Sunday, September 27, 2015

Diaclone 35th Anniversary: Tweets On A Blog.

タカラ ダイアクロン Takara Diaclone Robotbase 35th reboot

A few months back the (semi) official release date of the first Diaclone toy came about. This being the 35th anniversary a few folks were posting special bits to celebrate it. I had done a bit more for the Diaclone 30th birthday but this time around I didn't get so involved, I just threw up a few pictures. The following all come from the GanguStars Twitter account. I know many don't even use Twitter so I wanted to collect these few pics here.

ロボットベース タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Ultra Magnus Robotbase Diaclone Takaraロボット要塞X パッケージイラスト タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Robot Fortress X
Here we have the Takara SCF Robotbase and Transformers Ultra Magnus Movie Version figures. The Movie Magnus is of course based of the Diaclone Powered Convoy coloring scheme. I really would have loved to see the Takara SF SCF figure line continue. There's several 70's era Microman items that would have been cool to see in this format, and definitely some Diaclone ones as well. The image on the right is a cropped shot of the Robot Fortress X package illustration.

バトルバッファロー コクピットコントロール タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Battle Buffalo Diaclone Pilotsコズモローラー ランチャー タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Cosmo Roller Kronoform
A couple pics of Diaclone soldiers in action. Manning the Battle Buffalo (L) and at the launch bay of the Cosmo Roller (R). For a time I feel the Diaclone toys were centeredaround the figures. Most of the toys were play set type things which included features primarily for the small Diaclone pilots and soldiers. By 1983 the Diaclone toys were more the star and the Diaclone pilots took back seat. In some releases you may not have gotten a Diaclone soldier at all.

カーロボットコルベットスティングレー デザインスケッチ タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Car Robot Corvette Stingray Transformers Tracks Roadrage昆虫ロボバッタス プロトタイプ タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Insect Robo Battas Kickback Insecticon
These last two pics were not tied to the early Diaclone and the celebration of the first toys, but they are none the less interesting. Shown here on the left is a design sketch for the Car Robot Corvette Stingray. A bit different than the final toy, but the basic shape is still there. The insect Robo prototype mock up shows a very different color scheme, and general design. Sure the toy looks like the one sold at retail if you squint your eyes, but I'm glad this one in the pic got a little more work done on it.

1984 Diaclone Japanese Robots Takara Transformers タカラ ダイアクロン

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Garage Sale Finds: My Best Transformers Find

1996 Garage Sale (Month Unknown)
I've had a little luck with Transformers and garage sales. Now I haven't found entire collections or anything, but I've come away with a gem here and there. I found a Go-Shooter at a garage sale, got my fist Grandus at one, and even found a Diaclone Battle Convoy for $1.25. However my favorite Transformers Garage Sale Find isn't a toy, it's a shirt.

Transformers Z Zone Dai Atlus Japan 1990 garage sale Japanese Robots Transformers vintage トランスフォーマー タカラTransformers Z Zone Dai Atlus Japan 1990 garage sale Japanese Robots Transformers vintage トランスフォーマー タカラ

I'm a huge fan of Transformers Zone. one is really the best 30 minutes of Transformers t.v. watching I've ever had, so to find a thing like this was really great. I've seen countless Dai Atlas toys, but I have never, ever, in my many years of searching out Japanese toys seen this shirt again online or actually in Japan. Of course I can't wear this, it's a youth size sweatshirt, but I can still marvel at it's coolness. Maybe if I have a kid they can inherit this.

garage sale Japanese Robots Transformers vintage トランスフォーマー タカラ

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A 10 Year Look Back, Give Or Take A Few Years. (Transformers G.I.Joe Japanese Candy Toys)

This is just a follow-up to a post I made a few weeks back. Digging through CD-Rs for posting materials had me finding much more than what I was looking for.

Transformers Ultra Magnus
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
This is a shot of what my Ultra Magnus shelf looked like. This is from about 2006. I think I picked up a few other Ultra Magnus items after this, but now most of this stuff is gone. Looking here, I can say I still have the Diaclone Powered Convoy, the MIB G1 Magnus, the loose G1 Magnus and the radio head. I technically still have the Jizai toys Magnus, TFU Magnus and the SCF figures however I am trying to sell those. Ultra Magnus still stands as one of my favorite Transformers, but I just didn't need all the little bits associated with him any longer. The G1 toy will suffice. But I wouldn't ind having the Masterpiece toy either.

