Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not The Transformers Toys I Thought I'd Like.

Now I'm not talking about the new movie stuff, nor Animated, or the ACE trilogy, or even Beast Machines. No, I still don't like any of that stuff. Although I will give credit to Animated's very unique animation model design change, which was refreshing. I'm here to say how much I like the Transformers Hero Mashers figures.

hasbro Jetfire Hero Mashers Bulkhead Starscream Transformers トランスフォーマー

One of the things that fans have speculated at killing off the original run of Transformers were the Action Masters series. A line-up of Transformers that didn't transform. Sounds stupid as an adult. Of course it killed the line, the very gimmick that pushed the brand into being a Worldwide phenomenon was gutted from the characters themselves. Problem with all that, I loved the Action Masters and still do to this day. Hero Mashers are no Action Masters. Aside from the fact that neither transform into alt modes proper is about it. But there's still a hell of a lot of charm in the Mashers line, and it's just an fun assortment of toys to fiddle around with.

I originally picked up a Hero Masher Iceman from the Marvel line because it was translucent blue plastic. I love clear toys, and he had a serious Crystar vibe to him. Plus he was a steal at just $5. I had at times attempted to buy others, like a Spider-Man or Iron Man but never quite made it out of the toy aisle with the items in hand. But them I thought maybe my nephew would like the Transformers ones. With a clearance sale going on, coupons and a pretty good selection to choose from I starting out picking up as many as I could at the best possible prices. Not a good plan if I wanted to support the line and see that it continues, but I was buying these for a 3 year old who was already a little finicky about non-transforming Transformers. But truth be told, these were a hit. A really big hit with him. To date I have gotten him all but 2, and if and when I see the new RID ones I might try and grab those as well.

As I was buying these for my nephew I would grab up the odd one or two for myself. I didn't go crazy, I have only four of the figures myself, Soundwave, Stascream, Jetfire and Springer. So far all 4 have impressed me. Seeing as how 3 of them topped out at $1.75 each, I've gotten more than my money's worth. If you see one of these around cheap pick it up for yourself or a kid in your family, they're fun.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Springer Autobot Transformers トランスフォーマーHasbro Hero Mashers Springer Autobot Transformers トランスフォーマー

Hasbro Hero Mashers Springer Autobot Transformers トランスフォーマー

 I've never been a huge fan of Springer, but I have always liked him. I wouldn't have though his figure in any line of Transformers would be my favorite though. He is here. This is what I consider the coolest of the Transformers Hero Masher designs. It doesn't hurt that his colors are so striking.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Starscream Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマーHasbro Hero Mashers Starscream Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

Hasbro Hero Mashers Starscream Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

My wife pointed out to me that all the Hero Mashers looked extremely pissed off. I'm thinking they're all mad cause they can't transform. All mad in a sense except for Starscream. He wears this maniacal grin like a badge of honor. He is a schemer after all. I was surprised we never got a blue and black re-color as Thundercracker and Skywarp. Then again, nice to see new tools for every new release as well.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマーHasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

Soundwave is one of the DX sized figures, these guys come with a few extra parts to mix it up with. They don't always have extra parts that make sense. The main figure himself is great. Such a great representation of his classic G1 look, shoulder cannon and all. The one little nit-pick thing is that with him being a 2nd series figure, he's got no ankle joint. To save costs Hasbro eliminated this joint with the design of the 2nd series.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマーHasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

Now as to what I said about the weird parts inclusion. Soundwave gets this set of mini laser blasters than can connect to one single weapon. If you ask me, it's more suited to a Dinobot than Soundwave. But maybe that exactly what it is. The whole idea behind the Mashers concept is the interchangeability of them all. What better way to cross sell then to include parts that would fit well with other toys.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

When you see that Soundwave also comes with an extra limb, an arm that belongs to Sideswipe the whole idea of blending parts across figures makes more sense. Optimus prime actually comes with an Ultra Magnus arm! I would love to have gotten a full Ultra Magnus Masher, but doubt that's in the works. As I said though, these are fun toys, the joints are pretty sturdy, and kids can change them out easily, but they still stay pretty tight. And it allows them to make up characters of their own.

Hasbro Hero Mashers Soundwave Springer Starscream Decepticon Transformers トランスフォーマー

hasbro Jetfire Hero Mashers Starscream Transformers トランスフォーマー

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