Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Fisher-Price Imaginext Continues - Part 2: DC Super Friends, Gotham City & Justice League.

In the second "catch up" up post I'm covering the rest of 2015's announced DC Comics based Imaginext toys. Not surprising it's very Bat-centric, but why wouldn't it be? The Batman toys really do seem to sell the best. Some other great additions this year outside any Batman toys though. We are finally getting  Green Lantern villain in Sinestro. Wonder Woman also gains a nemesis in Cheetah. Both of these villains also fill out the Imaginext Legion of Doom a bit more, so that's awesome. We're also getting a Hall of Justice, and it's spectacular, no matter how many complains of it's size there may be. Cheers to Fisher-Price for getting a HoJ out after so many years of not seeing a new version out in stores.

A few new upgrades and theme additions round of the mid-year releases. We are already getting a small glimpse at some future releases, so this list could be out of date by next week. I hope so, because I'd love to see any new items set to come out later this year or in early 2016.

Imaginext DC Super Friends BatBoat and Transforming Batmobile
Imaginext DC Super Friends BatBoat Fisher-Price dc comics BatmanImaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile Fisher-Price dc comics Batman
So the Batboat gets a new update this year. I like the water themed Batman suit. Since I don't own this toy yet, I can't really compare it to the older Batboat, which is a toy I really like. I've found that reaction to the new transforming Batmobile has been really mixed. Even opinion in my house is split, my wife thinks it's silly looking and I think it's awesome. I hope FP continues to take chances on design aspects like this, even if public opinion seems iffy.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave
Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave Fisher-Price dc comics Batman
Batcave number 4.It wouldn't be a new era of Imaginext DC Super Friends without a new flagship Batcave. As it stands, this may beat the last Batcave set, but it's gonna be hard to top the 1st and 2nd Batcaves since they are really great toys. This new Batcave comes with a really cool straight jacketed Joker exclusive figure, and has light up features. Oh, and it actually transforms a bit, so that's pretty neat. Yeah, this will probably be a popular Christmas item.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice
Imaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice Fisher-Price dc comicsImaginext DC Super Friends Hall of Justice Fisher-Price dc comics
Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes! Even as I write this, I can't help but to think of all the negative comments made about the toy, but it's such a perfect starter set for kids, and Imaginext rendition of the Hall of Justice. Priced at a modest $20-$25 for the US market, this toy will be a great gift for any kid just starting out with Imaginext or for the kid ho may have the figures but no base set for them. The set comes with 2 new sculpt figures of Batman and Superman. Sure I would have loved to see something more 70's Super Friends cartoon related in terms of character selection, but the Bats and Supes additions will surely help this sell with parents. And the more we see sets like this sell, the more sets like this we'll see get made.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Cheetah & Sinestro and Firestorm
Imaginext DC Super Friends Cheetah & Sinestro Fisher-Price dc comics Legion of DoomImaginext DC Super Friends Firestorm Jason Rusch Fisher-Price dc comics
So as of posting, I don't think there's been an exact location announced for where these 2 figure packs will show up. They could easily be Target Justice League sets. Any way they come out is going to be greatly appreciated by fans. Sinestro has been a most wanted figure for years, ever since we saw a Green Lantern figure issued. And female figure fans have been clamoring for a Cheeta for some time. For better or worse, she's about to hit retail, but more on that later. With Firestorm showing up in the Flash t.v. show many expected we could see him appear in the Imaginext DC Super Friends line, and here he is. He looks to be a version of the Jason Rusch incarnation, which I'm kinda stoked about. Imaginext can always use a little mix up in which versions of characters they make. And Jason is a Detroit guy, so that's a plus for me.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Red Robin and  Man-Bat
Imaginext DC Super Friends Man-Bat Fisher-Price dc comics BatmanImaginext DC Super Friends Red Robin Fisher-Price dc comics Batman
These sets will be available at all stores being in the basic DC Super Friends assortment. I have some fears that Man-Bat could become another Clayface and scare kids as well as shelf warm, so let's hope that is doesn't. Red Robin is another great teen Robin upgrade figure. We've had a couple Robins and then last year got a Nightwing, so it's cool to get a Red Robin figure released as well. How about we go retro next time FP and get a 60's/70's Dick Grayson in legless shorts and a cape? :)

Imaginext DC Justice League Green Lantern Jet (Target)
Imaginext DC Gotham City Joker & Garbage Truck (Toys R Us)

Imaginext DC Justice League Green Lantern Jet TargetImaginext DC Gotham City Joker & Garbage Truck Toys R Us
A few new store exclusive vehicles are also coming this year. A new Green Lantern figure and GL Jet will be hitting Target as part of their Justice League series. I'm not write sold on this one just yet. I'd love to find that this is actually the Kyle Rayner GL, but I am not holding my breath. I'll probably end up getting it anyhow because I'm a sucker for translucent plastic toys. The Joker Garbage Truck is a silly and yet awesome addition to the Toys R Us Gotham City series. Of course the Joker would steal something as useless and crazy as a dump truck. Decking out in his colors is only more insane...or genius!

