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Diaclone 35th Anniversary: Tweets On A Blog.

タカラ ダイアクロン Takara Diaclone Robotbase 35th reboot

A few months back the (semi) official release date of the first Diaclone toy came about. This being the 35th anniversary a few folks were posting special bits to celebrate it. I had done a bit more for the Diaclone 30th birthday but this time around I didn't get so involved, I just threw up a few pictures. The following all come from the GanguStars Twitter account. I know many don't even use Twitter so I wanted to collect these few pics here.

ロボットベース タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Ultra Magnus Robotbase Diaclone Takaraロボット要塞X パッケージイラスト タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Robot Fortress X
Here we have the Takara SCF Robotbase and Transformers Ultra Magnus Movie Version figures. The Movie Magnus is of course based of the Diaclone Powered Convoy coloring scheme. I really would have loved to see the Takara SF SCF figure line continue. There's several 70's era Microman items that would have been cool to see in this format, and definitely some Diaclone ones as well. The image on the right is a cropped shot of the Robot Fortress X package illustration.

バトルバッファロー コクピットコントロール タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Battle Buffalo Diaclone Pilotsコズモローラー ランチャー タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Cosmo Roller Kronoform
A couple pics of Diaclone soldiers in action. Manning the Battle Buffalo (L) and at the launch bay of the Cosmo Roller (R). For a time I feel the Diaclone toys were centeredaround the figures. Most of the toys were play set type things which included features primarily for the small Diaclone pilots and soldiers. By 1983 the Diaclone toys were more the star and the Diaclone pilots took back seat. In some releases you may not have gotten a Diaclone soldier at all.

カーロボットコルベットスティングレー デザインスケッチ タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Car Robot Corvette Stingray Transformers Tracks Roadrage昆虫ロボバッタス プロトタイプ タカラ ダイアクロン トランスフォーマー Diaclone Takara Insect Robo Battas Kickback Insecticon
These last two pics were not tied to the early Diaclone and the celebration of the first toys, but they are none the less interesting. Shown here on the left is a design sketch for the Car Robot Corvette Stingray. A bit different than the final toy, but the basic shape is still there. The insect Robo prototype mock up shows a very different color scheme, and general design. Sure the toy looks like the one sold at retail if you squint your eyes, but I'm glad this one in the pic got a little more work done on it.

1984 Diaclone Japanese Robots Takara Transformers タカラ ダイアクロン

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