Friday, November 6, 2015

A Few Weeks Off And A Few Random Buys. (Imaginext Power Rangers Marvel Sylvanian Families G.I.Joe)

So October had been a few weeks of self-restricted time online. Whether it was for blogging, auction hunting, of socializing, I  did little to none of it through the 2nd half of October. Okay, maybe a small lie, I have been auction hunting none stop, just not auction buying. So when I don't post anything here for 3-4 weeks my blog idea list grows. I already had 5 drafts set-up for completion and now I have pics and general outline for another 8 postings. Because for me the photos are the most fun of this whole thing. So I gotta get this thing rolling again.
GIJoe Kreo HasbroImaginext Lord Zedd Goldar Marvel Deadpool 戦隊シリーズ イマジネックスト
Being away from buying online didn't sop me from picking up a few things. Running errands ad me finding little things here and there I wasn't expecting at the time. A trip to Marshell's for boots and I find a super hero, to Toys R Us for a gift and it's G.I.Joes for me, at JoAnn's buying styrofoam for my wife's projects and I snag a Sylvanian Families set. Pretty random, and not at all what I was looking to get when I went out.
Skeleton series 5 blind bag Imaginext figures monsters Fisher-PriceSkeleton series 5 blind bag Imaginext figures monsters Fisher-Price

As the newest series of blind bag Imaginext figures hits I am happy to finally pick up the Skeleton from the last series. I really wanted this figure for a few reasons, one being that it'll work great with the Ghost Pirate series toys, and another because it's not only cast in clear plastic but the "sheet" glows in the dark. I had 3 of them in hand, but decided to drop one and only pick up 2, which is quite enough for me. I've been putting serious thought into how to collect Imagninext lately, and while I may want some of the other figures in the series 5 assortment, I am limiting myself to just a couple now. And maybe actually just this Ghost.
Imaginext Lord Zedd Goldar mighty morphin power rangers 戦隊シリーズ イマジネックスト
This is the only toy I bought while out looking for toys during the time. This is of course not the item I was looking for, but a happy alternate for the other item which was not there. This is the Imaginext Power Rangers Lord Zedd and Goldar 2 pack from the "2nd series" so to speak. Goldar had a large DX toy release already in series 1, so it's awesome that Fisher-Price also planned a small "normal" sized figure as well. As cool as the Goldar figure is, the Zedd figure is the absolute winner of the pair. Being a character created for the U.S. show and winding up having such a great design was a bit shocking. But it's fitting to see the figure here given the terms the line has with what it can and probably can't release.
Imaginext Lord Zedd Goldar mighty morphin power rangers 戦隊シリーズ イマジネックストImaginext Lord Zedd Goldar mighty morphin power rangers 戦隊シリーズ イマジネックスト
I did buy the pack at Kmart on sale for a dollar less than the normal rip-off price of $10. I found the pack at a Target a few days later for $7.50 and bought it. I'll take back one set to Kmart and get a refund. I know it may only be a $1.50 difference, but I can't support such blatant price gouging. I probably shouldn't have bought it at Kmart in the first place.
Marvel Hasbro Deadpool Super Hero Masher Universe cheap X Men comics
This was a bit of a surprise. I need new work boots and I figured I could give Marshell's a shot since I don't want to waste much money on stuff for work. I had never even seen the Deadpool Super Hero Masher in a store, so to find it just sitting in a pile (as usual at this store) was a real treat. I had only stopped over at the toy section to see if they had restocked some Transformers Kre-O stuff. They had the Venom Masher too and he looks good, but maybe I'll grab that at another time.
Calico Critters Sylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー Kangaroo cheap sale Tomy Epoch Calico Critters Sylvanian Families シルバニアファミリー Kangaroo cheap sale Tomy Epoch
This wasn't an expected buy at all, although I had hoped to maybe get something Sylvanian Families on the trip. My wife needed some styrofoam fr a project she was working on and so we headed off to JoAnn's. I had a 60% off coupon but found a sign stating the Sylvanian's were all 20% off. This would mean I couldn't use my coupon, but when looking at the sign I noticed the date of the sale wasn't for 3 days. Sometimes stores move up the date of a sale and instead of wasting materials printing new signs they use the ones with incorrect dates. I just had the cashier check the price, not on sale, and coupon was quickly whipped out of my wallet. My wife and I had been wanting to pick up the Kangaroo Family for awhile now, so pretty happy to get it for super cheap.

Looking at the display/assortment of Sylvanian items at JoAnn's I don't see too much I still need. Maybe just 1 or 2 families, and a few accessory sets. I hope I can continue to use coupons to pick this things up, because I am dreading the day the coupons begin to state that they are no good and Calico Critters (Sylvanian Families)toys. It has been happening more and more with LEGO products, so I could see it happen here as well. Fingers crossed!

With no extra pic to show, I also found a few Kre-O G.I.Joe blind bag figures. I didn't have my code cheat sheet on my any longer since these were long gone from my local Toys R Us stores for some time. I just grabbed the batch of 6 and bought them, because at 48cents each, why the hell not? I got a few guys I'll just likely end up giving to my nephew.

Calico Critters G.I.ジョー g.i.joe imaginext marvel power rangers Sylvanian Families 戦隊シリーズ クレオ シルバニアファミリー イマジネックスト

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