Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Fisher-Price Imaginext Continues - Part 1: Power Rangers, Pirates & Elves.

I am absolutely behind and playing cath up here. With the Art of Advertising book project taking so much of my hobby/creative time I haven't updated my blog much. Even though I really wanted to. Here's a review of what is the 2015 mid-year Imaginext releases hitting stores now, or in the near future.

Imaginext Ghost Pirates
Easily becoming a favorite among all other Imaginext themes. So happy to see new additions planned for this offshoot of the Pirates theme. I only hop that new toys continue to show up for the subset.

Imaginext Hammerhead Shark and Pirate
The 2nd single figure pack they have created for the line. The first included a Ghost Pirate and Ghost Octopus, here we get a new Ghost Pirate and a Ghost Hammerhead. Maybe a bit low on the translucent plastics that makes this series so cool, but neat none the less.

Imaginext Shark Boat
If this toy is anywhere near as cool as the photos show, this will no doubt be my favorite piece in the host Pirate series. An awesomely evil looking Ghost Pirate, a cyborgy Ghost Shark with light up teeth, and side mounted launchers. This thing looks great!

Imaginext Castle Elves
This has been a tough series to get into for me. Why? Because I have yet to see a single toy in the stores. There's been two sets released so far under the Castle theme featuring the Elf warriors, and neither has made it toa Target. Toys R Us, Walmart or any other store around me yet. And it kills me cause both he Elf Warrior Suit and Siege Wagon look cool. Hopefully with the series expanding they will show up in great numbers in stores as well.

Imaginext Warrior & Stag and Woodland Castle Play Set
The Warrior & Stag basic figure pack will fit well into the Castle theme which is filled with figures and their animal companions. The Elf here has a great looking design as well. But the real treat is the addition of an Elf play set, and the Woodland Castle looks to be a fun and inexpensive toy. It even comes with an Elf King figure. With an MSRP of just $20, it's a must have. If I ever see one in the wild.

Imaginext Power Rangers
I had come into some detail on the Zords of this series back a few months. This time I'm just going to quickly rundown the figure packs.

Imaginext Power Rangers Figure Assortment
For those who either don't want the Zords, would rather the Rangers with their weapons or like me, you're just a completest we have figures packs with the core original Rangers group. As yet this is the only way we've seen that you'll be able to get the Green Ranger. I wouldn't be surprised if that changes in a few months and we see a Zord pack with him included as well. This may be the only way to grab the weapons for each figure as well. For now. The only villain figure pack is a set of Putty fighters. It is great to see FP give us 3 in one pack, a really great value.

 Imaginext Power Rangers Series Additions
With the release of the initial Power Ranger offerings several unannounced items began showing up at online shops for future sale. Some of these were already being asked for in various forums as 2nd series releases.

Imaginext Power Rangers Goldar & Lord Zedd
A pre-mature complaint many had at the sight of the giant Goldar toy was that they were hoping for a small normal Imaginext version instead. Fisher-Price may have had the same idea, because they had the small Goldar set up for basic release from the get go. Throw in a Lord Zedd and you make a pretty powerful and popular 2 pack here.

Imaginext Power Rangers White Ranger & Tiger Zord and Pink Ranger & Pterodactyl Dinozord
The White Ranger has always been my favorite Ranger, and I had hoped, but never really expected to see hi released. Well, damn, here he is. But I'm not going to get too excited, not until I have the toy in hand at least. We also get the Pink Ranger's Zord. A great deal of talk about how FP missed out on this Zord, but as we can see they did not. No hard release date on these Zords yet, but I would bet we see them before the Holiday shopping rush comes to an end.

Fisher-Price imaginext action figures sentai power rangers yuranger イマジネックスト 戦隊シリーズ

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