Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Microman Toys Bought 3 Months Ago.

I'm sure there's some collectors out there that can sympathize with me here. Bills both expected and unexpected have been eating up all my hobby funds for the last 6 weeks. Evey time I think I'm getting ahead, I get knocked back 2 steps. So as someone who has no money to spend on new toys right now, it's always fun to have toys you purchased back in March show up at your door. I picked up a few things back in March and they had been sitting in Japan until I absolutely had to have them sent overseas. Lucky I didn't even have to pay shipping as my deposit on hand with the bidding company covered the costs.

Microman Wilder Takara ミクロマン 21 タカラ Japanese Robots Mego Micronauts

 As you can see, it's pretty Microman heavy in contents, in particular Microman 21 series toys. Now a little admission, I've owned all these before. In fact two of these sets I actually already have. But when you buy in lots, you take what you buy. I will likely sell off the bits I don't need.

Microman Wilder Takara ミクロマン 21 タカラ Japanese Robots Mego Micronauts

The real prize of the box. I now have Miroman 21 Wilder at last! For the third time! Yes, this is the third time I've bought this figure. Once got him when he was originally released, then again about 13 years ago, and then for I hope the last time today. He is seriously top 5 in my list of favorite Microman figures. Why I have ever sold him off I don't know. Just stupid. I've been keeping my eye out for one for about 4 years, missing om some that were cheaper, passing on many that were far more expensive. I gt a really good deal, so very happy. I have the vintage Takara Robin and Wayne figures already, but having the repro Romando figures is still cool.

Microman Wilder Takara ミクロマン 21 タカラ Japanese Robots Mego MicronautsMicroman Wilder Takara ミクロマン 21 タカラ Japanese Robots Mego Micronauts

This figure, while now conveniently erased from canon by Takara, is one of the most unique figures ever done. Sure he shares the same Rescue style body that was done to death later on, but as far I recall, he is still the one single Microman figure to ever have clear plastic hands! Add to that the beautiful near neon yellow clear translucent body color, and you have an amazingly cool looking figure. Even cooler if I had taken an extra few second to attach his backpack and rifle.

I can't wait to get out my other camera and get some really good shots of him.

And for those Transformers fans who stuck it out to the end hoping I may have been talking about other Microman toys, here's a little pic for you. As I have been working on projects I keep finding nifty little bits. I found some photo-copied pages from an old Transformers fan art doujinshi I got on my first trip to Japan. This version of a punked out Ironhide also got me. The spiked collar is a nice tough.

Japanese Robots Japan Microman Takara ミクロマン 21 タカラ Mego Micronauts

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