Friday, July 10, 2015

The Don't Buys: Toy Lines I Actively Keep Away From.

It's not easy collecting all the toys you want. It's even harder to avoid collecting all the toys you want. In the last few years I have been slowly trying to narrow my focus. I admit, I've been all over the place recently. Imaginext? Definitely! Transformers? Sure. G.I.Joe? Yes. Hot Wheels? Ok, they're super cheap right? Octonauts? Oh maybe this is getting out of hand. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? No, no, no. You can't start something so large and full of cool stuff.  And I'm only talking about things in stores right now. That's not to get into older toy lines like Starriors, vintage Transformers and Joes, Japan's Microman, CyberCop and Machine Robo lines and my love of candy toys and keshi figures. I need to focus, and I need that new drive to finish up the main lines I most want to collect.

So while I have been second guessing a lot of things I buy, and passing on other bits of toy lines I am already involved in, there's a few toy lines I am trying to just completely ignore all together. And it's not easy. And when I think that two of the following lines I have collected in some way as an adult, and all three as a kid, it reminds me of how great they are.

Kenner M.A.S.K.

1985 M.A.S.K. MASK Kenner toys Matt Tracker Split Seconds ケナー ザ・マスク

I had a great M.A.S.K. collection as a kid. Or I should say among my brothers and I we had a great shared collection. This was sold around 19889-90 when I started high school. By about 1994 I had started collecting it again, but as an actual collector interested in MIB/MOC pieces. These I sold, and before hitting the year 2000 had re-bought a few again which I ultimately sold one final time. Since 2000 I have not purchased any Kenner M.A.S.K. toys. I did buy the Hasbro G.I.Joe version of Matt Tracker, but have recently decided to put him in my sell boxes. Even that little toy has been giving me the collecting vibes as of late.

M.A.S.K. is one of my favorite toy lines and kid's cartoons. And I don't own any of the toys, or even the DVD release of the show. I do own a few Kenner retailer catalogs form the 80's and it's tough to see page after page of awesome toys that I know I should never even be looking at. And the box art, my God it's fantastic! About 8 years back I used to really search up M.A.S.K. toys online, and at the time the rices seemed high. I wouldn't dare look now. With even just the U.S. releases commanding pretty high prices, I can only imagine what the European and South American toys cost, and it's frightening.

Coleco StarCom
1987 Starcom Coleco Mattel スターコム

I sold my last StarCom toy from childhood last year. It was the last lingering item that taunted me, or at least haunted me about collecting the toy line. I love this toy line. I think the toys are amazing fun, and the figures, while simple next to what we have today, were really unique at the time. Add to this, like M.A.S.K., had design work from Shinji Aramaki. Now, it doesn't help to keep the collecting bug at bay when you go and buy the complete t.v. series of the toy line you are trying to avoid. Let me tell you, it's reaching the point that I have broken a major rule and searched the toys on Ebay. Luckily, the prices are so out of my range right now I can safely remain a non-collector.

Popy/Bandai Sentai Series (Power Rangers)

戦隊シリーズ バンダイ ポピー スーパーロボット Power Rangers

This may be the easiest of the toy lines haunting me. To a degree. I am not much of a fan of Sentai hero robots from about 1996 on. And even a good deal of the early 90's robot leave me a bit unimpressed. But at a time I had a great deal of the late 80's robots and many from the early 90's. At some point in 1999 I really felt that I had to stop. After a few trips to Japan I could see that to continue on would be really expensive. I realized that I could move the funds I would sue on Sentai toys to other areas of collecting and the money from selling my current collection could help fund another trip to Japan. So yeah I sold off most of my Popy and Bandai Sentai items. I keep a select a very few things, and put that money I made to other use.

Whenever I pull out the box holding my remaining Sentai stuff it still stings a little. Seeing some of the old cool Sentai robots in magazine I get also gets me,but I know deep down it's all been for the better. But once I win the lottery, there's gonna be a damn Sentai Shopping Spree!

1984 1986 action figures Starcom Power Rangers M.A.S.K. 戦隊シリーズ バンダイ Kenner

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