Imaginext DC Justice League 7 Pack (Target)
Imaginext DC Super Friends Gift Set (K-Mart)
Imaginext DC Super Friends 5 Pack sets (Kohls/K-Mart/Meijer/?)

A few exclusive gift sets are also out there now. Target has a new 7 pack made up primarily of their own Justice League figures. The high point of this set is the inclusion of an exclusive Ras Al Ghul figure. The K-Mart gift set features a Batmobile re-issue, and 2 new vehicles in appropriate colors for the Joker and Robin. The Joke is features a slight re-color with racing stripes added to his outfit. K-Mart and Meijer may also be selling the exclusive 5 packs that Kohl's has had for the last year which feature a mix of heroes and villains. None of the figures appear to be changed from prior releases.

Imaginext DC Wonder Woman Poison Ivy Harley Quinn female figuresImaginext DC Wonder Woman Poison Ivy Harley Quinn female figures

Now as I mentioned I wanted to go into a bit more detail on the Cheeta release, or problem with it. I love the look of the figure. I love that we're getting the figure. Other adult DC Imaginext collectors love that we're getting the figure. Will the kids who are the primary market for these love this figure?

For the last few months I have been seeing the same thing from store to store, the packs with female figures starting to clog pegs. As more fans request to see the likes of Supergirl, Batgirl and others, it seems less people are buying the female figures already out there. Is it a problem that boys are mainly the ones who are into Imaginext and the great portion of them don't want the female figures or is it a larger issue of how they are sold. I've notice another lingering figure pack at Target stores is the Justice League Superman and Darkseid. Probably the least popular figure pack of the whole Target series. So is it possibly the male counterparts that these female figures are sold with? Harley with yet another Joker? Wonder Woman with the same Superman who has had other releases? Poison Ivy with a pretty scary Scarecrow, a less than top tier Bat villain to those under 10 years old. Catwoman seems to have sold quite well, and was even popular after being brought back after a short time out of stores. She also just happened to come with a cool cat motorcycle. Maybe a little shake up needs to come about with how female figures are handled in the DC line.

action figures batman dc comics Fisher-Price imaginext mattel イマジネックスト アメコミ バットマン


  1. This is an excellent article you bring up an interesting point on girls toys not selling on the boys aisle. I think the problem is just that, the girl figures would sell better if they were specifically marketed to the girls yet remain 100% compatible with the boys figures. Most boys do not want to play with girls toys, I know this because I have a son and I teach children for a living. I have the luxury of asking my kids about superheroes (a perk) and for sure most boys directly state they don't want any girl characters. Now of course that is not every boy and many parents are raising kids to feel different but in terms of sales I feel the girl characters (who I adore and want to see made), should be marketed to the girls. This would be similar to when She-Ra was sold along side He Man (MOTU) both lines were compatible yet marketed on different ends of the gender scale.

    1. I know Target has a girl oriented line of DC merch coming soon, maybe we could even see a subset of Imaginext there. But I don't want to give up on a singular boys/girls Imaginext line just yet. I still feel that if the female figures are marketed, even to boys, in the right way they will sell. Like I mentioned, Catwoman has sold remarkably well every time it has been put out, but it's always been sold in a different way than most of the other female hero and villain characters.

  2. My older son (6) wants some female figure...but not girl toys, he loves his custom batgirl and wants an Aya , Bleez and Star Sapphire, from the GL cartoon and a Hawkgirl because we had extra hawkman wings left over from a Tomar Ra custom.

    But I do not want to buy another Superman, Joker or Scarecrow and have them lying around

  3. Been looking for Sinestro for some time now. My 6 year-old son loves these toys, and Sinestro would be great for playtime, as a rival for Green Lantern. I can't find the Sinestro/Cheetah pack for sale anywhere, either locally at Target, or online. Has anyone else had any luck? I actually went so far as to call Fisher-Price, and they couldn't give me any information.

  4. Only a few sightings so far, mostly in Oregon. They will slowly filter into the rest of the Country soon.

  5. Any word on when we will see Sinestro/Cheetah and Firestorm in stores? I've been looking for months and have yet to find them?

    1. They were released in very small amounts from January to March. Most Target stores only got one case, so 1 each of Firestorm and the Sinestro/Cheetah pack. Hopefully they will start shipping that assortment to stores again soon because many people are still looking for them.