Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July's Last Surprise: Cheap LEGO Set & Hasbro Body Issues.

As July comes to a close, there's been few interesting finds on my end. Stores are a mess, some in the middle of transitions for Fall and Holiday resets. Yeah, for retail it really is that time of year again. So for the next few weeks toy shelves will likely be pretty bare, or completely empty even as stores begin to ramp up their toy departments for Christmas. But that's fine, it'll give me some time to figure out what I even need at retail, and be able to set funds aside for it when found.

As for the rest of July, it's been slow. Real slow. I just haven't had the funds to pick things up. I've seen some of the new DC Super Friends Imaginext stuff, I had to pass on a great deal of clearance Imaginext items, and there was an amazing Takara Blockman lot that sold for way more than I could afford. Truth be told, it wasn't much when you pieced it out, in fact it was a great deal, but i just didn't have the cash on hand for it. So when I'm out fr groceries and I sneak by the toy aisle and see LEGO on clearance I get excited. Hell, if not just for the fact that I can afford it.

EGO City Crook pursuit cheap low cost Lego toys
 The store had about 9-10 sets on close-out. This one above was down to $1.75 from $6.99. An awesome deal. I grabbed one for my nephew and one for me. They had some of the smaller Star Wars sets, a TMNT set, and more City series sets on clearance but I was satisfied with just this one for now. Even though the mini Falcon with Han Solo sitting on top of it is pretty cute. If you buy LEGO, and there's a Kroger store near you, check it out and see if they have anything on it's way out.

Hasbro Marvel toys Ironman Iron Monger Super Hero Mashers
Speaking of things that I got two of, there's this Marvel Super Hero Mashers set I actually picked up a short time back and forgot to post about. The double of the set went to my nephew again. He has loved all the Transformers sets I've gotten for him, and I wondered if he'd like these Marvel ones too. Thankfully it was a hit. I knew he liked Iron Man, and Iron Monger paired with him here is robotic enough for him to like even not knowing the character. I don't know that I'd run right out and grab a Spidey or Cap for him, but maybe for Christmas. The Iron Man/Monger sets cost me just over $8 each, which was a great deal.

Now the thing that has been nagging at me is the fact that these toys feature many original sculpts in the line. The Iron Monger toy above was sold only in this set, and how many uses would come of it in the future? How about the Logan body? He's in his coat and jeans, not many uses that I can see outside of Logan. The Transformers figures were the same. Hasbro never even utilized the Starscream body to do Thundercracker or Skywarp for any bonus packs or store exclusives. Last week at SDCC Hasbro showed off more of it's Star Wars Mashers series. I have to say, that this line again shows very little re-color possibilities. Sure there's a Jango out of Boba Fett, but that's about all I could see in the first line-up.

Now I do have a point to make here. It's that Hasbro has for years re-used the same worn, weary bodies for Marvel Universe figures, and for G.I.Joes in certain eras. They said they had to do it to make the most out of the mold due to the costs in creating them. Now the Mashers come along, and there's very little mold re-use, and many parts to each figure, and they are larger. Never mind the fact that they are not exactly doing gangbusters sales-wise since several places have clearing them out for the last 4 months. I guess I can't even pretend to understand this, more so now that it's 3:50am and my alarm is gonna go off in 10 minutes to tell me to get up and go to work.

Of course my whole rant about Hasbro not being consistent with mold re-use if shredded when I see they've re-packaged the Playskool Heroes Star Wars line and re-sold it to Target. This is a line Target had clearanced out of existence in it's stores. Now for about what it had cost you to buy 2 figures, you get only 1. The upside is that I can now get the Biker Scout with a Speeder Bike and not have to buy the online exclusive 6 trooper pack.

Playskool Heroes Star Wars Jedi Force 2015 Darth Vader ImaginextPlayskool Heroes Star Wars Galactic Heroes 2015 Han Solo Darth Vader Imaginext

And ready to take over most of the aisle space is the superior children's action figure line...

2015 new Imaginext Power Rangers Mega Zord Batman Batcave

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