Transformers Kabaya Candy Toys
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグaction figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
The Ginrai above was a prized candy toy of mine for years. These were hard as heel to get mint if you found them loose, and crazy expensive if you found them MIB. I don't know if this one was knocked off, but they did make a new version of it which may have lessened the desire for the vintage one. I have some really nice photos of the Protectobots candy toys as well. I just don't recall ever owning them. I have a feeling I may have taken photos of these for Hydra to sell somewhere. It's a mystery to me.

Microman Fan Art
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
This is a scan of a marker coloring of a copy of a sketch I had done some time in 1996. I wanted to create a look of what the CassetteMan toy could have looked like had it been released in the 70's instead of the 80's.

Henshin Cyborg & Takara's 5mm System
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
One day in 2004 I grabbed up a bunch of Takara produced toys and had a big 5mm parts party. I spent all day taking photos of weird looking creations. Of course looking back now those photos are total crap. Some day I'll try it all over again and do a better job on the pic taking.

Your Grandpa's Transformers
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
I picked these up at a World Market store. They were labeled as "Transformers Wood Toys", and they really are just that. Maybe not Transformers brand, but they are actual transforming toys that go from lady bug to humanoid lady bug? They give me the feeling of what a Transformer toy would have been had it been released in the 40's. For just a few bucks, it was worth it. I have no idea where these went, I know I didn't sell them.

Cobra Commander Obsession
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
This is a shot I took the day I got the awful Hasbro Built To Rule Cobra H.I.S.S. set. The funny thing is this H.I.S.S. was the best of the BTR sets I had. Of course I didn't buy any of them for the LEGO knock off parts, I bought these sets for the figures. This set just happened to have a Cobra Commander included. I've collected every 3-4inch Cobra Commander that has been made. Up til this year. With the release of the ridiculously overpriced Old Snake figure from (No)Fun Publications, I am seeing my streak of CC purchases come to a close. Some are saying this isn't really a Cobra Commander, but it is. It's also a figure I've wanted for a long time. Maybe at some point I can get one second hand, but I don't see myself ever paying the Club for one.

Japanese Candy Toys
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグaction figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
It was about the end of summer 2004 that my local Japan Book Center closed up. It was a little devastating, it was a huge part of my life for some time. With the book store closed, the Japanese grocery store next to it lost more and more customers to other stores. Without the book store there to bring in folks, they shopped at stores closer to where they lived. Sadly these other stores didn't carry quite the cool candy toys that the original store did. The problem though was with less customers they started to carry less products. A rise in Yen, and the higher costs of shipping lead to almost no candy toys being sold at all. The store ended up closing just over a year ago.

I have so many great memories of both, and sadly my days of picking up random candy stores off the store shelves locally are gone. These days if I want candy toys I'm going to either have to go to Japan, or order online. With me being such a cheapskate, I doubt I'd fork over the cost to have these little buggers shipped.

Candy & Pop
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
I didn't limit myself to just taking pics of Japanese candy, I took pics of any candy I thought was fun. These little garbage can candies had been around since I was a kid. I haven't seen them for years now, but I had stumbled onto some in 2004. I kind of miss fun little candy like this, or the candy filled heads from Topps that would appear with every new movie release.
action figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグaction figures, Candy Toys, g.i.joe, G.I.ジョー, Transformers, カバヤ, タカラ, トランスフォーマー, 変身サイボーグ
And I really did take pics of all kinds of candy, including some from Mexico and the United Kingdom. I also fell in love with the Mexican Jarritos soda at this time. Jarritos have great unique flavors and are very colorful and eye catching. They're also pretty cheap too.

action figures g.i.joe G.I.ジョー Candy Toys Transformers トランスフォーマー カバヤ 変身サイボーグ タカラ Kabaya

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Legend Of The Last Octonaut (the Ocotonauts)

I know it's a pretty dramatic title for what is only away of saying that I will not be actively collecting the Octonuats toys any longer, but I needed some kind of headline.

