Monday, September 21, 2015

The Legend Of The Last Octonaut (the Ocotonauts)

I know it's a pretty dramatic title for what is only away of saying that I will not be actively collecting the Octonuats toys any longer, but I needed some kind of headline.

Back a few months I posted on what it now looks like the last big assortment of Octonauts toys being pushed by Fisher-Price. Since that time only a couple new items have been shown as coming soon, but I wonder if they will ever hit store shelves. I have seen Target clearance out and remove the Octonauts from their shelves. Meijer stores have also removed the Octonauts from their shelf plans. And Walmart has cut the prices of their toys. Toys R Us seems to still be keeping a good supply of the toys on-hand, but getting new stuff gets harder as older items sit. The only other place I have seen new stuff coming in at a somewhat regular basis is Kohl's. And Kohl's isn't cheap. But Kohl's does do sales almost every week, and they also offer coupons. Know where I'm going with this?

Of the items that had been shown for the Octonauts, I had hopes of buying quite a few. While I was doing my spring cleaning and just thinking about collecting in general I realized I had to start slowing my buying. The easiest way was to cut out some of the lines I collected. On that list was of course the Octonauts. At the time I had at least one of every main character and I felt comfortable stopping there. But if I could have just one more thing it would have been the Barnacle's Octopod Steering Deck, a small add-on piece for the Octopod play set. Well as luck would have it I found one at Kohl's. For 50% off. On a day I had a coupon to take an extra 20% off an item.

 It's a super cute toy, and comes straight from the t.v. show. I already have the Octopod set, so it only made sense to grab the Steering Deck as well. And at about $6 it would have been dumb to pass it up.

I feel good in saying this will be the last Octonauts item I buy. Or at least I ok with it. There were a few of the other newer items at Kohl's, and I could have gotten great deals on those as well, but I figured I'd best not press my luck. i have to leave some spending cash for others things this month.

action figures Fisher-Price Octonauts toys おもちゃ すすめ!オクトノーツ

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