found the 4th wave of Imaginext blind bag figures and lucked out. These as of today still don't have widespread store sightings around the country. And people are freaking out a bit cause now wave 5 has come out. I did the smart thing with wave 4, I grabbed the few figures I really wanted, and then when I went back and looked at other stores they were gone or never sold in the first place. My wife needed a plant sold at Walmart, and so while she picked that out I wandered into the toy section. This is where I found wave 5, and because it was Walmart, I just passed. Knowing hat can happen, I maybe should have picked up at least the 2 figures I really like. so it's on my now if I don't see these again at Meijer or Target.

Imaginext Fisher-Price bling bag wave 5 collection figures

I could work harder to get these toys, but I don't see why I should have to. If companies want to sell items, make more of them. Don't fall back onto a system that will make me work to give you money. I won't do it. I'd rather just stop buying items that I really, if I can be brutally honest, I don't need in the first place.

dc comics G.I.ジョー g.i.joe hasbro Takara super heroes Transformers アメコミ トランスフォーマー imaginext

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