Back a few months I posted on what it now looks like the last big assortment of Octonauts toys being pushed by Fisher-Price. Since that time only a couple new items have been shown as coming soon, but I wonder if they will ever hit store shelves. I have seen Target clearance out and remove the Octonauts from their shelves. Meijer stores have also removed the Octonauts from their shelf plans. And Walmart has cut the prices of their toys. Toys R Us seems to still be keeping a good supply of the toys on-hand, but getting new stuff gets harder as older items sit. The only other place I have seen new stuff coming in at a somewhat regular basis is Kohl's. And Kohl's isn't cheap. But Kohl's does do sales almost every week, and they also offer coupons. Know where I'm going with this?

Of the items that had been shown for the Octonauts, I had hopes of buying quite a few. While I was doing my spring cleaning and just thinking about collecting in general I realized I had to start slowing my buying. The easiest way was to cut out some of the lines I collected. On that list was of course the Octonauts. At the time I had at least one of every main character and I felt comfortable stopping there. But if I could have just one more thing it would have been the Barnacle's Octopod Steering Deck, a small add-on piece for the Octopod play set. Well as luck would have it I found one at Kohl's. For 50% off. On a day I had a coupon to take an extra 20% off an item.

 It's a super cute toy, and comes straight from the t.v. show. I already have the Octopod set, so it only made sense to grab the Steering Deck as well. And at about $6 it would have been dumb to pass it up.

I feel good in saying this will be the last Octonauts item I buy. Or at least I ok with it. There were a few of the other newer items at Kohl's, and I could have gotten great deals on those as well, but I figured I'd best not press my luck. i have to leave some spending cash for others things this month.

action figures Fisher-Price Octonauts toys おもちゃ すすめ!オクトノーツ

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fall '15, It's That Time Of Year. (Monster Cereals Transformers Sylvanian Families)

It was a bit cold overnight here, the time for keeping our windows open as we sleep is pretty much done for the year. I'm already seeing some color in the leaves around town as well. I'm also really bummed out that we've lost about an hour and a half of light at night. Yeah, summer is coming to a close quickly. I'm not too broken up about it, fall is my favorite season. I feel good in the fall, partially because I tend to enjoy quite a bit of candy, hard cider, and NFL Football during this time. And also because of my cherished Monster Cereals, Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry.
Monster Cereals Count Chocula Franken Berry Boo Berry Halloween 2015 cerealMonster Cereals Count Chocula Franken Berry Boo Berry Halloween 2015 cereal
I remember when I was young that these were typically available year round. Count Chocula was pretty easy to find, the other two were a little hard to track down. And of course it would have been the chocolate one that was most popular seeing as it's my least favorite Monster Cereal. I'm a little partial to Franken Berry. For this years box design I had to check 5 stores. It seems that recently General Mills is putting out 1 long running box design and 1 new alternate box design each year.Stores don't always get all 3 boxes of both designs, so it can take a few stops to get the ones you want. Last years new designs were from DC Comics artists, and I loved them. This year we get another pretty cool artistic look. Pretty happy with these boxes. Now of course I have 3 bags of cereal to eat.
Transformers Combiner Wars Mirage トランスフォーマー ユナイトウォリアーズ
I caught a glimpse of the Transformers Combiner Wars Mirage at a Target store the other day. When I had first seen the product promo images I wasn't really taken in. I didn't pass to harsh a judgement right away though, Hasbro's photos don't always show their toys in the best way, and for the most part I've been liking the look of these individual Combiner Wars figures. The combined modes just look like shit. Anyway here's Mirage, and I love Mirage, but I've been hard pressed to buy another Hasbro retail Mirage since the Transformers Classics toy came out. The Classics Mirage is such an amazing perfect toy that the few Mirage toys to come from Hasbro since just can't compare.
Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus トランスフォーマー レジェンズ ウルトラマグナス
When I looked down I found a CW Ultra Magnus stuffed into the bottom shelf. I love Ultra Magnus, even though I've sold off my collection of Ultra Magnus items. But at $46, I can't bring myself anywhere near being able to buy this. With the great deals on vintage toys I've been getting as of late, $46 for this hollowed out, bloated looking car carrier seems a bit much. I really need to just put the money down on a Masterpiece Magnus.
Sylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー Calico Critters Cherry Cruiser car family toys Epoch TomySylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー Calico Critters Cherry Cruiser car family toys Epoch Tomy
Wonderful surprise came my way this week in regards to Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters. I was at a JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts store with my wife and while I was wandering around my eye caught the the pink package design of the Calico Critters line. I of course had to double back because for a few seconds I didn't really think it could be Sylvanians, why would a craft store even have them? But sure enough, a pretty good 5 feet bay full of Sylvanian/Calico figures, accessories and play sets. There had a few figure sets I've been wanting, but what really had me excited was the Cherry Cruiser toy. I've been wanting this for some time, but the $40 price was a real troublemaker. This is where it's good (and bad) that I find these at JoAnns, they have coupons! Lots and lots of great coupons. Sure these toys are priced up over MSRP, but when you're using a 40,50 or 60% off coupon you're not going to get ripped off. Luckily I had a 60% off an item coupon and I was able to get the Cruiser for just $20. So half the price Toys R Us normally sells it. In the future, instead of just using my coupons on art markers I'll be adding to my Sylvanian collection at a discount.
Onto another art store, Michaels. I felt a need to get some toys organized this weekend. I have Starriors all over my storage closet, and bins of Robolinks bits sitting everywhere. I like using scrapbook storage boxes because they are always acid free, usually well made, and clear! I had three of the 12x12 clear boxes before I took this photo. My wife ran away with 1 for her own use before I got t a photo of it. She then proceeded to steal another after I took this photo. I picked up some photo boxes as well, these will be great for storing Kre-O, LEGO and other small figures I have. Michaels had a great deal on these this past week, and I'm really thinking I should have gotten more.

