Saturday, June 27, 2015

Easy Collecting: When Things Just Jump Out At You.

I had a bit of luck in the last 2 weeks getting a few items. Neither of which I actively sought out, they just kind of appeared. The first item is a Takara Blockman set that was put up for sale on Facebook. The going price for these has fluctuated over the last few years, but recent Ebay sales of them have fallen quite a bit. So at $50 shipping included this Blockman C-12 set was priced accordingly. And it was within my small budget. Truth be told, it's the 2nd of these sets I have picked up. A short time back I posted a pic of one I had then just gotten where the box was horribly smashed in during shipping. I tried to fix is using heavy books and wood planks to flatten it out, but the damage was done and I could barely work it back into a proper rectangle.

The new toy still have a bit of a worn box, but it's still structurally intact and not suffering form near as much damage as my other one. So now I have 2 of these sets, which is to say, so what? How can having 2 of the same Blockman sets be a bad thing right?

1984 1985 Takara Blockman Robotech Robolinks 合体戦士ブロックマン1984 1985 Takara Blockman Robotech Robolinks 合体戦士ブロックマン
Newest C-12 acquisition on left, and the C-12 set I got last year on the right.

My other little find came last week on a trip to K Mart for my wife to pickup a small personal grill. While she perused the grilling section I went over to see if they still had a cheap Ultraman DVD I had seen there last year. The DVD section was a mess, and as I was looking through the rack, which consisted of DVDs stacked front to back in no order or category I knocked one off the shelf. Starcom? Really? I had never even seen a Starcom DVD release, and for just $6? This was a super easy buy.

I've been a watching a few episodes and the animation is really good. The stories...not so great. But that is the 80's of course, so it's about what I expected.

1987 アメコミ Starcom DVD coleco スターコム

This last toy comes from a few weeks ago. I was shopping at the grocery store and noticed they had their Marvel Legends on sale for $13, and the selection was limited. I had a choice of Scarlett Witch, Sentry and Captain Marvel. I don't like the Scarlett Witch figure, and haven't a clue about Sentry (being out of comics for years), but I always liked the Captain Marvel characters. So on a whim and because it was a good sale I bought this one. I ended up selling the build a figure parts that were included for $3.50 so that takes my cost down to just under $10. The figure is pretty cool, I like the new female body buck they have been using as of late. The unmasked head that comes on the figure is really too good, not awful, but looks a little off. The masked head alternate piece looks really cool however, so I doubt I will ever swap the heads out again.

アメコミ Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvelアメコミ Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

アメコミ Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvelアメコミ Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

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