Monday, October 12, 2015

The Thing$ I've $old: Movie Collectibles (Dragonball Z Transformers)

I'll be honest, this TTIS post won't leave you shaking in jealously. But, that's not to say it's so boring and lacking that you need to shut the window and stop reading. I've sold some cool toys in the last 25 years, these just aren't those. Next time maybe.

In the mid-90's I worked at Suncoast video, you may recall the store. It's of course gone now, cheaper pricing from online vendors did stores like this in. But Suncoast and their like had their time, and it was fun while it lasted. At least I had fun, most of my time was spent watching videos. I can't tell you how many times i got paid to watch the Transformers movie or Grease. And aside from getting paid to watch movies I also got to take home various displays and promo bits. Some of the stuff I took was cool, and I actually displayed it for a time. Loved getting release posters for free. Other thing I grabbed just for the sake of maybe selling off. That's what I'll focus on here.

It was always a crap shoot as to what would sell or not. Any type of promo or release poster would sell instantly, people always wanted those. Video display headers also sold pretty well. These were the roughly 18x18 inch cardboard pieces that would attach to video display stands. Many time they went unused and I would grab the visual out of the box before throwing the rest away. I found that even the shittiest movie had some folks who clamored for anything related to it.
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As popular as movie memorabilia was, when anime really started to go more mainstream it became far easier to sell off any promo pieces associated with it. I guess because it was still so hard to get a lot of things in the States, but I did much better selling off posters, seri-cels and displays for anime releases than the movie and t.v. ones. One of the last bits of promo product I was able to get also turned out to be the single most popular item I picked up from Suncoast.
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When Rhino acquired the rights to release the Transformers Movie they had a pre-sell promo item exclusive to Suncoast. If you put in and paid for a pre-order of the VHS you go a "Classic Collectible Card" free. The card wasn't much of anything. Made of clear plastic and color printed to mimic a frame of film, and featuring Prime just as he was about to deliver one final blow to Megatron. You know, before that dickwad Hot Rod showed up. Sadly, our store had about 6 or 7 sign-ups and so we had a bunch of these cards left over. O.k., sad for our store but super awesome for me because I took the rest of the pack home. I sold some of these on ebay, gave some to friends. I even sent some to collectors in Japan and sold a few of my remaining cards on Yahoo Japan Auctions when that started up. These lasted me a few years, but never seemed to fall short on finding people interested in one. And yet we literally couldn't give them away at Suncoast. Well, give them away after a $12 purchase.

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