If you read my nearly nothing but negative post yesterday about my future projects, maybe this will bring some reason to it. I love creating art. But I've been horribly unfaithful to the it for some years now. I go at creating in small spurts of frenzied excitement, and just can't seem to get back into a  steady stream of working. Creating art needs time, it's need patience and most of all it needs practice. I don't put in any of those, or at least I haven't at any time in the last 10 years. I've spent far too much time watching online auctions or reading up on new toy releases. So Michaels also had a great deal on artist pads, so I grabbed a few. I'm going to really try to get back into the artists groove. You could use the "it's like riding a bicycle..." analogy, and once I get into rhythm my hand will just remember the motions needed to draw. But it takes time, and it will take a lot of practice to get back to where I was.

Calico Critters Sylvanian Families Transformers トランスフォーマー シルバニアファミリー

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Projects That Are 86'd Or On Life Support. (Diaclone Transformers Beetras G.I.Joe)

This is not an easy issue to talk about. I don't want to seem like I'm pandering, and I definitely don't want to come off as ungrateful to those who frequent my sites. This is just me coming to a realization that what I want to put out, may not be the most popular thing. Some projects are getting the boot, most are just going into some type of hiatus.

It's been about 6 weeks since I put my Art of Advertising book up for sale. At first I had hoped for about 50 orders, then thought that I'm lucky to get even 5. As of today 14 have sold. It's quite a bit under what I would have hoped to sell, but more than the number I feared it would top off at. I've advertised it here and there, and I feel that if I keep going back to "the well" people will get sick of me. I kinda cooled off on pushing the book, but I may have to re-think that if I want to see new sales. So now both directly and indirectly related to the sale of the AOA book I am taking a second look at projects I had hoped to do. Some I had been iffy on even before doing the AOA book, and some have been in some stage of planning and design for 15+ years.

Art of Advertising Vol 2
Art of Advertising Japanese toy ads Japan toys Sentai chogokin ad rare Diaclone Microman Transformers ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン
The second volume of the Art of Advertising books was going to be comprised of solely Takara toys ads. I have another 190 ads from the 70's, 80's and 90's set up. I also have tons from 2000 to 2013 that I could have used as well. I didn't use anything from 2000 on in the first book, so I was still not sure on this one. All the content for this volume is compiled and edited. I would just need to create the book frame and write the comments. If the first book had sold 50 or more copies I would have continued on with a second. But as it is, this project is now on hold.

