Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Prequel To A Few Weeks Off. (Imaginext Hot Wheels)

Working backwards here, these events take place prior to my last blog post. There's no order in how I "write" I don't see why there should be any order in which I post. :P

Imaginext Castle Series "Elves"
Imaginext Castle Series Woodland Elves Fisher-Price Elf 2015 new
I almost entirely stay within the DC Super Friends series of toys when it comes to Imaginext, almost. I pick up random deals when I see them, I collect a few of the blind bag figures, and I like (maybe love?) the Ghost Pirate sub-theme of the Pirates line. And I also really like the Elves sub-theme of the Castle line. I knew I wanted the new Woodland Castle set when it was first announced, and finding at a Meijer store on instant clearance was a bit of a shock. Why was a brand new, never stocked toy put on clearance right away? Weird, and awesome. With a special club discount of 10% on top of the clearance price of $15 I got a decent deal.
Imaginext Castle Series Woodland Elves Fisher-Price Elf 2015 newImaginext Castle Series Woodland Elves Fisher-Price Elf King 2015 new
This Castle is in one of the smaller playset sizes, but still features some nifty gimmicks like hidden panels and launching arrows. This set also comes with the Elf King. The Elves sub-theme is very reminiscent of what type of elves you may have seen in the Lord of the Rings series. But that only adds to the fun of the line. What doesn't add to the fun is how damn hard they are to find.
Imaginext Castle Series Woodland Elves Warrior Suit Fisher-Price Elf 2015 new
The Woodland Castle is the first and ONLY Elves toy I have seen in a store. The Woodland Siege Engine and Warrior Suit I have seen online at Amazon and for a short time the Fisher-Price store. The Woodland Giant I have never seen for sale, and I know there's a couple others looking for one as well. The last toy shown on the box back is the Warrior & Stag, which to the best of my knowledge has not been released yet. Given the downsizing of the Imaginext aisles in stores recently, I wonder if he ever will be.

Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015
I swear I'm not really a Hot Wheels collector, but something has really gotten me to buy quite a few of them in the past 2 years. Whether it's clear plastic bodies, or quirky designs it's been fun to see what's out there. The Hot Wheels "Loopster" car is one of those very fun designs. It's a single roller coaster car that has hooks in the front and back that would allow you to make a longer coaster.
Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015 Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015
But of the fun and quite an awesome little addition is the variant Mattel threw out there. I had picked up the only "Loopster" at the store and didn't think twice about it till I got home and realized that one riders arms were in the air. The card art shows all riders with their arms down. After looking the car up online I found that there were 2 different types, raised arms and lowered arms. I of course set out to find the lowered arms version.
Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015 Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015
But the arms up/down variant isn't the only one, there's also a blue color variant to the "Loopster" which also has both arms up and down versions, so I of course kept an eye out for those as well. The blue versions are from a separate assortment it seems, so finding them had me looking in other places that were not already filled to the brim with earlier releases. I think, can't recall here now for sure, but these were bought at a Kroger grocery store while th red ones came from Target.
Hot Wheels Loopster Mattel roller coaster variants blue red 2015
All in all, with 4 separate cars I have a nice little coaster going, with a few daredevils riding along fearlessly letting their arms sway in the wind. This is the fun filled aspect of Hot Wheels collecting, far removed from the rude, shitty value driven bullshit that the hobby is known for.

Limited Edition Food Variants
Hostess products seasonal flavors Candy Corn Cup Cakes Pumpkin Spice Twinkies
So I not only collect variants, I like to eat them too. I have a soft spot for Twinkies and Hostess products. That soft spot of course being my ever growing tummy. I love trying new foods and seasonal flavors of long loved favorites. The Candy Corn Cup Cakes were a bit of a disappointment because they were not flavored as candy corn, just decorated in the colors of candy corn. Booo!! The Pumpkin Spice Twinkies were okay, I think I had 3 of them and my wife polished off the rest. In terms of alternate flavor Twinkies I still find Banana Twinkies to be the best.

action figures Fisher-Price imaginext Hot Wheels mattel toys イマジネックスト


  1. I have a theory as to why they have been so sparse with releases. Originally I thought it was because the line had be abruptly cancelled, but after seeing the backs to the three Woodland sets that were released (Woodland Castle, Woodland Siege Engine & Warrior Suit), I believe the line is warming up.

    If you look at the back of the Siege Engine, the only other Woodland item it shows is the Warrior Suit. If you look at the back of the Warrior Suit's packaging, the only Woodland item it shows is the Siege Engine. THEN, if you look at the back of the Woodland Castle's packaging it shows both of those items, the Woodland Giant, Warrior & Stag AND the last two items to be released in the standard Castle theme, the Jousting Dragon Knight & Dern Daring Jousting Knight. Plus, many times in the past Imaginext will not change the cross-sell image (that little scene depicting the toys "in action") despite the fact that none of the items shown there are not along the cross-sell list on the bottom of the packaging.

    Also, from what I understand about how Imaginext ordering for retailers goes, it's kinda like this: Say a store, we'll use Meijer as you mentioned it above, places an order for Imaginext products they don't get to pick specifically what they get. Say the manager wants to order more $7.99 Assortment Pirate Sets. The warehouse that ships the Imaginext from Fisher-Price to their store will send them whatever they have that fits that SKU number. So he could order 2 cases and one will have older sets and the other will have newer sets; it all depends on what was made in the factory and sent to the warehouse. Since there is no other set for the Castle Theme in the Woodland Castle price point, maybe they shipped them with the Ghost Pirate Island? This is what makes collecting Imaginext so maddening: you have no idea when new items are going to arrive at a store even if the store has placed an order as none of the workers will even know what will be inside the shipping cases until the crack them open. I've only seen the Woodland Siege Engine once in the wild and as I had no clue they were early releases, passed on it. Had I known I'd have bought it just to have it for when the rest of the line does come out.

    Also, most of the time toy companies will produce toys if they've gone to the final step of spending money cutting steel molds in their China factories for the products. If steel was cut for all these Woodland items, then there is a good chance they will make them as those molds cost thousands of dollars and they don't want to be out of that money.

    Love your site, I always come here to check out Imaginext stuf, keep up the good work. :-D

  2. I totally agree on the case assortments and ordering. And I do hope we see the remaining Woodland Elves bits make it to retail, along with the last Ghost Pirate item they announced. They are really quite cool extensions to the Castle and Pirate themes.

    I think another issue with both of these sub-lines is that the big 3, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us all moved away from both the Pirates and Castle assortments clearancing them out of their systems. This has made finding these later released toys so difficult.