Monday, July 13, 2015

Never Ever Satisfied.

You might be thinking this blog will be about toy collectors and how they are so very hard to please. With such a fickle and notoriously critical bunch when it comes to new toy releases, it wouldn't be hard to expect that given it's a major news weekend with San Diego Comic Con taking place. But there's no news here. And no complaining about any news.

This is actually a post about the pics you see on this blog. I can't say I really like them, but they suit their intended purpose I suppose. I never planned for this blog to be the central focus of my net presence, I had been working on a site for that. On the site I had planned to have much nicer pics, and leave smaller less than spectacular pics to highlight what I write about on the blog. But even with knowing my intention here, I have had trouble with sticking to the point of it.

I'm going to show a few tests pic styles I've done, there's many more than this but I figure it's a good sampling. I've never been able to sit still and just enjoy any certain look for the blog pics. I keep wanting something of a better fit. What do you think? Any thoughts can be left below or on Facebook/Twitter. Would love to hear them.

Color Fade Background

This was my first try at pics for the blog. They take more time editing than any of the other pics I have taken since. They also happen to look the best, maybe. But I knew I couldn't keep up a good pace with this type of pic taking and moved on.

White/Black Background

Pics with straight up white or black backgrounds. The reason I don't use these is that I had planned to use this style on the site. A few have snuck into various blog posts, but I'd rather leave this look to the actual site content and not on the blog.

Logo Background

This was a brilliant idea I had to cut down on time taken placing watermarks and logo on each pic. Ha ha, it's horrible! The logo is distracting, it blends too much into the photo subject. And I still need watermarks because the logo isn't even present in some pics. Stupid idea.

Gloss Red Background

I had a thought about doing a painted wood or clay backdrop that would give a sheen when lights were shown on it. I figured the light would create a bit of texture to eliminate a boring wall of color. As a test I ran out and got some dollar store gift wrap. To be honest, it's almost what I wanted here in the left hand pic. But not quite. And I fear any red toy photographed will disappear into the background. This idea isn't a bad one, just needs some work. And maybe a return to the original idea of paint on wood.

Metallic Sheen Background

This is the other roll of gift wrap I bought at the dollar store. It's a cool metallic silver. When lights hits the slightly wrinkled paper it almost looks like metal sheeting. I really like this look. It would go with any colors as well. This style is still a contender for future use as well.

Image Based Background

This was the latest test. I came up with and printed out about 5 11x14 backdrops. Of those 5, one that featured a pic I took of a stack of Japanese magazines looked the coolest. This backdrop has been used on pics featured in the last few posts. I really like it, and the colors of the toys really pop. The problem, and it's a big one, the backdrop totally messes with my camera's auto focus. Because I need ti snap pics quickly, I use auto instead of manual focus for blog pics. I also use a 15 year old digital camera. :P

Not writing this one off, not at all. I may just have to use my better camera when taking pics with this background.

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