Microman Manga
comics manga Microman Transformers ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン
I have been collecting Microman manga for almost 20 years. Some is pretty well known to Micro fans, some is not. The manga that's a bit obscure if of course also pretty pricey. With no collected volumes available, you need to track down individual magazines for each chapter. It's not that I haven't dropped $30-$40 an issue to get only a few pages from it, I've spent up to $70 for a single issue. But to collect several years of a series like that would be a real strain on my wallet. Never mind the time it would take to actually find every one of the issues.  So when it came to this lesser-known Microman series of comics, I've thrown in the towel. I scooped up the 70's era issues and sold them off. I knew I was not going to be able to continue to purchase new chapters, and I figured the time I would need to translate, scan edit the comics would be best used somewhere else. Luckily, the person who bought them will likely be doing with them what I wasn't going to be able to to. At some point you will be able to either see them, or read about them at Bryan Wilkinson’s awesome Microman Club page.

Beetras & Japanese G.I.Joe Comics
comics manga Beetras Transformers Deluxe Insecticons トランスフォーマー Takatokucomics G.I.ジョー g.i.joe manga Takara Japanese Joe ARAH rare foreign
Another project I'm just about to write off and get rid of is translation of the Beetras comic series. I think I still need 1 chapter, and I've not seen it in a few years. The comics are awesome, and I had thought about a character guide including the 2nd series stuff, I just don't think there's much demand for this.

I've been a fan of the Japanese G.I.Joe comics for years. There's few folks who seem to care about them, with only 1 collector I know off hand who actively collects them. I had started translating these some time ago, and was even going to color the scans. But legal issues with putting out a fanzine with these comics kinda holds me back. With the Art of Advertising books I'm safe as they are more critique based "journalistic" work. There's nothing that covers me when translating and offering up manga, more so when it's a U.S. based property. There's a good chance my Japanese Joe manga will also be going up for sale.

Takara G.I.Joe & G.I.Joe Tiger Force
comics G.I.ジョー g.i.joe manga Takara Japanese Joe ARAH rare foreignTiger Force 1988 Euro Tiger comics G.I.ジョー g.i.joe manga Takara Japanese Joe ARAH rare foreign
Like the Beetras manga project, I had hoped to expand on the G.I.Joe manga chapters with a look at Takara's Japanese G.I.Joe toy line from the 80's. There's still good info that hasn't seen print in English either on paper or online. I think. I feel I'd have an easier time, and be more legally safe doing a Japanese Joe guidebook than a manga translation series, but I don't know if anyone really cares about the inside of Takara's line. Joe collectors are generally American issue focused, and second to that, toy-centric. Aside from the Marvel/DD/IDW comics.

Another G.I.Joe project I had dropped some time ago but had hoped to revive was a Tiger Force web site. Given the very polarizing view of the Tiger Force sub-line it was going to be a hard sell to begin with. If you add in the fact that I hadn't actively hunted down Tiger Force toys I needed for over 10 years it made it look even harder. I dropped the web url for the site before, and a few weeks ago began to sell off some of my Tiger Force collection. I have some rare pieces, Foreign variants and such, things that I just didn't need now. I picked out 1 of each toy, and set them aside and will be selling all my duplicates.

Transformers Decoys & Keshi
Takara Hasbro Transformers Decoys Japanese keshi gomu トランスフォーマー decoy rubber
I accumulated what could have been the best Transformers decoy collection there was. I even had Japanese super collector Fumihiko Akiyama impressed with the amount of things I had. And as much as I had loved this collection, I sold it. Not a month goes by where I don't regret this a little bit. At the time I had told myself it was ok, and that I at least had photos of the entire collection. I several days taking photos of each piece before I shipped them off. Then a few months later my computer hard drive crashed. I had at that time only saved and backed up half the photos I took. Now as it stands, any guide to decoys I make will be slightly half-assed. It may appeal to some, but I'd probably never fully appreciate it.

Machine Robo (Gobots) Collectors Book
Machine Robo Men 1982 Bandai Popy comics Gobots Tonka Go Bots manga
I've been tinkering with this for 16 years. I printed out my first working copy back in 2000. I've since sold off 95% of my collection of toys, but still accumulated rare print and novelty bits and pieces. What has held me back on this is the publishing of the Machine Robo Wedge book 10 years ago. That book really has most of what I was going to offer, and it's done in a really great way. I know it's in Japanese, and quite pricey today, but what's done is done, and I don't know that I should use time to re-create something that so perfect already.

Sentai Series Manga (Power Rangers Comics)
Sentai Series Power Rangers Bandai Popy comics tokusatsu Go Ranger Dai Ranger ZyuRanger mangaSentai Series Power Rangers Bandai Popy comics tokusatsu Go Ranger Dai Ranger ZyuRanger manga
I have loads and loads of Sentai manga from Go Ranger on. Most of the stuff I have is from the mid-80's, and it's all really fun manga with great art. The problem I have is there's no real audience for this. I posted to a Sentai forum some time back and got the reply "where's not in the 90's" when talking about this older stuff. Should I take away from this that PR/Sentai fans today only really care about current and recent years of the Sentai franchise? I personally only have a passing interest in Sentai stuff. I love the art and design aspect of it, but don't faithfully follow it. To spend hours and hours working an a Sentai based project would require actually interest from others, and I don't see it.

Diaclone Comics & Collectors Book
Diaclone comics manga Microman Transformers ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロンDiaclone comics manga Microman Transformers ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン
I'm going to make a pretty bold statement based off what I have personally seen, there is no great English language website or printed media that covers Diaclone. I really just don't think there is. There's a few good bits here and there, but that's all. If there was a Diaclone equivalent to something as awesome as Paul Lorphanpaibul's Microman Forever site, I'd praise it left and right wherever I see the name Diaclone brought up. But that site doesn't exist (in English), or in (English) print.

Now I may besetting myself up for trouble here, because I did insert an ad in my Art of Advertising book for a release of the Diaclone manga but I don't think I'm going to finish that right now. Sorry.

And as the manga goes, so does a collectors guide for Diaclone, on hold. Some other collector tried to do a Diaclone book and it failed quite badly. When you have something as great as Takara SF Land, there's no real desire for much else. It covers what collectors want most of all, pics of the toys.

Robotech Robolinks & Starriors Collectors Books
Robotech Robolinks Takara Blockman 合体戦士ブロックマン ミクロマン ダイアクロンStarriors RATS Tomy 1984 robots wind up R.A.T.S. Battle 1986 Marvel comics
So far it's been all doom and gloom and I'm not doing this, and I'm not doing that anymore. I'm gonna change that up and say that I will be doing a book based on the Robotech Robolinks (Combination Warrior Blockman) toy line and also one on Tomy's Starriors series. Whether these ever make it to the public remains to be seen. I personally want a book with these just to look though myself. I hate digging through rare print pieces and rummaging through boxes to look at some of my stuff. I plan to do a nice book that I can have quick access to when I need it.

Japanese Candy Photobook
Japanese candy kawaii ramune cute Japan sweets
I love candy. I really LOVE Candy. And Japanese candy is an obsession of mine. I want to showcase the fun, colorful and dynamic look of Japanese candy. This is a book I plan to put out, and I wouldn't doubt seeing less than 5 sales come of it, but damn if I don't care. This will be  a labor of love. As it cools down I look to start taking more photos for this project. The heat outside and the heat of the lights tends to do bad things to the candy.

So that's about it in terms of what I plan to do print-wise with GanguStars. I know it boils down to very little on the positive side of things. I need to look at what is best overall from a factual, reality based view, and not just what I think it best. Of course this doesn't mean one of the above sidelined projects won't come back to life at some point. Anything is possible of course.

Diaclone comics G.I.ジョー g.i.joe manga Microman Starriors RATS Robotech Robolinks Transformers 合体戦士ブロックマン ミクロマン トランスフォーマー ダイアクロン